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Vista woes fuel Mac sales surge - analyst


Old macbook Black CD 2.0


Another thing is the about time that you'll continue using your macbook, of course the old ibooks were much more solid than today's macbook; but regarding price x performance my old macbook black from 06 still up and running very well and i have opensolaris and linux besides Mac os X on my partitions, and for 110usd i've installed an 250gb disk :)

It's light, trustable, compact, and has a better keyboard that i've never seen before, and today everybody is selling laptops with "built-in camera" and "macbook keyboard" such like a "new stuff", i am not a fan-boy, but i have to admit, for my personal life, sorry... macs and time machine :)

For work, opensolaris with zfs (as a file server at home too). AND you can use the CD for full virtualization on Solaris/Opensolaris.

So, i don't see another companion for my day-by-day tasks :)


Don't forget to use Virtual Box to use LEGACY systems :) it's free and very nice :) http://www.sun.com/software/products/virtualbox/index.jsp