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Microsoft's Patch Tuesday plugs critical holes in IE, Office

Pete Forman

Windows Search 4.0 is included

Amongst all the critical fixes Microsoft have snuck in Windows Search 4.0. This indexes your desktop and puts a search box in your task bar. While many might find that useful, I'd rather not have it installed by default. Fortunately it can be got rid off in Add or Remove Programs.

EU confirms SMS and data roaming price caps

Pete Forman

Will this apply when not roaming?

Nearly all operators charge 10p or more for PAYG SMS within the UK. Is that to be capped too?


Cray, Intel, and Microsoft birth baby supercomputer

Pete Forman

Old cartoon

There was a great cartoon published many years ago. A miniaturised Cray computer sat on a desk holding pencils.

Hawkeye technology turns tennis into a cartoon

Pete Forman

Why not both?

A good way forward would be to display the Hawkeye result superimposed on slow-mo video.