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Schools email marketing company told us to go away when we told them of exposed database creds, say infoseccers

Stephen Gray

It's a quality product.

Given the fact that they can't even configure the site to display correctly in Chrome should tell you everything you need to know.

California Attorney General asks judge to force Lyft and Uber to classify drivers as employees – or else

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Right-wing narrative? Aw bless, you're about 12 years old aren't you? You've read a couple of words online and you spout them to appear clever. Please come back when you're an adult.

USA opposes 'Schengen cloud' Eurocentric routing plan

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Genuine spies and terrorists now use snail mail

Back to dead letter drops and men in trilbies meeting in dark alleys.

OkCupid falls out of love with 'anti-gay' Firefox, tells people to see other browsers

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No mention they supported Barak when he was anti gay marriage

Sam Yagan, who is currently CEO of the Match Group ultimate owners of this pointless website solely designed to fleece disadvantaged members of society, donated $500 to Barack Obama in 2007 and 2008 back when he still opposed gay marriage. Also they still use Java on the site. Wouldn't want to stop those poor saps who pay for their bullshit "service". Try creating an account with these charlatans and see what "matches" you get.

HIDDEN OCEAN of LIVING SOUP found on Enceladus, moon of Saturn

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Nonsense headline

HIDDEN OCEAN of LIVING SOUP found on Enceladus, moon of Saturn. Really? El Reg has empirical evidence that life exists on Enceladous? Have you let NASA know or are you 100% factually inaccurate?

I QUIT: Mozilla's anti-gay-marriage Brendan Eich leaps out of door

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How did he "enforce" it exactly? During the democratic process he supported a view which was defeated. Are you actually reading the article or just shouting hysterically?

Boycott Firefox, gay devs urge as Mozilla appoints JavaScript daddy as CEO

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Green card anyone?

It seems this was more about getting a green card than much else. "Today, Michael has a green card and we’re able to pursue this venture in the US,” said Catlin.

Artists install Monty Python silly walk signs in Norwegian town

Stephen Gray

Strange woman

"One should not use signs that can be confused with public signs," section chief Elisabeth Bechmann fumed.

Really? You think your fellow citizens are that stupid? Maybe YOU are. I've been to Finland, they're very switched on. Beside Putin has you on his list to annex, so I'd start complaining about that rather than a bit of tomfoolery.

MtGox remedy worse than the disease says Kaspersky researcher

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Re: Who the hell leaves their wallet without encryption?

"Secondly, have you given any though to what happens to your wallet in the event of your death or a head trauma that causes you to forget your passwords? An unencrypted wallet in cold storage might be better for your family than a heavily encrypted one."

You've heard of an old skool technology that is completely off grid and unlikely to suffer from data loss if kept in a drawer let's say for example where you keep your passport and other important documents? It's called pen and paper.

Apple's Hacker Princess dumps fruity firm for Elon Musk's Tesla

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Re: What a piece of work

Because every new technology works perfectly out of the box. Stop whinging. I bet you have and use a mobile phone. Have you noticed they're shit? Everyone still uses them.

'No, I CAN'T write code myself,' admits woman in charge of teaching our kids to code

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Re: Few CIOs or VP ITs can code

You don't live in the real world do you?

Devs write 'film my shag' sex app for Google Glass

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"Simply swipe to a new perspective. And enjoy the new view. When you connect your phone, you can even see what it's like from any angle"

Google Glass can bend light from behind an object so you can see it from another angle? Really? Or total bollox? You decide.

Obama reveals tiny NSA reforms ... aka reforming your view of the NSA

Stephen Gray

Re: "Having faced down the totalitarian dangers of fascism and communism"

LOL! Funniest post. Ever. What a twat.

Undercover BBC man exposes Amazon worker drone's daily 11-mile trek

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Re: Is this a story?

Try walking continuously for 8 hours. Then tell me it's easy. Then do it again tomorrow. Asshat.

Reg man inhales the smooth, non-cancerous, taste of USB nicotine

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Re: One other benefit...

You'd only do it once. Then you'd have no teeth.

Anonymous Indonesia claims attacks by Anonymous Australia

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Grammar shows it's just one herbert

Is it me or does anyone else see that the appalling grammar and spelling mistakes in the "English" replies made by these time wasting fucktards clearly point to the same knob jockey pretending to be Anonymouse (this is the correct spelling) all over the world? Alternatively maybe they're all just plain stupid.

