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Trousers Brown: Blighty faces 'food security' threat

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Peaked my interest

Peak Oil edges into the mainstream conciousness bit by bit. Well done El Reg! (Seriously) Not far to go now, there may be hope yet. (And perhaps people will stop looking at me strangely!)

Paramount poised to drop HD DVD

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If this will allow you "to get on with our lives" it begs the question "Why was your life so affected by this unimportant nonsense?"

Head banker leaves job over Muslim gaffe

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So they didn't sack him - he got 'redundancy under compromise'. If it had been a lowly worker cracking the no-brain jokes do you think the outcome would have been the same? How much did they give him I wonder?

Cathedral gun battle game not blessed with gaming award

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"for their game Ragnarawk, which uses a virtual magical guitar to fight evil"

that's as opposed to a REAL magical guitar then?

Schools chief pushes Big Brother out of dinner line

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Alan Johnson

Heard a preview clip of Alan Johnson (Health Secretary) on Desert Island Discs today (The show goes out this Sunday) and when asked about his deprived childhood gave as his only example the fact that he had free school dinners and was embarrassed by it because he had to reply 'Free Dinner' when asked in class for his dinner money. I'd be hugely amused if he used fingerprinting as the answer to this stigma. It's always interesting to hear the still serving politicians on programmes like this as they still have to stick to the party line with anything they say.

..oh! and amanfrommars is A.I. - That is all

Vista Business sales soar like leaping dachshund

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quote> @Simon Lewis

amanfrommar is not a text-bot. You should look at his other posts. He is very strange, but there is to much thought and reference to both the article and other posts to be a text-bot.

end quote

er... yes it is a text-bot! All your statement points to is the fact that the AI behind it is working to a certain extent. Perhaps a Turing winner here? After all if you believe that he's an strange, rambling human who's possibly deranged you are still believing he's human.

Have a look at the site I posted above...

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Could somebody explain to me...

When I post a comment I get a notice that my posting will be checked by a moderator before being published. Either this is a lie, and anyone can post, or it's true and the moderators decide that amanfrommars' text-bot postings are considered suitable for joe public. I don't know which bothers me the most...

hold on - I've just visited amanfrommars' website http://www.ur2die4.com and now need a lie down

Porn-star cop's job not saved by First Amendment

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Free Speech?

quote: since running a porn site doesn't quite deserve the same force in the analysis as, say, engaging in a political debate or writing articles on environmental policy


you have the right to free speech as long as you're saying something worthwhile....that's not free

AOL restricts free security software to friends and members

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Close the scanner.

To ensure that AVS continues to update just open

"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AOL\AVP6\Data\aol-updcfg.xml"

Delete the first two lines which point to the aol update servers

Leave all the kaspersky servers in the list.

Save the file.

Restart the scanner.

This ensures that you will continue to receive updates from Kaspersky. I don't think it breaks the licence but I'd appreciate anyone else's opinion on that.The problem hasn't affected every installation, I like this AV very much, quick and isn't bloated with unnecessary features, Kaspersky have quietly become a lot of techies favourite AV. McAfee software seems to use a lot of resources and its bloat means that I wouldn't touch it...

MS update patches patching

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It's a pain

I've seen quite a few of these and there seems to be no pattern. Doesn't matter if IE7 is installed or not. It renders the PC unusable in a way that resembles a v.bad spyware infection (but without the pop-ups!). Turning off the automatic updates cures the problem in most cases. The first half of the patch has helped me on 2 machines and done nothing on one more.

US Navy malware infection risked submarine prang

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Bet he's pleased he wasn't a Muslim.....orange boiler suit and never seen again!