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Android users are massive wan … er … smut consumers

Chris Hart

Sure, but all the customers you'd want would leave...

This is out of hand now: Apple attempts to trademark the LEAF

Chris Hart

Re: Google has trademarked their "G inside a box with curved corners"...

Am I the only one that thinks that Apple may be sued for infringement due to substantial similarity to a certain educational toy company if they do that?

Judge drops TV ad-block block: So how will anyone pay for TV now?

Chris Hart

For some reason, I am reminded of the movie Idiocity. When there was a TV show on screen, the GIGANTIC TV was split into about 9 subscreens, with the center one showing the program, all the others showing advertisements.

Google promises autonomous cars for all within five years

Chris Hart

Re: Maybe other causes?

Not all. Though, in the last few months, there have been several fatal accidents in this area from people driving down the left side of the interstate.... (though, almost universally, alcohol was involved as well)

Fanboi beats 'e-trespassing' rap after using GPS to find stolen iPad

Chris Hart

Re: Smart?

No, from around the world. I've seen these shows, and have seen videos from places such as France, the UK, Germany, Russia, China, and Korea, just to name a few.

FCC gives cautious go-ahead for signal boosters

Chris Hart

Antenna Connector

Most phones actually do have an external antenna connector, though it's not neccessarily the most convienient to use, or the most convienient connector style. Frequently it's an obscure connector designed for only a few connect-disconnect cycles, and hidden under the battery cover. It's primary intended use is for product testing.

Apple bans geo loco ads on iPhone, iPad*

Chris Hart


I can still think of an app that would be very beneficial to the consumer, though it's sole purpose would technically be location-specific ads. Now, for this to be most effective, you gotta get gas stations to cooperate, as well. If I'm on a trip, and my car is telling me I have about 60 miles left in the tank, I'm probably gonna be looking for fuel. If I can look at an app that tells me prices, and I see that in another 30 or 40 miles, prices drop significantly, or go up significantly, that is very useful information.

Michigan man in DIY rocket sled explosion

Chris Hart

Darwin Award qualifications


"The existence of offspring, though potentially deleterious to the gene pool, does not disqualify a nominee. Children inherit only half of each parent's genetic material and thus have their own chance to survive or snuff themselves. If, for instance, the offspring has inherited the "Play With Combustibles" gene, but also has inherited the "Use Caution When..." gene, then she is a potential innovator and asset to the human race. Therefore, each nominee is judged based on whether or not she has removed her own genes, without consideration to the number of offspring or, in the case of an elderly winner, the likelihood of producing more offspring. "

Panasonic says Intel Atom not up to snuff for its PCs

Chris Hart

bad battery life? Performance issues?

Strange, I get decent battery life from the extended battery on my Kohjinsha SC3. On the extended battery, yesterday I ran it for about 8 hours without plugging it in, switched and charged the standard battery overnight, and put the extended one back on, and it was telling me that there was about an hour of charge left. Most of the usage was pulling up documents from the web, e-mail, and taking minutes for a meeting in OpenOffice. My primitive calculations are that with my usage, the stock battery would last about 4 hours. (the stock battery is 2.6AH, the extended one is 5.2

I haven't bothered changing it from the Windows Vista Home Premium that it came with. As an added plus, I can actually type faster, and more comfortably on it's smaller keyboard.

BOFH: Burying the hatchet

Chris Hart
Dead Vulture

@ Mike JVX

I'm not the greatest at the subtlties of the UK variety, (due to my location, I'm better at the American variety) but I still get a hearty laugh out of these.. (Maybe the situation is more important than the dialect)

The dead bird, as I see some dead lusers on their way...

BOFH: The admin gene

Chris Hart

IT sense

Has anyone else here had incandesant light dimmers throw off their IT sense? (It throws me out of tune with the background 60Hz, and just generally grates on my nerves. Sometimes old CRTs do it to me as well...) As a kid, I was diagnosed with ADD, which shares many traits with Aspergers. (I might actually have Aspergers, I was diagnosed before his work was published to the English-speaking world)

(Yes, I'm in the states)


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