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Data watchdog clears mobile phone directory


@John Woods

Spot on!

Most mobiles have an incoming call filter feature.

If in doubt, block them out...

Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory


The opt-out info is used

So, they think if you don't want to be called, I'll get in touch and confirm my details so as NOT to be in the list. Seen that coming!

My phone has a "filter incoming" function which I have used to good effect.

I recommend that other readers find out how to filter their calls from their phones

Critical Windows vulnerability under attack, Microsoft warns


Nice to See AV firms business plan in action

I think that Anti-virus firms are the only working example of perpetual motion machine!

If these so called 'anti-virus' businesses where actually interested in security they would most likely start to issues advice about changing to a secure operating system.

While they have to put bread on their tables there is no doubt they could other ways to make money, and from what I know they list they have of options is very long...

Does anyone else notice that when they comment here they get some interesting firewall logs, or is it just me?

Microsoft loses NZ Windows government deal



Seems that more people are waking up that fact.

With all the FUD in this comments list you'd think half of them where scared to learn and adapt, but the psychology is clear.

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Common sense prevailling

Sounds like this is only the start of the end!

Everywhere I go, the beach, the pub, shopping, walking, I hear people talking about Ubuntu and Linux.

This is a clear use of common sense, and there will be others taking note of the decision made.

Why people are still clinging to a sinking ship is me, like Rome, Microsoft has had its day!

Its so easy to see why they made the choice: They are only having to pay wages, instead of so much for the OS+Antivirus+Malware removal, and in these days I bet the smart IT staff would rather get paid than have their bosses pass it on to Microsoft...

Next Ubuntu alpha reveals video change


Video problem? What video problem?

I've been using 9.04 for a few weeks now and not noticed ANY video problems!

The system is fast (on 1100Mhz and 794Mb ram), and the graphics are tidy and slick, even with the 'jelly windows' turned on.

If you've got suggestions just find Ubuntu Brain storm...

Scottish hospitals laid low by malware infection


Why are they using Windows? FAIL!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - why is the NHS using public money to pay for an insecure operating system?

The people that make these choices obviously need to contract some form of cancer themselves before they realise that it's people lives and well-being at stake, and that since the antivirus firms cannot keep up with the tide of viruses/spy-malware another tactic HAS to be used!

They need to be using a secure platform that has been scrutinised by millions of brains driven by doing their best, rather than a mere 1000 brains driven by greed!

Eric Schmidt reanimates el cheapo PC zombie


Good way to frighten off newcomers

From time to time i still encounter people who see computers as something scarey, and the internet is something that 'other' people do.

It does not take a large amount of foresight to see that when something is complicated any failure is a function of a measure of its complexity.

The only level of 'cloud' computing i use is a skype bot from my skype phone (document forwarder) , thats all i need I and if you need more complexity then your obviously just getting paid a backhander from supplier X!

One in 20 corporate PCs infested by bots


Sounds right!

"It would be nice if somebody would publish a recommended course of action along with this type of article"

Insert Ubuntu live CD

Install Ubuntu.

Change theme to 'redmond'

Send emails to users notifying them of a upgrade!

Microsoft protest organizer returns to code


M$ M.I.B.'s paid him a visit!

There's little doubt here that he was paid a visit.

An IT contractor, by definition, is not a stupid fellow, and why should he suddenly perform a u-turn after beginning such a strong protest?

I very much doubt that he woke up, had a coffee, and suddenly 'saw the light'; most likely a reminder of what mortality means.

Welcome to the dictatorship dave!

Cold-water treatment for Ballmer on Windows Mobile


WM ignored by developers

Why would developers want to support yet another white elephant?

We didnt after the WM5 debacle (only eclipsed by vista), and since then most of us are very happy with Java.

Its yet more spin/PR shyte that will fade to grey.

BREW and Simbian are/have covered the ground that the consumers ARE buying! end of.

Conficker gets upgraded with defenses


Antivirus firms unable to keep up!

It is because of hassles like this that so many people are moving over to Linux!

The REAL surprise here is that anyone can go and download tools for automating windows processes, and no action is ever taken.

