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Tram driver crashes while texting




A human? as a backup? Are you serious?! If we can't concentrate to drive the bloody things as primary what good is it going to be having a human as a backup? I thinks omeones far more likely to be texting on their phone while they are sat there doing nothing waiting for a system to croak..


Apple proves: It pays to be late



Seriously? .... "ditch the highly developed and well understood Symbian OS and back the completely unknown quantity that is Android instead."

I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!! What is wrong with people? jesus christ, you can't flog a dead horse (OK you can, but it's no fun) Symbian is DEAD give the fucker up! It's had it's day, it's slow, crappy and needs to be put to rest along with all the other OLD stuff that just needs to be moved on, seriously give...it....up. It's time for some new stuff to get put into the mix, this historical thinking is the same reason I have to waste my life fixing crappy NT4 boxes that still exist because the world just can't accept that things move on, technology changes, it might not be perfect but it moves on.....

Hopefully motorola will give Apple a run for it's money, I mean, I own an iphone, and I love it, but Ir eally want someone to challenge apple so they actually do something interesting with the iphone, at the moment they are sat gently sipping coffee enjoying life because they know they have a great product and nobody seems to be able to touch it...So please phone manufacturers of the world listen up, GET A MOVE ON, don't invent the new iphone invent the next new thing! At least that way apple will get off their arses and won't take two years to release the OS the iPhone always should of had!


Oh and....

If you want a decent camera then get a *ucking camera, go buy yourself an SLR and learn how to use it, don't point some crappy phone at something and act all suprised when the photo's look "a little bit shit"

Phone cameras are for a few things:

a) Capturing drunken moments displaying your increadible skills

b) Capturing drunken moments of friends who would rather not see the photo on facebook

c) Capturing non drunken moments that you really don't care about but are going to rpovide slight levels of humor.

It's a fucking phone, and that's what I like about the iphone, it's a good PHONE first and an average camera second...

How police busted UK's biggest cybercrime case


Once again.....

Passwords are proved to be the most secure form of auth, cripes, when will people running stuff as important as this wake up?

Where to start with IT Security



Whilst this is great perhaps before the reg post ANY more security stories they might want to oh I don't know use SSL to transport passwords from this comment form? Perhaps i've just missed some clever trickery but if i've not it might be worth remembering that some people use the same password / e-mail for lots of things, pretty poor show really....

World's power grids infested with (more) SCADA bugs



There's a lot of interesting comments here, obviously some people have experience, clearly some people don't...

There's also a lot of niave thinking going on, "Viruses won't think to send control commands for a specific application" ... Hmmmm, perhaps the original writer won't think to do that but it's certainly possible that somebody might change an existing virus to complete these kind of task, in any case there are much easier ways to attack networks like this

Presuming that nobody can get into the plant and hook up to one of these networks is deadly, one of the best pen tests i've seen is someone dressed as a telecoms engineer (bt) who walks in, fiddles with core comms cabinets, even get's people to unlock them and then leaves "without trace".... Before you know it your highly secure network is connected to a WAP and accessible from outside the building, perhaps even in the case of a 3G router attached to your network the world... The security of an application rely's on much much more than the security of your code, although it is of course important. air gap is a complete cop out, my personal view is that air gap in our current climate counts for very little without signicant monitoring, auditing and other security controls.

It seems that it wouldn't be a very difficult attack for somebody who was determined enough, I guess we can only hope that they have some kind of seperate monitoring / overide system.

BlackBerry Storm is a little too consumer for some



Good old voda, they always seem to struggle with the concept of getting your device on BES. Frankly having just downloaded the simulator i'm not that impressed, it was obvious the software would be really similar to the latest curve OS but to be honest i'm no0t sure I want to pay 300-400ish for a device that's bigger than an iphone and has an annoying touch screen keyboard...

Perhaps they've missed the point?

MS explains 7-year patch delay


Oh for crying out loud.....

BIG WOW, I bet at least 50% of us still end up signing off purchase orders for Microsoft software at some point this week...

