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BOFH: Look out!

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And so it is...

"...that the boss has timed out of the conversation."

Made me laugh. If I had a pound for every time I saw that egg-timer stare I wouldn't need to work any more.

Well done Simon, another classic.

Hundreds of Americans, bystanders injured playing video games


Before you ban all games

Earlier this year junior got escorted to the park while the house was tidied. He proceeded to play football during which he fell backwards at such an angle that he broke his collar bone. Since then he has discovered blazing angels and not sustained any further injuries. I rest my case.

Who will be the next Doctor?


So there will be a new Doctor!!!

"Hated the last Doctor as the Doctor is not suppose to be some sort of Chav trying his best to fit in with society. He is old man with a predeliction to young girls (gotta love the guy) who sticks out like a sore thumb."

That's it then...

the next doctor will be Bruce Forsyth for sure when it happens.