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Elonex shows off second Small, Cheap Computer


RE: @Ian Johnston

It does not mention memory size on the website and I assumed that an upgraded version that can play video would have at least 256mb RAM, and that's why I have upgraded my orders to Onet+... Can you confirm your sources? Where did you see it was only 128Mb?

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Elonex Onet

The Elonex Onet and Onet+ (that's how it's called) will be priced around £180. They are offering it as an upgrade to those (like me) who have pre-ordered a One or One+_ at no extra cost! They might be secretive about their products and slow to dispatch, but I think that by doing this they have just done a remarkable coup for PR and marketing. Well done Elonex, they have regained the trust I had lost along those long months since I have ordered my items!...