Google SO CAN scan ALL BOOKS onto its sites - judge

Stephen Gray

Re: A sensible decision perhaps

Fair use automagically excludes COMMERCIAL use. It doesn't matter that they don't make money directly by charging you to read the excerpts, Google uses the information commercially to make money by targeting ads at you, the reader. It's just another example of how big business runs Ameerka. Google has virtually unlimited funds and so simply ignores the law by paying off sorry convincing stupid Yank judges that "it's for the good of the humanity." Bollox. It's to further line the pockets of Google shareholders. End of.

Another day, another Bitcoin burglary as Bitcash.cz goes titsup

Stephen Gray

Re: Enjoying every minute of this

"After all, if you steal something that has no value, have you actually committed a crime?"

Yes. Taking without the owners consent is the definition of theft.

Woz: Google Glass will be SO COOL... just like BLUETOOTH

Stephen Gray

Product without a market

It's possible that some peeps will use them just as some peeps buy Apple products but it's illegal to use them whilst driving and you look a twerp if you're walking around with them on. I suspect the Woz is right.

Google barge erection hypegasm latest - What's in the box?

Stephen Gray

"Other nutjobs suggested the Bilderberg Group had persuaded Google to stash a few nuclear bombs in there, so it could blow up the US whenever it fancied getting cracking on the much-delayed New World Order project."

Bearing in mind that the initial reason for the Bilderberg meetings was to tackle the perceived anti-Ameerkan sentiment in Europe in the mid 50's it seems the retards suggesting the above have no IQ at all.

Watch out, MARTIANS: 1.3 tonne INDIAN ROBOT is on its way

Stephen Gray


In space terms, the mission is fairly cheap. Nonetheless, some observers are surprised that a country with such visible problems with poverty would spend its dosh on sending a probe to Mars.

Have you heard of the fascist Republic of USA? 46 MEELION people in poverty. Still spunking BEELIONS on NASA.

Bacteria-chomping phages could kill off HOSPITAL SUPERBUGS

Stephen Gray

Re: "the most abundant life form in the universe"

The evidence is as follows. A millilitre of sea water can contain 9×10 to the power of 8 bacteria of which about 75% are infected with a phage. There's a lot of sea water on Earth. I can't be arsed working it out. It's more than 10 though.

Google fluffs DEATH DEFEATING startup Calico

Stephen Gray

Missing the point

Immortality means you cannot be killed. By any means. No human can become immortal, they could however in theory live forever assuming all the cells keep reproducing as per instructions.

Furious Frenchies tell Apple to bubble off: Bling iPhone isn't 'champagne'

Stephen Gray

Good work you Frenchist types

Well done to the French. Shame they've decided to become Ameerka's lap dog recently but overall I like the way they do things.

Legal bible Groklaw pulls plug in wake of Lavabit shutdown, NSA firestorm

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Re: "working quantum computers"

You think Horizon is a movie? Fail.

ULTIMATE cuppa contenders prepare to go mug-to-mug

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Re: active vs passive brewing

Passive is best for extracting the subtle flavours, I'm a stirrer myself though.

Stephen Gray

Skimmed milk?

The work of Satan with no place in a cup of char.

Google scientists rebel over company's support for 'climate-hoax' Senator

Stephen Gray

He's forgetting something

I have no problem with religion, each to their own but I'll just quote from from Rev 11:18 "God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth". If you're going to get God involved, at least read the book fully. Clearly the Biblical God is well aware mankind can indeed ruin the earth. Inhofe is a tit, that's the problem, not that he believes in God.

Robot cop called in after MAD BONGER blown up in LIQUID MARIJUANA EXPLOSION

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Re: Not so much stoners but thieves

Utter rubbish. Really, just utter rubbish. You have no knowledge of the subject matter. Stop embarrassing yourself. Oh actually, carry on I like a good laugh at someone else's expense.

US Congress proposal: National Park will be FOUND ON MOON

Stephen Gray

I wouldn't worry

One in six Ameerkans are now in receipt of Food Stamps (now now as SNAP I think) that's about 50 MEEELION people. USA is bankrupt, hated by most of the rest of the world and run by tossers. It won't be any kind of force to be reckoned soon certainly within my lifetime, much like the UK is now. China and India will be the new world powers. USA can lay claim to as much of the Moon as they want, the rest of us will just point and giggle at the retards they keep electing.

NSA hacked China's top carriers in hunt for SMS data - report

Stephen Gray

US of A government chasing a US citizen? I don't care. I'm sure they'll murder or at the least rendition him to some offshore concentration camp. To be honest why didn't he just leave and get another job somewhere that didn't offend his sensibilities?

Cisco and iRobot build videoconferencing robot for remote workers

Stephen Gray

Utterly pointless

Without doubt not a single unit will be sold.

