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Meet the 'KARDASHIAN Phone' – what Apple bods nicknamed the iPhone 5s

Andrew James

But thats not an official gold iphone 5s

It's (as stated in the tweet she posted) an anodised iPhone 5 done by anostyle.com ... and was tweeted a year ago.

Douglas Adams was RIGHT! TINY ALIENS are invading Earth, say boffins

Andrew James

Don't planes fly around at heights in excess of 30k feet? So saying "it must have floated up or fallen down" to arrive at 27k feet seems to present a pretty obvious place these things could have come from at that altitude.

Massively leaked iFail 5S POUNDS pundits, EXCITES chavs

Andrew James

Re: No need for revolution

When was the last time Apple described anything as revolutionary at an iPhone launch?

On a two year contract cycle, the only people seeing the 5S as an upgrade option have an iPhone 4S or something from the android stable two years ago, both of which will be tired by now.

The 5S is a fine upgrade option for anyone who has a two year old phone who is interested in an iPhone. I can't understand what all the fuss is about.

Seven snazzy smartphones for seven sorts of shoppers

Andrew James

Re: Note II ... 2 days battery life ??

Its not the location, or an inability to get it set up to preserve battery. Its usage. If it will last 8 hours of HD video, then a combination of games, messaging, internetting, phonecalls and video etc is obviously not going to survive 2 days.

Andrew James

Note II ... 2 days battery life ??

We obviously have very different ideas about what intense use is. Because in the six months I had my Note II I was using it what i would consider intensely and it wouldn't last the full 16-18 hours that I wanted it while I was awake.

When I was admitted to hospital in January I immediately ordered two replacement batteries and charger for them.

Apple said to be 'exploring' 5.7-inch iPhone

Andrew James

Re: " as new phone will still need to fit present docks/cradles etc."

I have. In Curry's. I walked past the dock speakers and noticed several of them had the new connector. I wasn't in there for that, so didn't pay much attention to how many etc, but there were some.

10-day stubble: Men's 'socio-sexual attributes' at their best

Andrew James


So thanks to testicular cancer and chemotherapy I'm less manly with one nut, and an inability to grow facial hair for the time being making my masculinity nose dive.

It just doesn't get better than this!!

Peak Apple: Yet ANOTHER supplier reports drop in demand

Andrew James

Re: On the other hand.

Exchange rates etc don't explain the company actually stating that revenue from their main customer has fallen 17% year on year though, does it.

Why next iPhone screen could be made of SAPPHIRE - and a steal...

Andrew James

Re: Fantastic

Most of the regulars probably read most of the articles, but headlines like this will lure in traffic from elsewhere, and cause anti Apple nutcases to froth at the mouth before they get chance to reach the opening paragraph.

Andrew James

Re: Fantastic

The article doesn't mention anything about Apple using the tech. The headline is clickbait and nothing more. So calm down.

Apple designer Sir Jony Ive holding up iOS 7 development: Report

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Re: to see if Apple can keep its place at the top of the tech tree.

When was the last time a new iphone was released 6 months after the previous?

Smartphone and tablet displays: Reg readers weigh in

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Re: 5.5" phone screen

It's not the only irritant, but yeah... I like to take a lot of pictures. Although most get deleted later.

To be fair the Note is tired now. It's had very, very heavy use since early January. I've been in and out of hospitals fighting the good fight against cancer. It's probably had two years regular use in 3 months. Frankly the sight of the thing reminds me of the smells of the hospital and the nausea of the chemo.

Also, I kinda wanna scratch the iOS itch while I can do it for free.

Andrew James

5.5" phone screen

I've had the Note II since October and been fairly happy with it overall. The size is just about manageable, but lately I've become irritated by it being a bit unwieldy if you want to take a quick pic one handed (while pushing a pram, holding kids hand etc).

So, one extreme to the other, mid way through my contract its going and I'm giving the wife's iphone 4S a go when she upgrades. That'll be interesting after 3 years of using 3 different android phones.

5.5" down to 3.5" screen... I find myself giddy in anticipation of what I'll do with the spare pocket space.

Google asks Blighty to slave over its Maps for FREE

Andrew James

There's tourism signs not far from here pointing to a secret nuclear bunker. Always struck me as not very well hidden.

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

Andrew James

Re: Apparently, we are special

I'm a financial controller. People often assume thats the same as a financial advisor, and ask me various questions on investments or pensions. Or worse, they think I'm a mortgage advisor. Or they assume its the same as being an accountant and ask me to help with a tax return, or the books for their new business idea.

When I explain I only deal with corporate finance and making sure we set and adhere to budgets and targets that our Austrian overlords will like they look puzzled, and then continue asking about their personal finance issues.

