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TomTom maps route onto iPhone 3G S


yes but what about cost

its all well and good showing us tomtom. but if its more than say £40 they can put it where the sun don't shine. as they do not have any hardware costs to claim back.

Normal tomtom is just over £80 if you know where to shop.

Also my iPhone is in a case and looks like this tomtom holder will need the iphone removing from the plastic body case i have. so thats a no no.

As for charging my £3.00 ciggy ligher to usb and £1 pound shop usb to ipod charges my iphone well.

iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know



It will only cost me £771.89 to get the same plan but with 24 months to run and thats if O2 charge me full amount for the buy out. for the 32gb model

The question is If I was stupid enough to buy out my contract and pay the full amount. do i then take 02 to court for not allowing me to still use the min text i have paid for? as that would be around 180000 mins left lol for the 15 months i have left.

Anyways only want tomtom on it, so would not really miss the other stuff.

As I use a Canon camera that is small and decent pictures to

Plus I have pay as you go 02 dongle i use my iphone o2 sim in and so far they not charged me extra lol.....

Acer: Android netbook coming in Q3

Paris Hilton



Why on earth are we going backwards with cpus etc. its a joke.

why why why

Paris as she would not even be that dumb to buy one

Apple prepping 32GB iPhone 3.0?


Its all good lol

to Jim Coleman

Any legal ripped cd can get the artwork for it and i do this for my cd collection. all you do is highlight all the tracks you need the artwork for right click and select get album artwork. worked on all my cd's so far.

To all,

I'm not a big fan of apple for this simple reason.

You can buy as many apps as you like and delete them from your system and you can redownload them for free as you have already paid for them

But try that with any paid for music and Apple charge you again.

Also I do not like the fact you cannot sync with more than one computer. As I do use my ibook more than my imac. and would be nice to use any of them for backups etc

I do like the iphone 3g its lots more stable than any of the wm or nokias i have had and i have had loads. still has problems but nothing to bad.

Fujitsu LifeBook P8020



I have a Philips freevents X67, which is really a twinhead f11y.

Core duo u2400 @ 1.06ghz

2gb ddr 667mhz

11.1" glossy TFT 1366*768

DVD rewriter

Did have Vista Home Pre now got legal Xp Home

120gb sata HD

Cost new £850

looks loads better than this fuji netbook come decent laptop

But no bluetooth or finger print reader.

I only paid £240+£25 to re'cell the battery.

only 1.6kg plus 400g for mains cable. but still over a grand cheaper

Acer extends Aspire One netbook line with 11.6in model


its not a ton

My core duo laptop is only just under 1.6kg so its still ok to carry it around.

and as the likes of Hp 2140 is 1.2kg I guess for the extra power and the fact it has dvd rewriter. i can live with the back pain from carrying the extra 400g


@Anonymous Coward

Last night I was re-encoding a 1080 wmv hd file using windos xp movie maker and also able to play a 1080 hd file and still the cpu never got more than 70% while doing both. show me a atom netbook that can do that.

looking for pain killers for my bad back....that extra 400g is killing me.....



I have had my fill of these "netbook" sorry psion.

I got from a local Computer market a "philips" x67 rebranded twinhead

its got A real cpu a Core duo 1.06ghz 11.1" gloss tft

120gb hd

DVD rewriter built in yes built in

firewire, lan, modem, wifi

it did have Vista on it but thats gone to a legal version of XP home and COA was got for £15.00

5 hour battery life using power saving mode.

and can play full HD wmv files no problem

screen is 1366*768?

Only cost £240.00 with 6 months warranty.

Turns out battery no good. but I was able to rebuild it with new cells . but a real new one costs £100 even at £355 it can do a damn site more than the slowwww atom cpu ever can and give a very good battery life too.

Motorola Aura

Paris Hilton

Give me one now

Yes the title is a joke. I own the iPhone 3g. I wish this had the moto's 62 carat screen i hate screen covers.

And when its £49.99 on pay as you go then maybe i might treat the wife to it LOL.

