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Group Test: Blu-ray Disc players

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PS3 not getting highest marks

There is one flaw with the PS3 playing films.

Because of the sheer power, size and activity of the machine it generates quite a few watts on heat, all of which need to be removed. Now, when I was working at EA the PS3s were all actually rather loud, now while this doesn't really affect gaming, I can imagine hearing that whine of the fan while watching, for instance a quiet crime thriller, maybe off putting. However, the development PS3 kits we had would also "spin down" when they weren't actually being used much, which I hope is a feature of the retail boxes (as I'll be ordering one very soon).

With standalone BD-players I see the need for a wifi connection as more important than with the PS3... afterall the people who are happy to have cables running the building (or already have cables running the building) are more likely to want a games console.

With myself retiring from high-end PC gaming (what with the rebranding of games as HD, as if my 1600x1200 PC wasn't high enough definition) and the (what I think) disaster of Vista, the PS3 is one hell of a bargain.

BOFH: Burying the hatchet

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Great BOFH

>As far as the ID10T comment for poor misguided Jim (who seems to be trying,

>unsuccessfully at humor (or humour))....


>I was working at big blue. My boss told me that I needed to collect records of every

>desk visit and people had to sign off on them.


>The Incident and Defect Tracking system was born.

This is getting pinned to my desk...

However, working the helpdesk myself, I wholly agree that the fishing theory works, until that is you start dealing with People and IT....

"Fix a problem after it's happened and you've got a week before the next one, teach someone how to fix their own problems and you are constantly being called for advice...."

Also, I especially loved the comments both by and for good old JIMBO... anyone who meant their post seriously, though, need to chill out and move away from the heart attack. It's not worth it...

Paris, because she only ever wants the fix, never the lesson!

Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

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I rarely gaze at my speedometer

I think that although these cameras probably cause less attention to the road by people normally, which I don't agree with, but so far I have ONLY seen these at roadworks or altered road markings.

What should really be dealt with (unless it has already, I've not gone past this junction for about month) is when the road in narrowed due to some roadworks, and they leave the restrictions there for years, like the A3 joining the M27 W or the M25 joining the M3 W

Most speed limits are there for a reason, as are Cameras....

.... to raise money.

I don't agree with stealth taxes, but this one that hasn't hit me (for once)

BOFH: The admin gene

Ady Durn

The "gift"

This has always been known as the "gift" in our place of work, and luckily most of the helpdesk have it.

I suffer (well I say suffer, I find it fascinating) from ADD, minor Aspergers and (my biggest downfall) severe tinnitus! Despite the tinnitus I can hear the smallest problems and feel the slightest change (this makes driving a joy) in anything mechanical, electronic and even the odd person too....

After only seconds of talking to someone I can tell whether they know what the start button on their windows machine looks like.

I am however expected to have the "WiFi-Telepathy" gene, the one that ensures you can understand exactly what the user means by the phrase "Not working" and the term "It's"

Mine is the one with the 60 year old car keys in the left hand pocket.


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