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Elonex shows off second Small, Cheap Computer


OneT looks awesome + RE 1GB SSD

Ive been waiting a long 6 weeks for my One and have now upgraded to the OneT when i was offered it free!! It looks awesome and I cant believe Im gonna get it for £99! I only ever use the internet so not having much space isnt a problem but then I found out it can do video and MP3 so im going to buy an 8gb SD card an stick it in to give me load of space. Ill see how it goes, but seeing as this is so small I might bin my mp3 player and carry this around everywhere so I can always get on the internet. KenBW2, either think outside the box or go buy a full size computer box for 400 quid! ;)

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OneT vs eee

Also- I quite like the chick in the picture. Id much rather take her out than the eee chick on the beach its just a shame she has no legs!