Boffins spot planet that could support life... just 12 light years away

Andrew James

Re: Considering the distances from Earth for the *other* candidates this is pretty close.

Isn't one of many restrictions to the orion project that the craft would be incredibly heavy. Meaning construction in space. Meaning putting a lot of nuclear weapons in orbit... which frankly no nation is going to be happy about.

China or Russia: "oh you are just putting them all up there to send a probe to another star. Fine. Please do. Don't mind us and our orbiting under construction arsenal of nuclear power sources for our intragalactic probe will you ... we thought it was such a good idea we'd make one too, hope you don't mind"

The best smartphones for Christmas

Andrew James

Re: Well...

My Note II fits perfectly fine in my jeans pockets, and in my work trousers, even with my seasonal waistline expanding to make the pocket a bit more cramped than usual.

Apple forced to cut dealers in to get iPad Mini shifting, says analyst

Andrew James

Seven incher

7.9 inches (or whatever) isn't really a seven incher is it?

20 years of GSM digital mobile phones

Andrew James

My galaxy note ii lasted 9 hours of solid use in hospital the other day. With on the desk at work occasional messaging and browsing or a game at lunch it lasts all day comfortably, I usually hammer the last 30% playing fifa when the kids go to bed.

Ten... Apple iPad Mini alternatives

Andrew James

Re: wrong site

That would be because reghardware is fed from the Hardware category of posts on theregister. Anything categorised under Hardware on El Reg is picked up by the filter on reghardware.

Quite logical really.

Andrew James

Re: And the Note 2 .......

The problem with the note 2 is that it seems like a halfway-house between phone and tablet for about ten minutes. And then the screen seems a normal size, a. All other phones seem tiny by comparison.

So, your "massive" tablet-phone suddenly doesnt seem so big. So for media consumption you're going to want a tablet. Ideally a big one since a 7" one wont look much bigger. The Note 2 is not a replacement for a tablet.

Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Slideshow: A History of First-person Shooters in 20 Games

Andrew James

Re: Well, there you go

User error for sure. I dont play fps at all and I knew what halo was

Fans' loyalty questioned as iPhone popularity plummets

Andrew James


I had a HTC for my previous two handsets and if asked 6 months ago I would say I would have another. Upgrade time arrived and I bought a Note II. Thats not to say my satisfaction with HTC declined 8n those 6 months... I just found something else I liked that wasn't from them.

My wife isn't happy with her 4S since seeing the epic screen on my phone. But wouldnt want anything bigger. So would she go apple again? The new one is bigger.... but she likes apple. I'm rambling.

Hmm, I think I'll order an iPad Mini on Amazon ... Oh no I won't

Andrew James

Re: Where's Google's Nexus 7 in this fight?

They aren't in this fight because this is a fight being publicised & financed by Amazon, on their own website. Of course they aren't going to compare to the Nexus 7.

"Hey, I hear you're after an iPad mini ... well, have you considered the Kindle Fire HD? Its better & cheaper ... oh, but did you also realise you can get an even better & cheaper product from Google? No? Well, go check it out at google.co.uk/nexus and then you can order from them direct and cut us out completely! You're welcome."

Nope. Not going to happen.

Andrew James

More likely it demonstrates that even the Apple employee who uses that particular tablet doesn't want to upgrade to iOS6.

Andrew James

Re: Build Quality??

Assembled by, and designed by are not the same thing.

Apple designs its own chips and then passes the specs to someone for manufacture. So the performance of said chip is not identical to a similar item churned out at the same factory, but designed elsewhere.

Where i work we make packaging. Sometimes the customer provides the spec, sometimes our in-house design team does the work from scratch. A carton of identical size may have a very different specification in terms of material used, shape and size of tabs and interlocking components, tearaways etc.

Just because samsung production lines manufacture components doesn't mean they designed them. Its just very good business to utilise the spare capacity you have in your factory to make a margin from someone elses product :)

Andrew James

Re: @Dapprman

Lotus, McLaren, Noble ... oh wait, i did one too many.

Andrew James

Re: Both products are a big fail.

Companies have been repacking older tech and selling it on years later for ages. Apple is not the first and will not be the last.

Smaller iPad2, maybe. But then you could argue that the PS Vita isn't much more than a PS2 thats been shrunk down a bit, and I can pick up a PS2 on ebay for next to nothing, so by the same virtue an iPad mini should be really cheap - oh, wait, it costs less than the iPad 2. Erm.

Jimmy Savile ringtones still selling like hot cakes on iTunes

Andrew James

Re: Think thats bad

To be fair, it might scare the parent of the kid if the parent was someone that Saville (allegedly, but more than likely) fiddled with back in their youth. But the kid themselves is as likely to be scared of any old man mask ... since they will have little or no idea who he was.

