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Black Ops has best videogame ending ever

Martin Fowler

The best part for me on RDR.....

......was the transition from America into Mexico at sunset with the tune specially written by Jose Gonzalez playing in the background. This is one of the best sequences of gaming (in my relatively short gaming life) that i have ever played. My mouth was wide open as the music faded in and then back out at the end of the song. An absolute genius bit of game design.

Modern Warfare 3 teaser trailer reveals terror on the tube

Martin Fowler

RE:titles suck

Sledgehammer do have an ace up their sleeve though, their community manager is a very highly respected former YouTube Gamer/commentator by the name of Dr Disrespect (real name Guy Beahm). He is already listening to the gaming community, and taking a very active part in the community addressing early concerns and generally providing snippets of info when they are available, being a former part of it.

Plus IW's community manager is already asking YT Gamers to meet up and discuss the ins and outs of the game further. Which adds up to more involvement than on MW2 (great game, but now oh so broken)

Lets hope for a game of COD4 calibre but with Black Ops/Treyarch style support

And you would have to pry the COD license out of Activision's cold dead hands

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx stalks PC and Mac converts

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re I'm in... (me too)

Made the switch a fortnight ago, using a 3 possibly 4 yr old toshiba satelite. Got sick of the ridiculous boot times on windows so switched to 9.10. Cant quite work out why its taken me so long now. Was having hardware issues (wi fi dropping out, and the fan was on its way out cos it was being constantly used) now on 9.10 and its all hunky dory. Running like a dream, all hardware instantly recognised, and its also been a very good learning experience for a wannabe geek. Looking forward to switching to 10.04 tonight.

iPhone 4.0: iAds, multitasking, and 98 tweaks

Martin Fowler

Folders for similar apps

Photo album management is done on your PC

BT mops up after flood and fire

Martin Fowler


Virgin gone bust have they?

5-megapix 'iPhone 4' set for June?

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Quality Photos

Your right that its all marketing rubbish, a lot of my friends believe that its the amount of megapixels and not the quality of the hardware and specifically the the lens which make a good camera.

Me being the resident geek, i am trying to convince them differently. In my view, anyone who moans that there isnt enough megapixel's is on a par with an obsessive fanboi, only happy when they have the latest SE phone or nokia with a ridiculous megapixel count.

Rant over

Quality photos by the way

Billie Piper hooks up with Belle de Jour

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You certainly have my thumbs up for CoTW.

You sir shall be a worthy winner

Aussie internet-net will be drawn wider

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The countdown

begins before this is brought up in parliament in dear old blighty.

The fact that they are considering put a block on stuff which is freely available in most newsagents really says it all.

A load of do gooders trying to "save the children", do me a fucking favour. This goes much wider than saving any children. The filtering will become much more widespread, and also crucially covertly widespread so much so that the net will be fit for children and nothing more.

The net gives people access which they normally wouldnt have access to, if its porn (and wihin reason) then so be it, for christs sake i hope this never goes ahead in the uk because god knows it WILL be considered by our glorious leader.

Paris - With her home video collection do i really need to explain

Microsoft axes 5,000 staff as Q2 profit dives 11%

Martin Fowler
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Taking the piss

I would be monumetally pissed if they told me i no longer had a job after making a quarterly profit of nearly $5 billion.

Pret customers get free Wi-Fi

Martin Fowler

@ Andrew Cockbill

The wetherspoons service is very handy, as yet its relatively slow but still handy for a bit of mobile surfing when trying to solve the good old fashioned pub argument

Broadcasters and ISPs cosy up for iPlayer on Freeview

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RE: Fail, in so many ways

Glad to see someone has taken up the mantle of voice of the public, and speaking so vehemently on they're behalf as well. The public i imagine, will be most pleased to have an AC as they're spokesperson.

Paris because she knows the real meaning of FAIL

BT waves goodbye to 10,000 temps and permies

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Apple opens Macbook front in iPhone jailbreak war

Martin Fowler

@ Steen Hive

Ok fair point (apart from the playground insults), but the basic point is, it comes down to the fact people dont want to have to pay. If an app has been written and developed and then not put on the app store its because apple have possibly rejected it. They own the software and firmware, if they dont want an app to run then they are quite within they're rights to reject it. The iphone SDK has been freely available but it has always been clear that if apple dont like it then it wont go onto the app store.

This is simply my observation and opinion, you dont like it then boo bloody hoo.

Martin Fowler


When the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, DS came out, was there uproar because you couldnt play other consoles games on your particular choice of console, no there wasn't. When you bought your particular choice of console were miffed when you got it home and realised that you couldnt play a wii game on a 360 - No. As many a previous poster has said on this story and other stories, you dont like what Apple are doing, then dont buy Apple. Its the same with M$, you dont like what they are doing then dont buy. Everyone has they're own particular preferences, and not everyone will agree. So what if Apple dont want you to unlock your phone, i believe i'm right in saying (feel free to correct me as i know you will) it is illegal to unlock a phone during the life of a contract. Once it is out of contract you are free to do what you please with it. SO in some respects they are quite right to do what they are doing. However the ipod touch situation is a little more baffling, Personally i dont see the major attraction of jailbreaking it, what massive advantage are you going to gain, a lot of the apps are reasonably cheap anyway. Ok the films are quite expensive and so is the music, but there are ways of getting round that without needing to jailbreak it.

This is what i believe anyway, any Apple story nowadays get completely overblown and people seem to thrive on portraying Apple and lest we forget M$ as the absolute spawn of satan, and also sensationalizing any stories on the former.

I tell you what would be nice in this day and age, some nice objective journalism so that any comments on the posted story that follow, MAY also be objective.

I myself can't see it.

Orange UK: the iPhone's latest colour carrier?

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Orange lol

When it comes to the crunch though, who in they're right mind would make a conscious decision to go to orange. I concede that O2 have screwed the launch up for the 3G, but still, there aint enough money in the world to make me go onto orange. They are bottom of the list when it comes to reception and network coverage, and they're customer service is not even laughable its that bad. Apple would be making a mistake going with orange.

Paris cos she knows what i'm talking about

O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand

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I'm one of the lucky(ish) ones i think (Update)

Well, i thought i was one of the lucky ones, had my iphone at 10am on launch day, all going well until my visit into my local O2 shop today to question why they are yet to put my upgrade through the till (they actually gave me a phone without doing any thing coming close to an official transaction) the assistant's bit of news was "we may ring you next week" - what an absolute joke this has been from start to finish. I thought i had done quite well, i now know that is complete rubbish. Oh well i may now have a very expensive paper weight but hey i got one ready to activate, at some point over the next month

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I think im one of the lucky(ish) one's

I got outside my local O2 store in swansea at 8.02 on the dot, thankfully there were only about 20 people waiting. Yes there were delays due to systems falling over, but we were getting served. They were plying us with tea and coffee whilst we all waited patiently.

When i finally got into the store 2 hours later, i was told i could have my spanking new iphone, but as seems to be the common trend........it would not be activated.

They cannot enter upgrades onto the till due to a technical fault (which conveniently isn't effecting new sales)

There also seemed to be more iphones than customers rather oddly, they had roughly 50 iphones but the queue was nearly gone when i walked out of the store with my iphone in my sweaty palm.

It may not be working but at least i have one, if i have to wait to activate it, so be it. I still have one of the coolest gadgets ever made, happy days.


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