From the information that can be seen here at this site, it is apparent that this network of machines has just been deployed, and now the fine-tuning is underway. This all begs the argument that the antivirus firms are simply trying to keep themselves in business.

Time will tell us all: no target=anti-virus producers trying to ramp up the scare alert for windows users.

Microsoft talks open-source love amid TomTom Linux 'war'


The O.S. Police

Excuse me Sir, does that product contain Linux?

Even in the very worst case situation, what are M$ hoping to achieve? even if the very worst case situation arises are they going to start searching every home for s distro disc?

Are they going to come after me for using FAT in a home built data-logger?

And who keeps feeding all these M$ termites? bloody things are everywhere!

Shuttleworth gets cloudy with Ubuntu 9.10


Ubuntu clusters

I cant wait to see how this works out.

Its obvious that things cant go on the way they are, what with school having to pay so much towards their IT budgets (I'd prefer they spent the money on REAL things like facilities, buildings, heating, and teachers salaries).

Ubuntu is the only OS on my own PC, and those of many of my friends who are not very tech minded. Keep up the good work Mr Shuttleworh!

MS puts up $250K bounty for Conficker author


@ Colin Wilson

I agree - Chalk me up as another smug Ubuntu User!

The install IS painless and very quick. I just kept a dual boot until i found the scripts i needed to get Ubuntu online (Hardy Heron) via my phone, and since I reclaimed all of my hard drive back for use with Ubuntu I haven't looked back.

And given the amount of praise i hear from friends and family that also switched to Ubuntu it's definitely onto a winner!

Advice for current windows users: start learning. If my parents and children can use Ubuntu so can you!

New Windows virus attacks PHP, HTML, and ASP scripts


Needs clarification

Ok - while i would also like for the 'smug ubuntu' user icon as well, there is one important thing that has not been addressed: if this virus/malware is capable of getting to executable code, and since the CPU instruction set is the same for the IBM clone PC, is this virus limited to just the windows OS?

As for those of you who state that getting advice for new comers to Linux/Ubuntu - you are totally wrong. Simply use the IRC chat channel to ask your questions and there are very decent folk there that will help you. Any form of noob bashing is a big no-no on many ubuntu forums!

Parcelforce website cold-shoulders Linux lovers


Not So - I can view it!

Perhaps i missed the problem, but using Ubuntu i can vist ALL area's of parcelforce.com!

Another non-event!

HP UK pulls Linux from all new netbooks


Dont Fret

This smacks of a social engineering paired with psychological tools to try to deflate the rise of Linux, namely Ubuntu.

They (HP and others) will try to poison the pill, because M$ is now getting frightened of Ubuntu.

Take this as a note of encouragement, during my spare time I've upgraded more than 250 PC's to Ubuntu 8.04 (for older sub 1Gig machines) and 8.10 for the newer iron, and this is all over the last 3 months! I have only seen 1 (read that again) machine revert back to M$(xp), and i still chat on a regular basis with about 90% of the converted Pc users on IRC - they love it.

I'd ignore this story as negative hype, and carry one. In the end most users do get fed up the the M$ bully boy tactics, and do adopt Linux. Proven in reality!

Ubuntu shops believe in Ubuntu


Windows bites - Ubuntu just works!

After over 12 years of experience i now refuse to work with windows servers (for ALL the obvious reasons), and yes i still house,transport,cloth and feed myself and my family very comfortably.

It took a while to convince my employers - but like my boss now says: windows is like smoking - once you've given it up life is a lot easier!

My impression is that there is too much auto-FUD generated in any Ubuntu story in The Register - so perhaps those FUD comments above are from..... we know.

BBC seen to yield over website snooping


Digital Britain?

I've read the digital Britain report end to end and it looks to me like a chance for these sort of data collection points to be introduced via the big shake up they want.

Personally when they turn off the analogue I'll be disconnecting my aerial and watching more online content. I don't like being forced to endure the extra hassle/expense of digital tv, and from what I've seen at friends/family homes every time a petrol car goes past on a damp/wet day the images freeze - so what happened to the 'less interference' label from the hype?

