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Jumpin' Meerkats! Ubuntu moving to daily downloads?



.. non technical people want to know the temperature reading on their CPU/GPU (especially as it's unlikely to give an accurate readout).

If you're demanding a technical element then expecting you to type a few words into a console doesn't seem too much to ask.

Ghost of Lennon punts laptops for kids


poverty of communications

Poverty is not just about lack of water, food, healthcare and education. If you need to survive in a capitalist economy you also need means to properly communicate in order to effectively do business. If a networked computer in your village means you can contact more buyers for your sacks of coffee beans what do you think that'll do for your price? Or if it means you have access to the resources of the worlds finest education establishments (assuming your mesh connects to the internet somewhere), how will that help you afford a better education?

Get a better price for your goods or services and you can start to restore the balance between the exploitative rich and the exploited poor. Of course the long term result of that doesn't look great for those of us living off the riches of exploiting those poor ...

BitTorrent crackdown cops fail to pay music copyright fees


PRS want to have cake and eat it

@Martin: spot on.

@everyone else, say what?

So the PRS are trying to claim that any workplace with a radio has to pay a commercial entertainment license fee and you're all OK with that? Don't any of you listen to music at work? Nope it doesn't matter if it's on your iPod, you're at work ... on the road in your own car but claiming mileage ...sounds like a place of work to me ....

As Martin said, PRS get paid for the broadcast by the radio station. If they don't think they get enough then they need to renegotiate not start trying to shame publicly funded groups into paying for the same "performance" again.

The Police are right to question whether the PRS racket is legal.

BBC must reveal EastEnders costs


it's not how much, it's that they don't know how much ...

The worst is not that they don't want to tell us how much*, it's that they claim they don't know how much the program costs them to make. This in turn strongly suggests that management is completely inept - no commercial enterprise could ever do a project the size of Eastenders and not know the wages bill on it. They clearly don't care how much of the TV tax they use. This is a very strong argument for reducing the license fee - watching the wage bill is one of the most important parts of running a business.

I think they're lying through their arses.


* = do a inner join with the list of Eastenders actors + crew + production team, do a sum - take about 5 minutes, 35 if you have to list the people out manually by name and you can't just cut and paste the list; how do they make it all work without employing any DB admins?

Trust on the slide, Chris Moyles on the up at BBC

Thumb Down


>>> "At the heart of BBC culture sit the values of honesty, integrity and straight dealing."

Except when they're committing fraud to "improve" their programs/ phone-in takings/ annual reports (by omitting key information, such as past frauds!)?