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The Pirate Bay punts BitTorrent cloaking device


p2p vpn

They'd probably try to move all p2p traffic onto the vpn, not just the trackers. That would avoid snooping and throttling by any isp doing deep packet inspection. It would also avoid any one organisation having to pay for all that bandwidth, as well as removing the single point of failure.

However, what's to stop the music industry or Davenport Lyons spending their €5 under an assumed name, and moving into the darknet too? They'd then have access to all the sharers again, and be able to carry on their usual activities.

Man powers up PC to pop popcorn


The first few would pop

Any kernel directly in contact with the light bulb might get hot enough to pop, but I doubt the rest would go without a lot of shaking to get each one in turn to touch the bulb.

They poured a small amount of liquid (vegetable oil?) in too; that might have helped transfer heat from the bulb to the kernel.

Also, I reckon the grey gunk was metal-loaded epoxy, not thermal grease. I wouldn't want to eat silicone grease...


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