Why do moto make such phones, maybe they already got in place a government bail out for when they go tits up ......

Paris cause she's not even that DUMB

Police union leader calls for 'killer games' sales ban


Its good for you

I love cookies ?

Apple to show off iPhone OS 3.0 next week



I have had many windows mobile phones and also most smartphones that have been out over the years. I'm no Apple fan boy but I find its one of the most stable Phones I have ever owned that has the features of any smartphone type device.

I would like to see picture messaging and better battery life. and buttons on side for track selection when screen is off

Also like above would like to be able to use internet radio while doing net etc.

And bloody satnav not google bloody maps.. arghhhhhhh

And some sort of folder system instead of all the bloody icons over 400 screens lol

And also to be able to charge the iPhone while its turned off?

Sharp UK intros 108in monster telly


Not that bothered

I can do that with my projector for £8 from local carboot. had focus problem sorted it for free and xbox 360 looks brill lol...

And Yes I do have to have low light but its a bit cheaper lol

LG wristphone reportedly priced at £1000



Yes lets all make 3g video calls and see how long the battery lasts.

I think if i want a mobile watch i can get one on ebay for less than £100 without video calls lol.

Samsung NC10 netbook


I do not see the point

I had the eee pc 4gb when it came out and a Toshiba NB100 and the atom is slow to slow for even doing basic search on ebay takes and age to load the page

So I settled for a Packard Bell Easy Note BG45-U-300 Which sports a Pentium Dual core at 1.86 ghz and did have Vista Basic but installed Xp Home instead. runs very nice and yes battery life is only just over 2 hours but the machine did only cost £250 brandnew. shame they stopped selling them in PC world etc.

its got a 12.1" tft glossy and is nice too, very easy access to sata hd and the cpu and memory slots and can take upto 4gb ram, mine running on 3gb due to xp limits on 32bit.

You cannot beat it for the Money and yes its not going to win any battery life records but sometimes there is more to life than battery. The mains point is about 1 meter away from me so battery life is not a problem.

each to there own. if you all want to buy and under powered netbook that runs for 4-8 hours then thats up to you. And no i have not got it to run Crysis etc but can run some older games like gta san andreas etc.....

iPhone Nano arriving in June?


Hope its on all networks

I hope that Apple let all networks sell the next one. I hate the fact its only on 02 over here in the uk.

But I have a 16gb 2nd gen ipod touch so not in to much of a rush to get the next one...

On contract with T-mobile and would like to use an iphone with them thats not jail broken..

PSP Carnival Colours come to town


Does not matter what colour

its still a pile of poo and yes I own the slim and lite and it hurts my MAN HANDS lol.

And if they made any decent games maybe i might keep it a bit longer...

how about GTA IV maybe it would run faster than the PC version.....

Hands on with Sony's Vaio P netbook

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I have the Sony Picturebook and its still going strong its only P2 400mhz and 64mb ram LOL

Its running windows XP Home

I think Sony should have used a "REAL" cpu for that price.

The centrino branded cpu.wifi setup would have done this nice and you would have been able to use the cpu power for stuff like websurfing. I have found the atom to be very lacking on that side of things.

What really gets me is I had the toshiba nb100 and that took an age to load stuff like a ebay searchers with all the images etc. but would play the Quake 3 demo quite fast. odd?

I do not want to play many games if any but I do want to be able to surf the web without the pages taking an age to load if its bigger than one screen down.

Nokia ships phone without charger



Going on the above statement

I do not know about you, but i do not leave my PC on all day. So lets all leave our PC's on to charge a Mobile phone. sounds like a winner to me..

Mines a Core 2 Duo e4700 @2.6ghz 3gb ram two hd 640 and 160 and one blu ray rom and one dvd rewriter and a Geforce 9800gt. sure that might only use a few hundred watts on idle but I save a fiver on a charger..

Yes I know its not the point but at least I could charge the Phone...

And the Price. anyone told Nokia I can buy ther mobiles for a £30 with charger LOL...

Might Have missed the point but thats boring lol.

