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Ethanol cars unhealthier than petrol ones?

Sandy River

Ethanol Predictions - Garbage in Garbage out -

Ethanol Predictions - Garbage in Garbage out -

Computer models can be rigged to predict just about anything depending on the assumptions - The algorithm here seem to be on large scale assumptions -

The ethanol process depends on the raw material, type of fuel used, and the efficiency of the factory process - All of this is in evolution -

Bottom line is we don't know how the ethanol process will evolve or what the in products will be - corn - switch grass - wood chips - etc. -

One fact often ignored here is that only the starch is removed from the corn - The food value remains in the form of brewers grain, and corn oil -

Another big plus is that we can keep our money at home and create jobs with it here -

It will be interesting to follow this - If Brazil can make this work, it follows that with the use of technology we can make it work to some degree -