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Red Hat Enterprise clone poised to 'die'

Justin Kestelyn

OEL Updates

BTW, just to get the record correct, Oracle Enterprise Linux binaries are indeed free and updates are available for ~$10/month.

Oracle cites 'screw up' for BEA support outage

Justin Kestelyn

To be 100% clear...

...these bits were never intended to migrate to OTN, which is designed for evangelism, not support (only two most recent versions of any product are download-able from there).

So, wherever they end up living, it is not likely to be OTN.

Justin Kestelyn - Snr Dir, OTN

Oracle support service goes MIA (again)

Justin Kestelyn

Clear your browser cache dude

Ummm, did you think about clearing your browser cache?

WebLogic to open gates on Oracle rationalization

Justin Kestelyn

? JRockit is Still Available

JRockit is still (and will continue to be) available:


Oracle risks loss of influential BEA users

Justin Kestelyn

No forced migrations

Gavin, please do keep in mind that this survey, flawed or not, was conducted before the July 1 strategy Webcast (which could not have offered clearer direction, IMO). Would be interested to see the results of a post-July 1 survey (I'm sure we will).

Three key words, which perhaps you missed: "No forced migrations." What's not to like?

Justin Kestelyn

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