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'It's dead, Jim': Torvalds marks Intel Itanium processors as orphaned in Linux kernel


All the technical merits or problems with itanic are kind of irrelevant to why it failed. The key problem with Itanium was simply that it was way too expensive! Any new revolutionary platform that has broken though, was first ridiculed cheap crap - which eventually gained performance and quality over age. "Here, this itanium platform is just as expensive and proprietary as your old UNIX servers, migrate to them" is only attractive sales pitch to CIOs who spend too much time golfing with their suppliers. Meanwhile their engineers are already playing with X86 machines running "crappy linux" that somehow appears reliable enough and saves a lot money...

Britain shouldn't turn its back on EU drone regs, warns aerospace boffin


Re: Opportunity?

Of course, for any kind of deal, some kind of arbitration panel is needed. If Theresa is hellbent on getting out of ECJ, A creative solution is just to rename it. Europe and Britain Court of Justice. Add a couple of token changes to to EBCJ rules and Theresa can claim how her strong and stable leadership made a big difference while still remaining part of EASA - and all the other similar EU organizations that turn out to be "essential"

Now of course there is a slight problem. Any Brexit deal needs unanimous support from all 28 member countries. What are the chances that none of EU countries will elect a obstructionist nutbag during next two years?

Qualcomm's Windows-capable silicon will land later rather than sooner


Re: No good options

Option #4, run x86 apps in cloud.

Y'know that ridiculously expensive Oculus Rift? Yeah, it just got worse


Re: Has the author developed a sudden brain problem?

10K to trump campaign openly wouldn't be newsworthy. 10K to troll is infuriating, since it contributes making the society more trollish, aggressive and stupid. As a near-billionaire, you have some responsibility to use that to the good of mankind. There is so many awesome things you can do with big money (people to mars, shooting probes to proxima centauri with a big-ass laser, curing cancer, heck even building gaudy casinos and hotels count, ...). And he decides to support trolls for giggles? That ought to bite, although I guess it will be just an exercise of "I've been unfairly attacked" rather than "I've learned something".

Review: Nokia Lumia 520


Re: Meh

Decent camera - shame you can't use it to share pictures on instagram. And when it gets to WP, there is going to be some other app that just isn't available. Snapseed? Good luck..

Android a photo-slurper too: report


And the solution is..

Have two devices: one for apps, games and entertainment, and another for private stuff: Calendar, contacts, mail, pictures, sms, and calls.

Foreign sabotage suspected in Phobos-Grunt meltdown


Blame the Chinese

American components, Russian Components - all made in china.

Asus drops GPS from tablet spec after issues emerge


Locked bootloader for non-3g tablet?

Usually the excuse for locked bootloaders is bending over for the operators subsiding 3d phones and tablets. And for most it is an ok trade-off since you'll get the device cheaper than you would get it else.

But for a wifi-only tablet? Why not start locking asus zenbooks while at it.

This is on the road to be an major PR disaster.

Microsoft mum on leaked Phone OS plans


Meanwhile BADA outsells microsoft.

Despite all the media attention and multitude of people claiming they like Windows phone, it remains a dog in sales. It has a market share of 2%, and still hasn't overtaken the old windows mobile. Aven things like BADA sell better.

Seriously, why the media attention for such a marginal player?

Hackers link MP's aide to neo-Nazi site in member list leak


OT: minor correction

"The parliamentary aide to a right-wing Finnish MP"

While "true finns" might be xenophobic, they are *not* right wing. In the questions before elections True Finn MP candidates firmly supported adding more benefits to poor (locals) and more taxes to the rich. Bigotry is not a right-wing exclusive.

Fraudulent Google credential found in the wild


Why diginotar lost trust

"Diginotar did quickly what they should do and revoked the certificate"

No they did not. They did not tell anyone that they had been hacked until the rogue certificates surfaced in public few months later.

Had diginotar a) announced on July 19th that they got hacked and b) actually identified all hacked certificates, diginotar would be still probably be trusted by Mozilla and others. SSL still needs heavy restructuring to become trustworthy again..

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala


fail article

I can't believe elreg chooses to write a article based on forum comments. Not only are forums are terribly bad source of information to begin with, but such internet polls are obviously biased in gathering people who have problems. Our enduser upgrade pilot went fine, and we'll probably proceed upgrading the rest soon. Then again we choose closely what hardware to use with ubuntu deployments.

The key problem with ubuntu is of course that they claim to support more hardware than they are actually competent in supporting. "Ooh, lets puts this shiny half-working usb wifi driver so we can claim we support more hardware than other distros". Cue to wondering why ubuntu crashes when using wifi.

The church-of-steve (not the ballmer one) model of selecting tightly what hardware to support, and supportinting them *well* would lead to much better user satisfaction than attempting to support all the craptastic taiwanese chipsets.

Nokia sues Apple over iPhone


lawyers win.

I'm 100% sure the decision to sue apple was not taken lightly, and Nokia actually believes apple's patent portfolio is weak compared to nokias. Big companies usually crosslicense patents, the fact that this is ended up in public means that apple thought that nokia would't dare sue. Next, expect apple to countersue.

Intuetively Apple is holding the losing end of the stick - if they don't have licenses for gsm/3g patents, you are really in no business selling phones. Apple can ban nokia from selling multitouch cellphones, but Nokia can ban Apple from selling phones at all. Consumers lose, Lawyers win.

Expect Apple to buy motorola to get their hand in the cellphone patent pool (and existing crosslicensing deals of Nokia-Motorola)

Barrow boy Microsoft flogs nostalgic tragic t-shirts


This was already innovated in free software scene

"Will Red Hat start selling some colourful headgear down the market?"

They do already:


Nut launches death threats at Debian women

IT Angle

Open source pays one money

@phat shantz

You make the mistake of assuming that free software is created by hobbyists. As recent kernel studies have shown, the biggest contributors to Linux are employees of companies (Redhat, IBM, Intel, Novell, Nokia....).

Currently the market for free software experts is very strong. If you have based your business around a piece of free software, who else is the best person to employ than the one who already wrote it? Well done free software puts you in a better job market position than a flashy CV.