See you love it really! Because that's face it, would you rather run Novell? *eeeeek*

Google voice still not on iPhone



...can't say I give a shit either way! To be honest the number of times i've thought "My god, what iReally need now is to be able to convert voice into a google search" are pretty limited, i'd say ohhh about? NONE!

Ballmer: 'Google not a major mobile competitor'



Personally I have to say I sit in the middle on this one. Whilst some of Steve's arguments are vaugely viable I can see that he's being very short sighted.

I don't think Googles attempts with Android are to get more people to "search" through google at all really, as pointed out I think it's about creating brand awareness but also putting something out there which ultimatley will probably be developed into a very powerful OS and like it or not knock WM. However I do have reservations, blackberry for example (in my experience looking after messaging for a large company) have an excellent platform, it's not perfect but in terms of handset stability, predictability and backend reliability it's pretty good. YES before anyone says anything I know we've seen the relay fall over a few times but actually those times are fairly limited compared with the number of times our mobile telco has randomly dropped data in our area and uptime is certainly more than our active sync users.

Is it the iPhone? Nope,, certainly not, if it had blackberry connect would it be more attractive to enterprise? - yes probably, but I'm not so sure it will compete with blackberry handsets and software, 4.5 for the 83xx series for example wraps up a lot of previous issues and whilst RIM have generally failed to do anything groundbreaking the storm is a sign of things to come...

It's a shame that Microsoft can't get Windows Mobile right, quite why they believe that medium/ent's want a bunch of devices they can't control and have no visability of hanging off the end of their network is beyond me, releasing an expesnive and poorly supported (in the handset market) BES equivilant (System Centre Mobile DM) is frankly just poor, they should have had this wrapped up a long time ago if they wanted to compete.

Personally I can see windows mobile lasting on devices, not sure if those devices will be phones and then I think that's where Google can step up the game a little, or a very creative business can step in and develop a paid version of Android that picks up where windows mobile left off.

The trouble with Microsoft it seems is that they are very polarised, some things they do are far too whacky and people fail to see where they fit in, and some things they do are so far in the past that people laugh but still go out and buy the stuff anyway, just because it's easier not to push the limits of what you are trying to do. Characters like Stevie boy don't really help their cause, but it does get them media exposure.

Grim news at Dixons


What comes around goes around

I wouldn't be sad to see them go really, apart from the fact that you can pickup cheap ram *SOMETIMES*

As a few posters have pointed out what I really want is internet prices and then the ability to pickup for a warehouse somewhere so I don't have to wait for CityLink to put a "Sorry we missed you" slip through the door without even rining the bell..

I think they may be stuck in "la la" land where people go to buy a PC and want to talk to the salesman for 10 hours about it, it's a lovely idea (like snow, the kind of thing that sounds like a lovely idea but is actually a royal pain in the arse should you want to do anything) but in reality most people self inform!

One would have thought they would have seen this coming, what with the increase in reserve then pickup later schemes.

One step at a time!....

Memo to US Secret Service: Net proxy may pinpoint Palin email hackers


Using yahoo mail for government business...slick

Have they been taking lessons from us in incorrectly storing sensitive data or something?


Mines the one without the mandatory unencrypted usb stick containing important data.....

Chrome-fed Googasm bares tech pundit futility



What I most like about this article is the constant use of "shit", "asshole" and fuck, it's brilliant! Keep it up because that's face it there's not enough wrtiting like this that makes me laugh.....

I personally can't stand the idea of another half baked google product, when it actually comes out of beta in 2299 I might consider installing it, presuming that I've got google coffin edition installed......(no nicking that idea google)

I really don't get the elite web browser market/idea, I couldn't give a shit to be honest, IE7 works, it displays web pages, loads flash, lets me use the web apps I want (banking etc) it crashes and then causes my whole box to reboot but that's just time spent grabbing a coffee and a break! What pisses me off is the constant high pitched squeel from the user community going on about how great the lastest version of mozilla/firefox/ie8/chrome/anyotherbrowser is, face it, WHO CARES!!!