Emergency spacewalk as ISS takes a leak

Stephen Gray

@ mmeier

The following: scratch-resistant lenses, CAT & MRI tech, cordless power tools, super glue, memory foam, freeze dryed food, cochlear implants, I could go on but I really can't be arsed.

Please come back when you've reached puberty.

Continued lack of women in tech bemoaned by ex-techie lady MP

Stephen Gray

Automatic tills rule.

I'm sorry but if you can't work out how to use one then perhaps you should consider a new career, one that isn't in the technology sector.

As to women in IT, I couldn't give a toss about your gender, ethnic background or religious views any more than I do about the colour of your hair. Pass the technical test and the job's yours.

US Department of Defense fingers China as top cyber threat

Stephen Gray


We all have them, why is this a big deal? We spy on enemies and indeed "friendly" regimes. How shocking that China might do the same. Are all Ameerkans beyond stupid? Perhaps they've never heard of the CIA, NSA et al. Another EPIC fail.

Google's Schmidt calls for 'DELETE from INTERWEBS' button

Stephen Gray

I'm sorry?

Err does this fucktard understand the intarwebs? Once it's digital and posted or sent anywhere it's "out there" FOREVER. Idiot.

Police arrest suspect in BIGGEST DDoS ATTACK IN HISTORY

Stephen Gray

Gitmo anyone?

He's Dutch so he'll love being in an orange jumpsuit.

Ofcom fines TalkTalk AGAIN - a whopping £750k over 'abandoned calls' gaffe

Stephen Gray

Faulty microfilter

The description of your fault points to either an unfiltered device (Sky, house alarm or anything else that uses POTS) connected to an extension socket or one of your microfilters is on its way out.

Anonymous takes down Vatican website

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Court rejects Tesla’s latest libel spat with Top Gear

Stephen Gray

Close the door when you leave.

What a suprise, an American company engaging in vexatious litigation. Fail. Cheerio.

Brit pair deported from US for 'destroy America' tweet

Stephen Gray

Go somewhere else

The USA executes criminals with mental health issues, won't sign up to the ICC and basically thumbs its nose at basic human rights. Why would you want to spend a holiday there? Perhaps for the culture? The only things that the USA has brought to the global party are gun crime, chronic obesity and litigation.

OpRobinHood more likely to stiff punters than bankers

Stephen Gray

Who'd have thunk it?


Greens abandon science to tie down mobile towers

Stephen Gray


I've always found our colonial cousins from down under to be a very level headed bunch of chaps and chapettes. I suspect this nonsense will go away when the ballot box is used.

Second US Navy robot stealth bomber takes flight

Stephen Gray

I've heard all this before...

All stealth bombers are upgraded with Cyberdyne computers, becoming fully unmanned. Afterwards, they fly with a perfect operational record. The Skynet Funding Bill is passed. The system goes online on August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware 2:14 AM, Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

Open source team creates apocalypse survival kit

Stephen Gray

Power is simple

Diesel generators will run on vegetable oil ( I have run a Merc 190D on veg oil bought at Costco and poured straight into the tank) and petrol generators can run on ethanol (minor teaking required to induction) and both these power sources are sustainable. Perfect for developing countries and of course post apocalypse.

Google explains 'why' ads target user's Gmail

Stephen Gray


I've had my Gmail account since you needed an invite to get one back in the day. I will no longer use it. Problem solved.

.Scot campaign seeks UK Gov backing

Stephen Gray

@ Steen Hive

As far as one can tell the subsidy from other parts of the UK to Scotland is currently at least £22 billion a year. Public spending in England is about £7,500 per person, in Scotland it is more than £9,000. Since the Scottish Parliament was created in 1999, public spending has outstripped tax generated there by 45 per cent.

Google offers opt-out from Wi-Fi router location database

Stephen Gray

Yes just Google

Perhaps my post was a little unclear, my bad. Google has a massive PR machine telling us it's warm and fuzzy and has as part of it's company dogma "Don't be evil". It then employs the same kind of corporate "it's available so why shouldn't we just go ahead and use it" attitude to generating income using my equipment. Google is a corporation, I am an individual. If it wants to make use of Wi-Fi to generate another income stream it should negotiate a deal with other corporate entities who use Wi-Fi routers. Being ethical make business a little harder, not impossible.

Stephen Gray

I still find this totally unbelievable, breathtaking arrogance etc

Who sighed this off at Google? Using my equipment to generate more revenue for Google. Don't be evil. Do me a favour.

Innocent passengers targeted to protest subway agency

Stephen Gray

Did this happen here?

This happened in the US of A right? Phew, I almost gave a shite for a second. I would like to say I find it hilarious that people think they have a "right" to use mobile phones. Retards.