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Microsoft vs Google patent ding dong gets stuck on repeat



No it's more like:

MS: "Hey we have 20k patents, wanna join us to bid on more patent? So that we get more patents and you effectively get NONE AHAH, you won't be able to defend against us :D"

G: "Huh? Bad Deal.."

Oracle: " Here Google, this is how to do it, you buy a company like Sun and you use their patents to sue somebody (in that case, that would be you :D) so that you get your money back from your purchase O_O. Free companies are free :p. Thanks to patents"

G: " Oh shit, we need more patents to defend ourselves"

MS: "No you don't. Just bid with us. We'll sue you anyway. Everybody will sue you, just because we can and you can't fight back. Ahahahah"

Apple: "Yeah, that s right, just sue the fuck out of Google :D. We have 20+ k patents too. Just sue the fuck out of Google instead of making better products, that's money put to good use."

G: " We need more patents do defend ourselves..."

Desktop Linux: the final frontier



I can't work on windows. Have a good day.

Google: 'We did not follow Apple into phone market'


so what?

What you just said is not in contradiction with what I said. Learn how to read.


I'd side with Google on that one

Apple has an history of releasing products before others with less features and then blame the competition for copying them. They did that with the iphone (Google bought the startup working on android in 2005: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_acquisitions_by_Google , the iphone was released in 2007), and they will do it with the ipad (android tablets were announced way before the ipad was even rumored).

Another way to look at it: Google's real aim is Microsoft, Apple is just getting 'friendly fire'.

Open-source handset sales to soar


SI system

@vincent himpe, in the SI system, m by itself means meter I should say, mm is milli-meter mA is milli-Ampere etc. Also 105mPhone should be 0.105 phones and not 0.15 phones. You wanted to be accurate, at least try to get it right next time. And no, Android sales are not on the 'milli' scale, they are more on the 'million' scale, especially now that there are more offers available.

As for opensource OS's 60% seems a bit high, even for phones. Still, a lot of them are Linux based but that doesnt mean they are open source.

Linux to spend eternity in shadow of 'little blue E'



I stopped using windows XP one year ago to use ubuntu only instead. I started ubuntu 2 years ago as a dual boot. At that time ubuntu was not as good as it is now so I struggled a bit. But now I can tell that ubuntu is heading in the right direction, most things got their own GUI. I am still using the command line because I am a bit of a geek, but I dont feel it's so much needed anymore.

By the way, I have been using windows for 10 years before that, I also tried Linux 10 years ago which made me puke at that time.

As for the little E, Firefox has a lot of market penetration (>20% now).

For the little X and W, OpenOffice has also descent share also (~15%).

So dont assume people dont use alternatives when they actually do.

Linux: this year's silver lining?


Stop lying

@Anonymous Coward, Stu Reeves,Anthony Prime and others

Can you guys just stop lying?

US retailers start pushing $20 Ubuntu


@Anonymous Coward

Dumping my partition, installing ubuntu hardy heron + configuring network : 30minutes !

No issue at all...my biggest problem I encountered was to click on the "next" button.

I have a fairly recent ASUS laptop (not EEE..) and all my stuff was there out of the box.


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