Now Hollywood is chasing UK downloaders



How dare they accuse anyone of watching Stargate, that surely is the biggest crime!

Exploit code for Kaminsky DNS bug goes wild


Re: SSL vulnerable @ ido

What you've said is true but the attack is much simpler...Who actually checks a certificate? All it needs is a good mock up and the good old "lock" icon (showing us that everything is surely fine?) and it's enough to spoof most people who don't bother looking at the certificate.

Even if you did look, how many people would actually be able to determine if it was a real/fake cert?

It's careless on some peoples part but I would suspect most people are probably still caught in change management....groans

O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand


All this despite...

A rather clear message on o2's site saying (ahem)

" If you are new to O2 you will also need to pass a credit check if you sign up for an iPhone 3G contract."

RIGHT! So why the hell was I stood in line waiting for other existing customers credit check to complete at a CPW? - I'm not sure who's worse really, o2 for having systems that clearly don't scale when required or CPW for not having a clue! I suspect that o2 probably shipped the instruction manual to them at 7:02 this morning leaving them moments to learn the ropes...

In the end I had to leave beacuse it was clear that nobody was going anywhere in the store. what amazes me is that the other month I signed for a barclay card online and within about 7 minutes i'd been given 5k of credit!

I've read elsewhere that foxconn are producing iphone units and they've had some kind of problem with production, to me this seems like a problem with production which meant that really they (apple) were not ready to launch but decided to bodge it to limit the cr*p press.

Monitor your data center with a coffee mug-sized server

Thumb Up

I wish....

They'd let me blow that chart up, frame it and put it up in our office, then I could use it to train newbies "Red = bad, green = good!"

Thankfully I never have to read alerts, a handy little outlook rule puts them all in my deleted items!

Microsoft pledges to fight Vista 'myths'


@ Jesse Zappa

In general I agree with you Jesse :) .. I think it would be better if they used terms like "slightly less sometimes" or "slightly more in certain circumstances" - i'd love to buy a product that trumpted itself as that!

The linux comment was illustrative of my experience but simply designed to show that for some it's more *complicated* than some of the alternatives...

I'll get my coat because it's raining lots today :o(


Oh my god....

This is so boring! How many ucking times do we have to listen to this argument, and worst how many people even bother taking part!

Windows is good for people who want it *easy* (apart from when they really need it easy)

Linux is good for anyone who cares enough to recompile their entire lib....la wah wah wah every time they cough, sneeze or change a screen saver

MacOS is great for my mum who finds it hard to work the oven timer, and then finds it even harder to even work out how to use her mac.

IT ALL DEPENDS! And at the end of the day even working in IT I really couldn't give a flying! My customers can use whatever the hell they want AFAIAC, whatever they use they'll spend thousands securing it and complaining it's too slow / complicated / not compatible / not secure / expensive / not future proof* but they will end up with whatever happens to fit best within their org- stop dreaming about an amazing OS that does it all, one day you might wake up and see there's more to life than supporting a ruddy OS.

*delete and replace as you see fit...

I think the phrase that annoyed me the most in the apple ads was "Macs don't crash" .... AARRRRRGGGHHHH somebody get me a gun.... They have clearly never had to use pro tools on the mac.

in summary


iPhone 3G to be in 'very short supply for weeks' - carrier



Nice one O2!

I mean, don't get me wrong, apple p**s me off with their smarmy attitude to things but when you stick an ajax front end (and god knows what at the back) up under that kind of pressure unless you had deep blue parked out the back you'd struggle to get it to perform.

I remember trying an ajax webmail client for our company, I think we turned it off after the first day for fear that the front end servers might melt, from memory I think 10 people managed to connect and everything!

Frankly if the only form i'd seen was the "/failover/index.html" one I'd have been very happy, if it even worked that is! I couldn't have cared less about flash interfaces or shadowing on buttons, or even a ruddy basket, all I wanted was to place an order, simple, I didn't want to watch an eppisode of art attack on drugs that only loaded every tenth time if I was even that lucky....

Bottom line o2 is that you messed it up, the least you can do is be honest with us, just be honest and admit it...