Flames cause they could burn more fuel to power my PC to charge my Mobile

Grand Theft Auto V arriving in 2009?

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If they get the PC version running smooth then maybe I might consider it.

Toshiba NB100 netbook


Had one got rid

I had the XP version for about 1 week and took it back to the shop. The screen has a problem on it. the very lightest touch around any part of the bezel would cause the screen to ripple as if you was pressing the screen direct. on all the other branded netbooks I found they did not have this problem, toshiba have not left a small gap between the bezel and screen like the ee pc etc have.

So everytime I touched it to open and close it, It made the screen ripple.

I got toshiba as I have always liked there brand, but this netbook is slow and takes an age even to load something simple like a ebay seach.

All of the toshiba models i have tested have the same screen problem. I was always told you should never apply pressure to any lcd screen.

anyways took if back and got a acer pc and then went and got myself a secondhand Dell d400 now from local shop. little bit bigger but loads more power and its got external dvd rom too. for £180

apart from the screen issues and the atom but rubbish it was a very nice welmade netbook.

Blu-ray boom prompts festive cheer



I have a blu ray drive in MY PC and I really wanted to buy blu ray films. Only cost me £38.90 for the blu ray/ dvd rewriter, I am not happy at the price of the films.

Over £20 for a film and to be honest the res of dvd is 720×576 where as blu ray is only 1280x720+ but as most basic HD tv's are only 1366x768 so the extra few pixels are not worth another £10 on the top of price's

Also I cannot find many as the like's of Block Buster etc do not seem to hold that many...

But thats just me i guess...

Sony teases netbook fans with 'new mobile' Vaio promo


Sony Picturebook

I got my PCG-C1XD from ebay a while back for only £60 as it needed a harddrive.

Based on the Pentium 2 @ 400mhz, 64mb ram and it running windows XP.

Its a good little machine. works well and even with the 64mb ram.

takes a while to boot. but once into XP runs nice.

I hope Sony make one the same size and it would beat most netbooks and I hope they use a Pentium M ( centrino ) instead of the rubbish slow ATOM CPU. this model can handle the heat from a P2 so a Pentium M should be ok in it too...

Nvidia offers Intel-thrashing netbook GPU tech


Its or gone worng lol

I was just reading this and thinking, I have a Dell D400 and its the pentium M cpu. its just about the right size for me for using as a second pc as I use it for looking at the internet etc while watching tv. the battery is only 3800mAH but this still gives 2 hours and 41 minutes in desktop mode, although this could easily be boosted to over three hours by adjusting the screen brightness and power management settings. but I read some netbooks do that.

I am able to load webpages at a decent turn of speed ( faster than the atom I know i have had three netbooks) and there is wifi and bluetooth built in and I have been able to play games like midtown madness 2 and san andreas and the simpsons hit and run. just in case i need too lol. most at 640*480 res but at least as its a small screen and it does a very good job on resizing the image it still more than playable up 25FPS on gta san andreas which is not to bad ( honest )

I understand that most netbooks are around the 1kg but this is 1.7kg. I am sure it would be possible today to lower this.

The point is there is older stuff you can get that works loads better than the very slow atom and if they used the Centrino/pentium m setup and used the 4800/6600 batterys they could get the over 4 hours battery life people they want.

but at least you could do something on it. and they could use the lastest die size for the cpu and its sorted...

Or to cut a long story short. there is already the tech out there to do what they need....

Sony prepping PSP 4000?


man hands

What Sony could do is make one for man sized hands. I like my gadgets and hate them when they only make there controls for small fingered humans.

Or they could just lay this one to rest as the games for it are rubbish....each to there own i guess

2008's top three netbooks



After owning three netbooks in the end i got a secondhand Dell D400 with 1.6ghz Pentium mobile ( centrino chipset lol )

and its got bluetooth and wifi built in. Plus I can also play some games on it at lower res. like San andreas...I did not get it for games but i had to try it like you do...

12" screen 4:3 and its ok. and It came with the external dvdrom drive thats powered from the D400.

All for £180 with six months warranty.