Apple unveils iPad mini, upgrades its big brother

Andrew James

Re: It looks just like a...

Except the resolution on my Note II is 1280x720 ish. Better resolution over a smaller area, and similar usage distance from face usually. And it fits in a pocket comfortably (by comparison).

LG Vu 5in Android phone-tablet review

Andrew James

Note2 meets its match?

That things out of proportion, ugly and too small to compare with a galaxy note2 :-)

Craig, Connery or ... Dalton? Vote now for the ultimate James Bond

Andrew James

I've always liked Connery but disliked Moore. As most Connery bond fans seem to do.

I was against the casting of Daniel Craig right up untilbI saw Casino Royale trailers and realised how much of a fantastic job he does.

Comparing across decades is difficult. But for me, I think Craig just takes top spot over Connery. He actually looks like someone tough enough for the stunts bond does.

I voted Brosnan though, because the films were a bit pants but as a Bond he was really good.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

Andrew James

Re: had for a week - just great

To be fair, it's true. A regular sized phone does seem like a tiny little toy by comparison after just a short time spent using the Note. My wife pointed me toward her iPhone 4S last night and asked me to read the message she just received while she was doing something else. I picked it up, and its just tiny... almost comically small by comparison. And i've only had my Note for a week.

But yes, sometimes its a bit too big. One handed use is not as easy as it is with a <4" screen. But for general use when you've both hands available to you, its an absolute delight to have a screen that big. Flipping it round into landscape in the sms or email or music apps gives you split screen with content on one side and list on the other. Which is handy, if not essential. And while yes, a tablet or tv would be better for watching a movie, i watched an hour of The Dark Knight on my lunchbreak the other day and at a distance of about 18 inches it was no smaller than watching it on my tv in my living room from the sofa.

Andrew James

Re: 4G ready?

8mb today ... vs 3.6mb on old phone at same time.

Andrew James

Re: 4G ready?

Typicqlly im getting 50% better down and 70% better up in the same location on t-mobile as I am seeing on my htc desire s. Not blistering, but 6mb down compared to nearly 4 and reduced ping times too.

Andrew James

Re: Just placed my order

Phone received.and after a few hours pretending to work while I played with it, im getting used to the scale and loving the thing more and more. The HTC feels tiny now!?

Andrew James


No direct reference to the screen resolution in the review. No actual mention of the dimensions or weight. Just a vague comparision to the original Note. As someone who hasnt used the original, this isnt helpful. Am i supposed to read the original review first?

Andrew James

Just placed my order

Just ordered myself one of these in white. Upgrading from a HTC Desire S... which only has a 3.7" screen. Huge difference in size, nearly 50% bigger screen diameter. Awesome !!

The screen resolution is superb by comparison. Desire S is 800 vertical pixels x 480 horizontal.

is it too big? I just drew out the measurements on a piece of paper, laid my HTC on top of it to get an idea of the scale. Then folded the paper to make it the same size as the shape i drew. Fits well in my hand (though no depth to it really), so should be just fine for me. Will take some getting used to though. And i dont think my car cradle will fit it, might need a new one. Although i could possibly fit wheels to the phone and ride to work like a skateboard.

It's official: Apple will reveal 'a little more' on October 23

Andrew James

Re: Oh FFS

Just seen the 32GB N7 story elsewhere. Wont be buying until December either way anyway, "just in case" something spectacular and as yet unannounced appears last minute.

I think ultimately we need an iPad mini to keep the wife happy and a N7 to keep me happy. Although since i've now got a Galaxy Note II with a 5.5" screen perhaps a 7 inch tablet is a pointless investment for me lol

Andrew James


I had just managed to convince the wife that an iPad is too expensive for christmas and we should get a Nexus 7 instead ... now she will learn of this (presumably) cheaper alternative iPad and want one of those again.

I'd started getting used to the idea of a Nexus too. And they sell it in John Lewis ... and i have a £100 voucher as a result of that Natwest disaster earlier in the year.


Six months under water and iPhone 4 STILL WORKS

Andrew James

Re: Why should they sue his ass?

Last time i checked I was a European, and strongly object to the whole idea of mobile phone insurance, regardless of cost for both phone and insurance.

I know someone who works at carphone warehouse, and he actually considers people tight if they don't sign up to insurance deals. Nonesense. You weigh up how you will treat your expensive new toy with how much it will cost you not to make an insurance claim, and you decide its not worth it. This is something the americans seem to understand, but too many of us over here are convinced by chatty sales staff that insurance is a catch all solution to the disasters that await the phone the minute it comes out of the box.

