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Microsoft wades into interwebulator chat about Hotmail



I'm sure people still sneer at anything with a hotmail address, they did 11 years ago after all.

I've had an active account with them for 10 years, used to be that they would close your account if you didn't login at least once every 30 days. Enrolled in 1997 IIRC. But that one was zapped, due to inability to login. I don't do any business through my ten year old account , though I have subscribed to a few mailing lists through it.

The awful, impractical web-based interface I was forced to use on my slow comp when M'soft withdrew support for IMAP - which to be fair we were informed of well in advance - + my inability to now no longer use my old Outlook Express 6 to connect to it put me off using hotmail for about a year. But m'soft kept it active for me this time and did not kill it.

I wish M'soft had re-enabled IMAP. I am however now using Live Mail, which kind of resembles OE. and is very nice - has a much better interface than the web site based option.

On reconnecting to my hotmail account having setup Windows Live mail 12 months after the IMAP withdrawal - I found I had some 7,000 unread emails, most of these were from my yahoo group lists, very little of it was spam. The spam filters have improved vastly.

My .gmx account attracts a lot more spam than does snotmail nowadays but granted, my gmx email address is spattered all over the Net, my hotmail one, isn't.

If you are going to use hotmail, ffs use Windows Live. I haven't checked the web interface recently but if it is as unusable as it was a year ago, no wonder people use gmail.

'Larry and Sergey's HTML5 balls drained my resources'


Trolls please


You might have least used the troll icon.


So last century..

I need some advice. Should I bother to switch browsers to FireFox from Opera upon this Cyrix 266 chip (Circa 1998) with 196 mb of ram running, in order to "try" to watch

1. Some sort of new fangled swirly doo hickey thingamijig not go round and about.

2.My machine lock up and some vigorous pc. 3 finger saluting take place?

When the buckyballs were mentioned I thought we were in for some sort of message from the future, "Andromeda effect"...sadly not, it's just another geeky day in Internet land.

I now expect a flurry of posts from people reading el reg on even older "this ole box" (es) than this one...

Beatles on iTunes? 'Don't hold your breath' says Yoko


Actually, we're not into music, we're into chaos


I wonder if John Peel played the Sex Pistols NMTB, all the way through when that was first released? I Doubt it somehow but I hope that he was at least allowed to play the band's tribute to their first record company, Who?


And Jimi Hendrix was on Track Records if I recall correctly.

Grenade! Just for the loud explosion!

MPs to go clubbing in cocaine inquiry


Wipes out brain cells...

Aye glue were very cheap but I was told that it wiped out brain cells...

Anyhow, I can tell you never sniffed, it was spelled Evostik... /pedant. Or Evo for short. I realise this is the seventies and it was a very long time ago now.

What about thixofix? That was another one, we called that, "the glue for people with lisps."

:coat icon

Mine would be the one with the stuck together polythene bread bags in the pockets...

Paris Hilton in Dubai hotel spycam shocker

Paris Hilton

Ah yes the lady named after a French Hotel

When I first heard about our Paris, I too could not figure out why she had been named after a hotel in bloody Paris. Took me a while to figure out. Was the Woolworth heiress, before it went tits up named after Woolworths. No she bloody well wasn't. Her name was Hutton, Barbara. I suppose PH eventually will have kids, keep her surname and call them Bangkok, London and somewhere else in the World where there is a Hilton hotel.

Paris because if you can't have a Paris Hilton icon in a comment about Paris Hilton, and my second choice was Jimmy Edwards, in lieu of my being a miserable pedantic twat.

Firefox users caught in crossfire of warring add-ons


Ain't nothin' goin' on but the rent.

I didn't used to mind web advertising, but I got sick of pop-ups and when popup blocker was written I installed that. Animated gifs with the infuriating boxes with windows close x that would not shut when clicked, when okayed, when no'ed but would instead take you to some stupid site which would open six windows, that is not on!

On old IEs multiple windows meant six separate instances of IE,which caused hangs! That sort of attention seeking behaviour, poorly written routines, bullshit about winning some prize - it all dictated my decision to install the addons. And why not?

The presence of so many ads on a site slows my connection to a crawl, I have to have Javascript disabled by default in Opera because certain ad heavy sites crash the memory.

Of course I went for ABP ABP and NoScript in FF keep me happily oblivious to that intrusive commercial nonsense. All of that crap - sails by me and my CPU and RAM. Any video on the beeb's site is not watched, any youtube link is not clicked, the background noise is tuned out.

When the great Indie 103.1 radio station's flagship show "Jonesy's Jukebox" was on the web, host Steve Jones, Sex Pistols guitarist used to refer to the station's ads as "The Duke of Kent," which was Jonesy's Cocker-er-nee made-up rhyming slang for "The Rent." That's how the station was largely funded. By corporates. If corporates withdraw their vast backing from sites like the reg, would it too fade away?

