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2010: the 5TB 3.5in HDD cometh

Jim Kirk

How times change!

I entered the computer industry in 1978 in the U. S.

Hard disks of *any* size were unknown. The very first hard drive I ever saw weighed about 20 pounds and was about 26" X 26" X 4" (roughly 66cm X 66cm X 10cm).

AFTER formatting, it held 5 million bytes of data (5 MB); using 66 characters per line and 25 lines per page, that gave you just over 3,000 pages of storage.

With the 5 TB drive, you're looking at about 3 *billion* (3 million million) pages of storage! And you can easily slip it in your pocket!

I can't begin to imagine what we will have in 2020--business card sized 50 terabyte drives? It's certainly possible!

We truly need to celebrate our computer scientist (I'm not one) much more than we do!


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