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What a Hancock-up: Excel spreadsheet blunder blamed after England under-reports 16,000 COVID-19 cases

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Yeah, I worked in the NHS, I remember a quite senior doctor coded up a shitty timetabling system! My first thought on hearing about it was that a doctor might be behind it :D

F-35 targeting system laser will be 'almost impossible' to use in UK

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Re: Ditch the American Crap Planes...

Java? You're having a Van der Graaf ain't ya?

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Re: MS has hardly been able to give away 10

I stopped using Windows in favour of Ubuntu for couple of years, but bought a $100 (sic) Win10 tablet w keyb recently and it is great. Fair to say, maybe, they had to bring the price down, but there is nothing on the market that gets close to Win10 for general computing at that price.

Official: Cloud computing invented by two technophobic old geezers

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While we're in general 'old man drone' mode, anyone remember x.25? Basically a private-ish internet I used it a lotin mid-late 90,s Any documentation referred to it as 'the cloud' and strangely the term seemed old ffashioned/anachronistic to me back then!

Google buys brace of start-ups to out-Facebook Facebook

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Guvnor @ Peter Bennett Dot Net

Did I miss something? Did Google RECENTLY say that it is 'not interested in building a social network'? In the light of G+ that would've been a silly thing to say...


Watchdog urged to probe Microsoft's cloud claims... again

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Guarantee is fine

If you buy a watch with a guarantee that it will keep working, it doesn't mean it can't stop working, but that the maker will fix it. Similar deal here isn't it? Maybe I've been in the US too long, where 'risk free' just means you get your money back if you don't like something ;0)


Smut pop-up teacher retrial stuck in delay loop

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@Peyton; @AC; OK second go...

...at trashing Peyton's arguments, no reference to spelling... It's sad to see someone saying that 'intelligent' people would automatically try and opt out of jury service because they might lose some money over it. So everyone who opts to do jury service in the US is 'unintelligent'? What about people who do volunteer work or otherwise contribute to charity or anything else socially oriented - are these people 'unintelligent' too?