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Out of Steam? Wine draining away? Ubuntu's 64-bit-only x86 decision is causing migraines


Re: Valve should fix this.

@Suricou Raven

Even if Steam enforce a 64bit policy on new games, older games are unlikely to get updated in this way.

@Charlie Clark

Many games will not perform well (at all) in a VM without dedicating a GPU (along with a monitor or switch) for pass-through. I think containers would still require some 32 bit libraries.

Not saying those are bad ideas, just that there are some hurdles to get over.

Blinking cursor devours CPU cycles in Visual Studio Code editor


I personally use VSCode it for Python because I haven't found a better debugger that is also free.

Bring back big gov, right? If only the economics, STUPID, could tell us more


@Mark 153

The difference with using all those old lines of COBOL is of course that code doesn't wear out in the same way old machinery does. In fact, those old lines of COBOL running on modern hardware are so fast that it makes little sense to rewrite them. Easier and cheaper to just throw an integration layer on top. If it isn't broken, etc.

Mind control hat makes quadcopter do what brain says


I wonder if the emotiv (http://www.emotiv.com/) headsets would be capable of this kind of level of control.

French spies do a Barbara Streisand over secret nuke radio base


Random trivial pendantic nonsense

I'm surprised no one has pointed out that her name is actually spelt "Barbra", and that the effect is usually referred to as merely the "Streisand effect".

Kill that Java plugin now! New 0-day exploit running wild online


Re: Minecraft

You don't *have* to run minecraft through the browser though. You can install Java without adding the plugin to your browser and just run the downloadable minecraft exe.

Sir James Dyson slams gov's 'obsession' with Silicon Roundabout


It's probably the 4+ years it takes to do an Engineering Degree that tips the balance. If you want university graduates you need to incentive them to enter a process which involves borrowing quite a lot of money and doing a significate amount work that it takes to become a graduate, while forgoing those 4+ years of gainful employment.

'Look, isn't there some way we can get Julian out of here?'


Re: Remote controls with their own screens? new?

Nintendo themselves also had a system where you could use a Game Boy Advance as a controller for the Game Cube. I know of at least 1 game that would even use the Game Boy screen in some circumstances.

Celebrity publicist develops mathematical 'fame formula'

Thumb Up

@ Adrian Jackson

That comment made the article worth reading.

Final Arthur C Clarke novel on the way


unfinished works

I found the Silmarillion to be a great book for helping me get to sleep.

The Brian Herbert completion of the Dune series was based on Franks notes, and written with K.J.Anderson, who is a pretty good writer if the Saga series is anything to go by. I didn't find the prequels and ultimate sequel to be that bad. Despite a few continuity issues, I enjoyed reading them.

What I'm really dreading is the completion of the Wheel of Time series...


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