Sorted. Do not like full size but i do like netbooks but to slow. but each to there own i guess. whats good for me will not be good for everyone..


why get an underpowered netbook

Why get one. I have had the eee pc the first one with 4gb ssd and its very fussy wifi problems. and a Toshiba NB100-12a and and they have problems loading webpages and if its longer than the screen it takes an age.

Even when trying to load a search on ebay uk it will start to load the page then wait an age then loads the rest of it. as they are called netbooks my be they should be good at the net.

And to be honest I did find the keys to small but i guess thats how they are. But I have found a laptop thats good for speed and size its still only 12" but has a Pentium Dual core @ 1.73ghz and 1gb ram but vista basic but it does the job better. and I can type on the keyboard and its only £322.. still no cd/dvd but as its for the net anyway. I know people like battery life but as Its only for at home as a look at net while watching something rubbish on tv laptop. But I think I would if needed buy a second battery as the laptop got the power to do things for real...

What I really found funny about the Toshiba I could install the demmo of quake 3 and it runs very nice with very playable fps. yet has problems with web pages....

The laptop that I like is the Packard Bell Easy Note BG45-U-300.

Asus to downgrade Eee Box CPU?



At least the Celeron can do something.

I find the atom is very bad at webpages. it takes an age to load anything longer than the screen.

And do not even try and load ebay site as do a search and its rubbish

I'm mainly on about netbooks and they cannot even do what they are called.

And what I find really stupid is my toshiba mb100 can play quake 3 at a decnt turn of speed yet it has problems trying to load a bloody webpage.

And yes I know about flash and images etc on a webpage..

Handheld games console three-way shoot-out

Dead Vulture

Ipod touch 2nd gen

I got the new 8gb touch as I saw one game I like for it.

only problem I have is the keyboard is to small for my adult fingers

and the apple store does not take visa electron. My money is as good as any one's

Good job it takes my credit card LOL

I have owned all the systems listed but most controls are to small for my hands

GPS phones threaten satnavs sales, says analyst



I got a cheap MDA compact 3 from a local secondhand store, as it has gps builtin. only thing I find is when you get a call it goes to phone mode so cannot see the map LOL, That does let it down.

Apart from that I have had tomtom's in the past and they are not very gopd. But that's just what me thinks

Demand for consoles, add-ons skyrockets as PC games plunge


Its all gone down hill

I own a imac and a normal pc with xp and laptop with vista on it. and my oqo is to slow to play much and my Ipod touch 2nd gen is not going to win any speed racers too..

I used to build my own PC's but as I could never afford top of the line video cards etc. I was always stuck playing games that look crap or about 3-4 years old.

With a console I know that I can play the lastest games @ hd res and I my system is no better than the people that have shed loads of cash to play with. the type that could have the top of the range pc etc. but stick with consoles.

I only have a core duo imac @ 1.83ghz with its radeon x1600 video system so its hopeless for playing games. And my pc is worse but thats cause it has only low profile slots

I do still buy the odd pc game but only the old ones for around £10-£15 as i would rather spend more cash on the xbox 360 so i know my system will be able to play it.

and what consoles do i own. well the last one i got was a 1st gen playstation. I have 1 playstation 2 psone's 3 gamecubes and 1 xbox and 1 xbox 360.

I only play on the 360 as there are some good old games on the others for my two young boys..

its a shame the PC costs so much to be able to play decent games as I do miss taking them apart etc..

Vista woes fuel Mac sales surge - analyst


Cheaper outside the loop

Or pay for base Model mac book, then goto ebuyer and get a 320gb sata for £59.26 and another 1gb for £14. but as they use 2*512mb it would cost £28

So thats only £87.26 with free shipping over 5 days ( comes after three ) total £786.26



I have got sick of windows and have got myself a secondhand imac 17" intel core duo 1.83ghz, for £270 from ebay with full retail version of leopard and thats from a mac trader. as it had a bit of damage to the case. its faster to boot, more stable, and i have ilife 06 which does what i need, only let down is games.

come on apple get more games.