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Dell cloud computing™ denied

Paul Blonde

Mist or missed?

While mist sounds right, the spelling isn't quite on the mark for Dell. That would be more like "missed".

Date bug kills VMware systems

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IT Angle

Any software is a rollercoaster ride

Why do you think so many companies have long adoption cycles for new operating systems and software?

Cliches exist for a reason. "Fools rush in", and so on.

When Windows 98 came out, a company I worked for decided it was finally time to upgrade all of their desktops and laptops to Win95. The company I am at now, and all of our clients, are still using XP. Why? Because you don't need the latest and greatest updates for everything.

Whether it's open or closed source software, there will be bugs.

As for the immediately previous poster's comment (unless some got squeezed in before I clicked 'Post'; I am referring to the Paul who hates salesmen), if you were to take the same policy towards every piece of software (rejecting it due to one bug), you would at best be using MS-DOS if not manual typewriters or pen and paper for everything.

Google Android just five weeks away?

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Too bad

At least it can hoped that the GPhone will work pretty much as advertised, unlike the 3G (oops...2.5G) iPhone; however, being mandatorily tied to a gmail account (which I reject unequivocally) will mean I'll never have one, just like I will never have an iPhone due to the mandatory iTunes account (I manage my iPod with other software).

If they were to make the gmail account optional, that would be another matter, but I absolutely refuse to participate in any mandatory "package deal" setups that any manufacturer tries to force upon me just to get access to their "whoop te do". Especially with the way "the new Microsoft" (aka Google) is so lax about the security and privacy of their users' data.

Dead author's estate snatches child's domain

Paul Blonde

The panel broke its own rules

The panel's ruling says that the use of the domain by the couple "suggests" opportunistic bad faith, whereas the WIPO policy states that it will only transfer a domain if it IS being used in bad faith or HAS BEEN used in bad faith.

Suggesting opportunistic bad faith is not the same as engaging in bad faith, therefore the WIPO panel ruling should be cast down and a black mark recorded against the panel members in their employment records.

Microsoft slams 'sensationalist' Vista analysis

Paul Blonde

Vista licenses and free AOL CDs

I wonder which of these two things have the highest count of 'things you use as coasters, to make decorations/clocks out of or just throw away'.

Gateway stops selling direct

Paul Blonde

Gateway was built on direct sales

Just like Dell, and Dell continues to sell a large number of PCs via direct sales. This is the kind of decision that has always put Gateway in second place (and now in no place at all) behind Dell.

World's biggest ISPs drag feet on critical DNS patch

Paul Blonde

Not all of Telus is ok

Only certain regions. Also at risk in Canada are Navigata and Westel:

Microsoft urges resellers to play it straight, beef up revs

Paul Blonde

Odds and Ends

"Is it still piracy if you can't buy it anymore?"

What can't you buy? The Office license you buy now qualifies for you to install Office 2007 OR 2003; the Vista license you buy now qualifies you to install Vista or XP (although the plethora of versions is confusing); where's the problem?

"Copying != revenue loss"


"the INTEL CPU has no way of burning in a serial number so it can be retrievable"

The CPU itself has a serial number, although complaints have forced Intel to allow it to be turned on/off and it is off by default.

However, as far as I am concerned, fsck them all and replace them with Open Source.

Firefox 3 makes up world record to set world record

Paul Blonde

Give it a rest

For all the people posting dumb, irrelevant "records", you could do well to re-read the article, perhaps 3 or 4 times. The record is about downloads of software in a day, not porn files in a day, not web pages in a day, but software downloads in a day. It was a pretty good publicity stunt, even if it will be far voershadowed by IE8's release (and would have been by IE7's if Microsoft had bothered to do something like this).