Windows 7 'upgrade' doesn't mark XP spot


RE: Upgrade

Why do windows users react to the Linux comments as if they are scared of it?

I used windows for over 12 years, and after so much expense and hassle from viruses/malware/upgrades/patches/scans/crashes/intrusions I bit the bullet and went to Linux, Ubuntu in fact.

As an experienced professional user and administrator I can justifiably say that there is NO benefit of remaining with windows. Placing all the security benefits of Linux to one side for a moment, if I have a question about ANY part of Linux, I can go an get in touch with the person who maintains that package, and get help/advice/pointers and some times even freely offered modifications for my needs - just TRY to do that with M$!! good luck.

My boss has hit the nail on the head when he says: windows is like smoking:life is a lot easier when you give it up.

Linux if free and open and honest, and doesn't go hawking schools out of money like some dodgy predator!

Windows 7 UAC shutoff 'bug' leaves Microsoft unmoved


Trying to copy Linux !?!

So! This is NO surprise, people will no doubt PAY good money for an OS that is closed, and then they PAY to protect it with some anti-virus and anti-malware program, and then fall prey to yet ANOTHER bot/virus/worm. Is utterly obvious that they're trying to copy Linux, but just like the pack of cards that M$ is, just lets in another avenue of attack.

Save you money, enjoy a world of FAR FEWER security risks, and a big increase in speed : Linux!

Mobile broadband or WiFi? You betcha


Already use 3G

I use a combination of Ubuntu laptop and a 3 skypephone.

£5 internet add-on(PAYG) gets me 2 gig of download allowance with an average connection of 45Kps, and this is in a rural area!

The phone is less than £40 (simply drop into argos), and neatly connects over bluetooth DUN.

I would NEVER trust an usecured WiFi network: if someone is up to something dodgy, then the common belief (NOT mine) is that if others are sharing the connection then it makes tracing very difficult.

Feds: IT admin plotted to erase Fannie Mae


I'd have used a screen-scrape trigger!

His main failing was to require the internal access to this script, if he'd used a screen-scraper script to watch say, twitter, for a message from a throw-away account, to fire his script, and from another admin account.

Bearing in mind the obvious genius of this chap, why did he make these easy mistakes? Perhaps he upset someone and this is a frame? there's always 2 sides to every story, and i'd love to here his side.

Countdown to Conficker activation begins


SO Glad I use Ubuntu

SO, once again we're all hearing how vulnerable windows is, and can add further re-enforcement to my decision to use Ubuntu.

Conficker seizes city's hospital network


Why does the NHS pay for insecure OS?

It just goes to show how corrupt some of the NHS deals are. Some one there made the decision to put windows on those computers, paid for with our taxes!

Im glad i dont live in that area and need urgent medical help. Of course they claim its under control - P.R. department damage control option #1 is obvious.

Also if they used an OS other than windows, where the staff didnt know to muck about with it, then the mystery entry point for such problem is removed.

Three in 10 Windows PCs still vulnerable to Conficker exploit


More hassle than its worth

Ha ha ha,

Why are people paying for an operating system that need more money to be spent on anti-virus software that works, and then note that half of the time that their PC is on it has to scandisk/defrag/virus scan/spyware/scan/install patches, when their time would be better spent learing how to use a more secure operating system like, say Ubuntu? Perhaps they're not smart enough?

Flame away, Wintards!

Microsoft releases Vista virtualization

Thumb Down

More convoluted insecure bloatware

This is just more crap thats not needed, and is evident that their P.R./sales department needs pruning.

First Windows 7 beta puts fresh face on Vista


A counter - Ubuntu tactic

It appears that the folk that write articles like this are motivated by the Redmond bot client software!

Wake up people - ignore the shiny buttons and flashing lights, this is insecure bloat ware rushed out in a feeble attempt to stem the complaints about vista.

Myself, and those that i work with are not fooled, by this and ponder how the author can keep publishing such drivel and actualy go out in public.

Its time to start ignoring such tat.

Jaunty Jackalope alpha 3 spotted in wild


Hey guys - heres that virus fix you need!