Perhaps I'm a freetard, maybe. A freecycler. :thumbsup There are occasions when I have visited a site and clicked on a link so that a guy can get his few click through the shekels by visiting his sponsors...

To keep Sarah happy I will now disable ABP on the el reg page to see what I'm missing...I suspect its not a lot...

That is all.

16 teams to field 24 e-bikes in 'zero-emission' TT race


Castletown Ales

Yeah Mick Grant!!!

On his electrisickle. he won't be leaping the island's hump backed Ballaugh bridge at the speeds he managed when he raced for Kawasaki back in the day...


That's what the noise sounds like on Sulby straight!

Hastings junkie hotspots pop up on Google Maps


Quick fix

@ Jolyon Ralph

"There are specific uses of sharp as a noun, for a type of knitting needle for example. But I doubt these are frequently used to jack up with heroin."

Well I certainly came across the word "sharps," and this was in 1998 when referring to the disposal of a standard 5ml used syringe or, "works." No doubt the practice emerged from out of medical jargon in hospitals, theatres etc and made its way out.

Certain pharmacies and doctors - probably would issue dark plastic boxes with a letter-box type aperture in which addicts could sensibly and safely dispose of their used "works." These were known predictably as "sharps bins" and carried a sticker which read: "used sharps only."

They were handed back into the chemists when full. Perhaps diabetes sufferers who have to inject insulin use them too? Unfortunately my limited experience is with their other usage.

If some of these people banging up street drugs were issued with these sealed portable plastic containers instead, then perhaps we might see a small decrease in gouched out junkies leaving their dangerous used works lying around. That seems fairer, more hygienic and sensible to me.


Who reads The Register?


Possible incentive idea...

"Register Profiler - January 2009


Many Thanks for your time. We really appreciate your input.

The Register..."

I see, so I'm supposed to do this for nothing then...


BBC's speak you're branes collapses under Brand-Ross sex outrage


Where's Bill Grundy Now?

I'm told that these broadcasters have received xxxx amounts of pounds of public service broadcast money for their part in leaving offensive messages on a National treasure's ansaphone machine, doesn't that seem slightly opposed to their commitment to being hilarious, good taste, good value and not a blue word to be uttered, comedians?

No the more the merrier

Well tell us more then?

I fuckin' spent din't I?

Good Lord, on what

Unfashionable black seditionaries bondage gear. Cos I was a punk and still am, right kids? CHAOS!

What about you behind.

You dirty bastard...you dirty ole man

No, no I said you behind.

Ah. Well I'm just heartbroken that my Grandad "A national treasure," has been taken down in such a filthy and underhand way, I hope that Brand and Ross are hung drawn and quartered and then burnt at the stake for saying such outrageous and shocking things.

And you Russell?

Well I've got a big knob and have done every drug available and so was bound to be a target for the righteous majority. Also the Internets make it quite cock easy to make a complaint. Plus the organs huh that leapt on this nonstory most were like undoubtedly those owned by the Rupert Murdoch fella with a vested interest in giving the BBC a kicking. Then of course the proles needed a break from the gloomy financial situation and the MP chaps have to be seen to be aware of what the fuck the chattering classes in their media swamped lives are talking about, hence questions in the house being raised.

Dirty fucker!

Dirty bastard.

What a fucking rotter!

Well that's it for tonight.

AVG chokes fake traffic spew


Omelettes? Pah!

Oh Yes the omelette comment. Well that really annoyed me at the time. Never mind "Open Source." AVG released flawed software that they took my money for (at least the softs was flawed on this legacy system anyway)

- did not do what it was supposed to do

- came with things that people did not want.

- slowed machines to a slug.

- on this legacy box took 16 hours to scan the machine for viruses.

- would not update its virus signature either locally or over the Net,

- visited sites that you we did not want it to

- did not install itself correctly,

- emails that we sent with our avg.cfg to support were bounced back

- did not uninstall itself in a friendly fashion and was only evicted in safe mode. Contrary to the blether on the AVG website.

-the lifeline of 24 hour support was 1 automated e-mail days later that told us we were on a FAT32 partition when it was NTFS and that an update will be released "soon," How soon????

We bailed out and got ourselves sorted elsewhere.

I don't want maximum aggro when installing new software and I have to say that my experiece with AVG 8 was one long headache.

The only one good thing I can say for my experience with AVG 8 (bastard thing) was as I said earlier

- they gave us our money back.

Thumb Up


It's not even FAT32 partitions either that AVG 8 crapped out over, we were on WIN2k with an NTFS and it still wouldn't update itself or uninstall...except in safe mode

but fairplay to AVG, they refunded us.

Consider yourself Moderatrixed


Is that it, El Moderatrix?

If so...

I feel vaguely cheated.

I'll just ask about the woodchuck next time.

The Moderatrix will see you now


Out of fashion advice...

Seditionaries bondage trousers or Granny takes a trip flares?


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