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Bombastic boss gave insane instructions to sensible sysadmin, with client on speakerphone

Drew Scott

Who speaks to their team on speaker with client in the room unless it's a client meeting? Sounds like Craig is unprofessional and was trying to score points. Also doesn't sound like any risk of data loss if PST was retained at all times - not like mail data is sitting in the registry.

Virgin Media admits it 'fell short' in broadband speeds ahead of lashing from BBC's Watchdog

Drew Scott

After months of poor service and angry 3 hour phone calls I dropped them and moved to BT. I consistently get the same service, even if it is "up to" less bandwidth. With virgin it was 0.8 Mbps at peak time and 80mbps at 3am on a Thursday. They tried to keep sending me new equipment even when I told them they were obviously over subscribed.

Armstrong's moon-purse set for $4m bid-off

Drew Scott

Cheque, please....

Douglas Coupland: The average IQ is now 103 and the present is melting into the future

Drew Scott

Re: Evolution until someone pulls the plug

This is why we need to need to desperately end our dependence on the sun! It's just asking for trouble.

The iPHONE 5 UNDERMINES western DEMOCRACY: 5 reasons why

Drew Scott

Point number 1 means I can't take this entire article seriously. What a load of link bait and pandering tosh.

Game Group shares halted, 'no value left' admits board

Drew Scott

I had £40 in a game gift card from Christmas. Walked around for about 15 minutes trying to find something I wanted. As I've only got a PC for gaming that was impossible as I didn't want the Sims 3 or games from 2 years ago; the only PC stock available.

So, I walked out with 2 iTunes Gift cards that I could use conveniently and on anything from Music, Films, TV shows, games, apps...

I think that's pretty much their problem - if all you do is sell 1s and 0s I'd be questioning the viability of your rent paying shop.

Bike Hub

Drew Scott

In my experience if you are a confident cyclist it's very frustrating unless you choose the fastest route option. If you don't it sends you down little side streets that might be the shortest route, but definitely not the fastest (lots of junctions, parked cars and pedestrians to worry about).

Phone-hack backlash BBC in embarrassing headline gaffes

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Body part

I believe that was the story published about the synthetic trachea.

Yep: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-14047670

HP WebOS tablet to ship early July

Drew Scott


First non-iPad I've seen that's 4:3. Personally I don't think widescreen works well in portrait.

London Ambulance Service downed by upgrade cockup

Drew Scott

Case study

Yep - at uni we used this as a case study on how not to run a software engineering project.

Use of Weapons declared best sci-fi film never made

Drew Scott


I voted for Excession personally, but Use of Weapons is good. Haven't read it in a while, so might have to revisit.

White van men swipe British black bees

Drew Scott

Surprisingly common

My girlfriend is an urban beekeeper and she tells me this is surprisingly common. Just two weeks ago someone tried to break into their shared apiary, where there were about 20 hives. The hives are commonly sold on to beginners who wouldn't know better.

Apple seals $66bn in Jobsian wallet

Drew Scott


People usually buy, sell and hold shares on the principle that what you sell them for is more than what you buy them for (although not always, if you are short selling it's the reverse and a bit more confusing).

Share price is more an indication of the market's perceived value of a company rather than how much an investor will get back in return. Additionally share price is affected by how many shares exist, which is another reason AAPL is up at $350 and MSFT at $25, despite them being similar sized companies (or rather Microsoft has many more employees and larger revenue).

Dividends are not usually the primary way investors make their money. By my calculations if I invested $10000 in Microsoft a year ago I would have made $186 in dividends and lost $2000 in share value. The same purchase of AAPL would have made me $2600 in the same period. I know which one I'd go for, even without a dividend.

Behind Apple's record sales are signs of desperation

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It's always interesting to look at the source of these articles.

These people seem to have a big hate on Apple by the looks of the source link. I quote from the tablets article on their website:

"Already we’ve seen a less than stellar quarter for iPad sales, only 28% up on its first quarter of sales at 4.2m units. This was due to new product launches from Samsung and Dell and pre-launch publicity for RIM, along with a host of low end copy-cat designs. There are more tablets on the way."

