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Mozilla invites all comers on post-tab future

David Whitney

Tabs or bookmarks?

So the crux of this is "people use tabs instead of bookmarks".


Microsoft's latest open-source release catches a wrinkle

David Whitney
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FUD merchants

MS-PL, as a general rule, is no problem if you're already working on Windows. Oh, ASP.NET? Yeah, so that's that sorted.

I'm always amazed how people can drag this stuff so far off topic.

ASP.NET MVC is a very mature implementation of the MVC pattern, it works well, it's light and well thought out.

The MS developer division have been pushing out some fantastic work since Guthrie "took over" and this is another example of good Microsoft software. Unless you've used it feel free to not share your opinions on the quality of the product.

First Windows 7 beta puts fresh face on Vista

David Whitney

Lack of scientific analysis here...

Reading the reg comments page is always a particularly nasty form of self torture.

I cannot believe how many under-informed armchair critics are posting in this thread with the most stereotypical responses without actually trying the product.

A lot of the cited issues, quite frankly, were side effects of poor hardware or early support of a new platform. There were some big mistakes in the early Vista UI, but they slowly got corrected. The performance issues have been widely misreported in both positive and negative directions and most people simply never even tried the OS.

Vista circa SP1has a rock solid architecture and performs very well (especially in it's 64bit incarnation in a machine with 2-4Gb RAM, which is about £40 today) and from the sounds of it Win7 is an improvement on that. Perhaps it's a little service-pack-ish, but find me an operating system update that isn't.

If the "major" competitors could produce something lightyears better with any kind of cross platform compatability (or transparent virtualisation without the need for tools like VMWare Fusion) perhaps Microsofts market share might suffer, until then? Apples luxary hardware is only going to get them so far. Keep banging those underdog drums. Softwares only as good as the developers who write it.

Slightly terrified at the ignorance and lack of scientific evaluation based on the predicatable FUD.

Me? I'll withhold any judgement on the beta until I've tested it, and on the retail product until it's on a (virtual) shelf.

Ballmer talks 'post-PC' Microsoft with Windows 7 beta

David Whitney

Live essentials crapware?

Somewhat unfortunate you choose to single out Live essentials seeing as

a. They're solid products, vast improvements over the products they replace

b. They're the bloat that microsoft has REMOVED from Windows 7, now making them optional

c. It's exactly the same thing that happens on every platform, they're just honest and have given it a name.

Ever tried to use them?

AMD releases 'world's fastest' graphics card

David Whitney

Address space

@Wade Burchette

He's talking about the necessity to reserve address space for devices in 32bit Windows. Therefore removing the ability to address X amount of system memory.

Stick 4gig in a 32bit windows box then add a 512mb graphics card and watch the available system memory drop to 3.5gig for an example.

Google: 'Even in the desert, privacy does not exist'

David Whitney


Regardless of their doing of evil and the fact that they are trying to avoid punishment with the statement, it does hold. The battle for privacy is already lost and only due dilegence can combat it.

MobileMe steals Live Mesh thunder

David Whitney

Horrible concept

Both mobile me and live mesh are entirely upside down in concept. It is utterly wrong to convince people that it's normal to hand over every piece of personal data they own to a third party. The technology isn't ready for mass market yet so they're cobbling together a solution where they own the keys to your house.

Effort should be put into turning these types of services into devices to live in home networks (much like a wireless router) that acts as a kind of personal file server and authentication device.

It's upsetting that people will give away their privacy so readily. Great ideal, horrid implementation. It's just a shame the iPhone will cause widespread update of the service.

How to be an instant Web me-2.0 developer

David Whitney


Whilst the satire is amusing if inaccurate (timelines etc, I won't be a pedant), as with all programming the devil really is in the detail.

This breakdown serves as little more than a management level overview of a topic that is vastly different from the picture painted here when actually investigated in any depth. Overviews are good, but overviews abstracted in to misinformation are not.

The whole world can't be judged by Delphi, and if you can't see why there are problems with the "more is more (who cares if it's all duplication!)" approach of the currently over cluttered PHP framework then any hope of a critical evaluation here is likely lost!

The disparate set of technologies involved in "web 2 point oh" are very awkward, but if encapsulated correctly can be managed well. Good code is possible in any language out there (yes, even VB!) if armed with sufficent knowledge, a better piece of advice would be "don't follow fads".


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