What ever the current percieved problems with Ubuntu or any other non- macroshyte OS, at least it is a LOT less likely to be part of some bot net and help to line the pockets of anti-virus software producers.

Fame-proof jaket was on 10 minutes ago and i've gone home.

Superworm seizes 9m PCs, 'stunned' researchers say


Yet more common sense reasons to dump windows

Ha ha!

Like lemmings off a cliff this will never stop until evolution replaces either windows or man-kind!

Nine in ten emails now spam


'Pairing' of email contacts, would this help??

At present unwanted emails are filtered out.

May i suggest the opposite approach? Filtering wanted emails in.

If contacts email addresses were 'paired' like bluetooth devices, then a security code could be appended to the subject of emails sent.

So basically, if any email, from any email address, does not contain a paired code then the email would be filtered out as spam.

I know there are issues with such a method, but my own experiments with a simple auto-it script saw my junk email go to zero, and i actually got only those emails from those who participated!

Just my 5 pence worth....

Shuttleworth on Ubuntu: It ain't about the money


Ubuntu DOES pay

Since the release of Ubuntu 8.04 I have personally installed 85 machines with Ubuntu.

I was asked to, and many people who asked OFFERED cash for me to do so.

Why? MMmmm lets start: Better performance, far,far, far fewer virus and spyware issues, and what that means in the REAL world is that the computer users I have helped do not fret about losing the personal treasures found on any PC: music and photos.

To those of you who wine on about Ubuntu not paying: start learning. It really is that simple.

Microsoft has helped me earn money by creating Vista, which is driving them to pay people to install Ubuntu.

And yes, I do have a family to feed, and for the next few years I suspect we wont be going hungry.

End Of!

3 launches second-gen Skypephone

Thumb Up

I want one!

I already use the Skypephone - its awesome: does all the expected stuff, plus the skype calls to my friends and family, and then there's the bonus of 2Gig download for a mere £5 a month (Ubuntu bluetooth DUN gives me around 50Kps).

The only problem i see is people tend to disbelieve me when i tell them about it... you can lead a horse to water but....

Google flicks pennies down geothermal well


Its all back to front....

The problem is not drilling holes, or even making more power for more people to use; what we need is a human cull! If we reduce ours numbers to match ALL of our resources then we can manage just fine..... lets start with those who keep pushing for bigger,faster and better!

IBM gets hip with 'cool' Ubuntu PC deal


Notes? Ubuntu comes with OpenOffice!!!

Why all the irrelevant posting about notes? Ubuntu ships with Open Office, and even if IBM did muck it, its just a matter of downloading and installing it!


Microsoft slams 'sensationalist' Vista analysis


@Fred Warren ~ Ubuntu+wine = easy learning curve

'The only problem business would really have, is if their applications would run in a linux environment. Believe me, I would rather train an XP user with Office 2003 experience to use Ubuntu with Openoffice before I would want to train them on using Vista with Office 2007.'

I am new to linux Ubuntu, and i love XP. Stuff vista. unlike some here i have tried them all before i fire my 2 cents off!

So when was the last time you visited the wine.org website? IT WORKS...

'nuff said

(mines the coat with lateral thinking in the inside pocket)

US DoD arms cloud for military duty


Windows for Warfields?

OMG they claim its secure even in light of the recent DNS incidents! We're doomed!!

US retailers start pushing $20 Ubuntu


Im going to buy it.

For what i consider the right reasons, I think that this is worth a try.

I downloaded, burnt, and installed 8.04 and was very impressed with it.

Admittely this was for home use and the only obsticle was performing DUN over bluetooth - most of the info online was conflicting since some was for older versions of ubuntu, and if £10 means i can call somone for a sanity check then i'll give it a go.

As for those who found it hard to download a .deb package and then right-click and open deal with it with the package manager, well all i can say is TRY LEARNING!

Microsoft tells SMBs Vista isn't a risky business


No pegs todays thanks...

To run any sucessful business we use proven tech.

The more hype and sales pitch the more we switch off.

Time to admit defeat before they (MS) start to get treated like Jehovas witnesses....

I would like to spare more time in pointing out more items of glaring common sense but i have money to make and a business to run...