I always wonder about the motives of people that make declarations like that. In their own article they talk about rival launches being the cause of (and lets put this in perspective here) a smaller increase. Also they compare financial results to the festive quarter, which makes little sense at all for any company.

Are they short on AAPL, or have some financial interest in seeing Android succeed? Or perhaps they know a controversial stance on a popular product will get them noticed a bit more. Either way, I don't trust them.

It's official: Nokia bets on Microsoft for smartphones

Drew Scott

So many recommendations for Android?

Honestly I totally understand the reasoning for going for WP7, rather than Android. Nokia would be late to market with an Android phone and there would be absolutely nothing to differentiate themselves. The other WP7 manufacturers all seem to be putting out Android phones too, and possibly that is where their focus will be.

If Nokia can carve a niche as the dominante WP7 phone manufacturer then that might mean lower sales, but more profits than jumping in with Android - apart from anything else Microsoft is not going to want to see Nokia pinning their hopes on WP7 as a failure.

iPad TWO: What, already?

Drew Scott


"In America that's a big deal, but the rest of the world has ubiquitous GSM."

Also be quite a big deal in China, where they have a much larger installed base of CDMA than GSM.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

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Was lucky enough to see a pre-screener of this a couple of months back for marketing. They hadn't finished all the effects (you could see wires at one point) but was very good. Will even pay this time to see the finished version.

iPhone 4: Perfect for everyone, except humans

Drew Scott

iPhone 4...

Could not replicate.

New wave of superphones poised to challenge iPhone 4

Drew Scott


LG want to produce 20 android phones by the end of the year? That's a big number. With all these Android producing manufacturers I'd begin to worry about the race to the bottom that a number of PC manufacturers have suffered from and seriously think about what makes my phones different.

'Gossips' say Apple will acquire ARM

Drew Scott
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@ac - lol

Who are these "bigger" players? Apple is now the third largest US company by market cap, second to Exxon and Microsoft. If Apple's growth continues at this rate it will not be long before they are larger than Microsoft. In the last couple of months they've gone from less than $200 billion to around $235 billion, with Microsoft at around $275 billion.

Amazon deletes a 6th of its catalogue in book price barney

Drew Scott

Tied to hardware...

"It's called a book, it's completely open"

Except it's not - you can only read it on that hardware. And if you look at the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts1988/Ukpga_19880048_en_1.htm) it's a little unclear to me if could convert it to an electronic format legally.

Apple iPad vs netbooks: fight not over yet

Drew Scott


"Undock/split the keyboard which remains connected to the main unit via Bluetooth. Yes that pesky Keyboard thing which the God of Apple and his prophet continuously deny to the user. iXXX is the only smartphone group not to support a BT keyboard profile"

You obviously missed the part where they're shipping a dock with keyboard, and that the iPad will support any bluetooth keyboard.

USB supreme court backs Apple in Palm Pre kerfuffle

Drew Scott

Bashing head against brick wall...

Why is Palm being so boneheaded about this? No one is stopping them from syncing with media stored on their users' computer. If they want to use Apple's library so they can get playlists, etc then the library is stored as a XML file with documented format. This is how other vendors are syncing with iTunes!

iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know

Drew Scott


No, it's full GPS, not tower triangulation. It's drops back to tower triangulation if it can't get a GPS signal (which is pretty useful), but the 2nd gen iPhone has a GPS chip.

3 days on: The iPhone users still to make a call

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RE: Can we not call them that?

'iTouch is a terrible name, and you're only saving 3 keystrokes. Either type the whole name, or just use "touch"'


O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand

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I've had a successful pre-order since 8.12am on Monday for the 16GB iPhone - considering the problems I just thought I'd phone O2 to make sure my order is going to arrive today.

Turns out that despite me asking directly if I'd get my phone today and taking the day off work to be in to collect it they don't have enough stock for the pre-orders.

If anyone has a pre-order I'd phone to ensure you're still going to get it, as it sounds like, from what the guy said, I'm not going to be the only one in this situation.

I also asked if they are going to send out any notification to the people that are waiting - "we were told that emails are going to be going out to those that are unsuccessful, but I'm not sure if they will be".


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