Tablet and laptop sales neck and neck

Andrew James

Re: I'm not logged in as Andrew James.

Email isnt 'proper' unless typed on a physical keyboard? Almost all of my emails are sent from my phone these days. Pretty much the only use for my laptop is the wife typing up reports for work in her own time (stupid), or me ripping dvds.

Andrew James

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I suppose with the rise of tablets as consumption devices, the battering that your average household gives to its notebook will reduce so it wont need replacing with quite the same frequency.

iPhone 5: the fab slab to grab

Andrew James

option to lease ...

Hows this idea work then? Pay a lot more every month and not get to sell the phone for £350 this time next year?

Apple weekend iPhone 5 sales miss forecasts

Andrew James

Surely we can't consider 5 million phones sold in 72 hours to be a failure on the basis that some bloke guessed it would be double that? Now, if Time Cook had said during his presentation that they estimate 10m units to sell in the first weekend, yes, it would be a let down... but still impressive in of itself.

Five MILLION iPhone 5 sold in a few days is amazing really.

I personally know someone who was in a queue for five and a half hours to get his hands on one on launch day... an interesting experience, apparently, but not one he will repeat.

Any product that causes millions of people around the world to queue outside stores for hours to get hold of it is not a failure. And those people are, by default, idiots, just because they choose to join that line. The person i know who did so is a very clever guy, and is tech savvy. And he knew he could have pre-ordered and had it on launch day (just like his brother did), but he wanted to experience the whole thing ... and apparently many people around him in the queue said they were there for the same reason.

Apple iPhone 5 review

Andrew James

Re: Actual journey

All this would require a lot of time and effort. The phones are in the shops, people are buying them, other sites are releasing reviews and hands-on experiences all over the place. If El Reg dont jump in quick with something called a review for an iPhone 5, just imagine the lost traffic from people searching for a review ... and then the lost advertising revenue.

You dont think they provide these reviews for our benefit do you? Or that they drop the word iPhone into any phone review, and iPad into any tablet review, just for giggles?

Andrew James

There's a lot to be said for individual choice. We are all (most of us, anyway) capable of making our own choices. I don't see any reason why so many people are so quick to call someone an idiot if they don't fall in line with their own ideals.

"iPhone 5 is garbage, iOS is tripe... Android isn't locked in" etc doesn't really help anything. It makes us all look petty.

I use an Android phone. My wife has an iPhone 4S, and before that she also had an Android phone. She's happy with her phone. It does what she wants it to, and it doesn't go about things in a particularly complicated way. This is one of the best aspects of iOS in my opinion.

Android can be a complicated beast at times. I suggested it to my own mother when she needed to replace her ancient phone and wanted one that could do emails and IM for quick easy updates from my sister and myself on how the kids are doing etc. She can do the basics, but doesn't really see the point of all the bells and whistles like widgets. In fact, aside from a few basic setting toggles I dont bother with widgets myself. I have 2 home screens containing frequently used apps, and the rest stay in the app drawer out of my way. I could just as easily be using iOS instead.

The argument doesn't stand up either that once you're locked into the iOS ecosystem you have to stay there because of all your apps etc. If someone has the money to pay £200 to upgrade to the newest version of the iPhone, they probably have enough money to get a free high end Android and pay to replace a mountain of apps if they want to. Theres no difference. But its a simple fact that convenience is for many people something that is worth sticking with. If you are happy with the way your iPhone works, why would you swap over and get an Android phone instead? And vice versa. The iPhone isn't quite for me at the moment, but then neither are the highest spec Androids that have huge screens etc.

Am I missing something? Is there something in my Android phone that I can activate to make me despise iOS? If so, I suggest a lot of you turn that feature off, because you sound like morons.

Acer Iconia Tab A700 32GB HD Android tablet review

Andrew James

Re: Iggle Piggle

Upsy Daisy ... Prostitue, or not? Seems odd to me that she has a very short skirt that lifts up when she gets excited, spends time hanging around in the woods, and takes a bed everywhere with her.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Andrew James

Re: Buy an old N64 just for this? Naah

I'd buy an N64 just for Goldeneye, so if i can grab this game for 15 quid too, massive bonus.

Windows 8? Nah: Win Phone 8 should give Apple the fear

Andrew James

Loving the way you assume people would want to mess around and replace the OS on their mobile phone with something completely different. In the real world, I don't know a single person who has done this. Not one. 99% of the people i know wouldn't want to, and the remaining 1% wouldn't bother if they did want to.

Its like saying "hey, you know, if you don't like that new windows start screen you would be able to get around that if you installed Ubuntu instead!!" ... not many people would take you up on it.