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Mac Tablet/Mega iPod Touch due fall 2009 who knows when


No Sant Claus?!?

Thanks for ruining Christmas, pal!

I just hope that the Easter Bunny doesn't her about this - he'd be ever so mad!

PS3 owners game iPlayer

Dead Vulture

Where's the much promised V+ or OSX versions

I want my license fee back!

Bloke finds missus working in brothel


Don't believe it for a second

This one just screams urban myth. Next thing you'll be telling us about the cat in the microwave and the dead scuba diver in the burnt out tree.

787 unsafe, claims former Boeing engineer


No one ever survives these kind of crashes

Drop in a large plane from high enough in the sky and you will die. Doesn't matter what your plane is made out of.

TimeUK mounts $22m Evesham bail-out


Beware Evesham employees...

Time phuqed over Tiny employees and they'll do the same to you.

Get out now!

Dutch police arrest 111 West Africans in 419 clampdown


What a wonderful world we live in!

We live in a world where being stupid or gullible is a source of malicious glee or gloating. Where victims who, at the very least, should evoke our sympathy instead provoke a kind of malicious glee or gloating in others.

When did this appalling schadenfreude become an acceptable response to misfortune? How are these people not ashamed to live in our society?

I hope that if some of the above posters find themselves the victim of crime the people they know won't chuckle to themselves, "Heartless bastard, he probably deserved it."

LG launches first foray into dual-format HD arena


I want my Glu-ray

£1000 dual format machines are absolutely no help for we poor sods who have already invested in an HD-DVD drive for our 360, or got one free with a PS3.

What we need are dual format (glu-ray) discs, not dual format drives!


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