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No Notch niche: Minecraft man in rift with Oculus after Facebook gobble


Ready Player One!

Zuckerberg picking up the Occulus is like a creepy sequel.

The Sixers have discovered time travel and Sorrento (Zuckerberg) has come back to control the Oasis from the get go and forever change its destiny.

I feel sick.

Rev slammed for PAYE failure


Its not a 1.4Billion f@ck-up

The article states that the total loss to the government is £1.4 Billion (tax that they failed to collect) PLUS £3 Billion (tax they collected but should not have and now have to give back) which makes this years HMRC Lottery F@ckUp Jackpot a staggering £4.4Billion.

I do hate it so when British Citizens completely underestimate the HMRC capacity to totally stuff something up and pass the cost onto us.

Ofcom opens debate on Freeview HD DRM to punters


Missing the point!

This is relating to HD content and not XVID repros of analogue broadcasts.

I have on my FreeSat box a copy of the Incredibles in HD from Xmas Day which I have watched with my son a number of times. This movie will be there for the lifetime of that PVR hard disk. Without the DRM (which is currently inplace on this recording) I would be able to move this recording around my network, stick it on my phone, burn it to disk and share with friends, rightly or wrongly. The HD/Bluray version of the Incredibles is not yet available in this country. What happens when this is released, who would buy it if the entire UK was already swamped with HD copies of this film they have just copied off their PVR courtesy of the BBC.

Do you think Hollywood lawyers would sit back and say have this one on us or would they say see you in court BBC and bring your taxpayers wallet with you.

My PVR automatically DRMs HD content but a few of the older ones dont hence why they are looking to apply DRM at source. Putting non-drm HD content onto a hard disk either by IP or by broadcast I think wouldnt make much difference in court, the end result is still the same. Its just the BBC could be held responsible for the broadcast element and who would want that!

Its not just about this though, its about protecting the sales of BBC HD content in other countries. We have paid for the production of these titles so the BBC are looking after our interests in terms of trying to protect their copyright. There is no team of BBC lawyers hunting down freetards across the world in order to recoup our licence fees so they can DRM their little hearts out as far as I am concerned

Conficker seizes city's hospital network


@ Duncan Hothersall

You are still talking from your arse Duncan.

These 'most places that have a policy that only Windows is allowed on the desktops' organisations you talk aren't public sector. I'll stand corrected but I havent found one yet with the balls to state that they only allow windows on their production desktops because in terms of public sector procurement you aren't allowing fair competition and I will include STHT in that. Anything over 50K comes under a European Competitive Tender process which is very picky about how you dismiss tenders you dont want.

These are probably private companies that you talk of and I suspect that your company isn't even one of them cause I'll bet you use a Linux desktop at work just like me. I'll bet your outfit has a smattering of macs also, just like mine and guess what, just like STHT so I doubt that this is the case at all. So where's your Windows-only desktop policy now? Does your outfit have a Windows only desktop policy, Duncan. Of course it doesn't. So shut up you fanny.

I will concede that there are going to be companies that do have this policy but not yours, not mine and not STHT. The real reason why Linux isnt on that desktop in the theatre in STHT is that it still lacks the application development needed for it to be seen to be competing directly with windows. From an application stakeholders point of view the nice-looking but crap windows app will always beat the crap looking but good linux app.

As for the monopoly element you speak of, it has no legs. Even if windows disappeared overnight and we were all left with completely blank servers and desktops, do you really think there is enough diversity in linux applications to fill the void left in each market sector? You know there is not. If there were more development for Linux apps it would be considered more seriously as an alternative which brings me back to my point.

You have illustrated my point perfectly. The amount of effort and lines you have wrtten today would have gone someway towards writing an app for that PC in the theatre at STHT but instead you chose to use it to moan about why Linux isn't where you believe it should be.

I dont want to fight anymore. You either get it or you dont so I will agree to disagree. No hard feelings Duncan, sorry for any offence etc.


@Duncan Hothersall

Duncan what the hell are you on about. Every procurement selection panel I have ever sat on has ALWAYS started with the application and how well it performs the job you want it to based on its selection criteria decided by the application stakeholders. Admittedly there may be a climb down from the primary candidate due to mitigating factors but seriously we work on the best candidate for the job and we do our damned best to ensure that it fits well with what we already have regardless of vendor or OS. This has not stopped us from selecting Open Source vendors when they are designated the best candidate by the stakeholders.

So how does your outfit select software then? The one that 'sort of' does the job? Do you line up the best 5 candidates and choose number 6? Seriously, if your are not using a defined selection criteria for your stakeholders and sticking to it how are you selecting vendors? Please post here as I would love to know.

The one thing that is always predictable in these panels is the utter lack of OpenSource presence compared to Windows offerings but we will always seek to consider them which means we keep an eye on Open Source 'also rans' because given time they will become better. Which if you have read previous posts we have decided to call this situation 'entrenchment' because there is not enough open source apps out there for stakeholders to select from. If there were more open source apps there would be more open source programmers. If there were much more of both then you would be in Microsoft's position. Hence the crux of my original post.

You dont have to convince me of the abilities of Linux as I use it on a daily basis as well as Solaris & Windows and I also predate Windows so I can still remember companies might have 6 different operating systems in use from 6 different vendors and zero interoperability and have no wish to go back down that road.

But like a good little geek I seek to make the best of what is available to me and as the majority of worlds computing power currently hosts Windows (through no fault of my own) you will do well to remember also that this is only the OS du jour. 35 years ago my skills were based in SCO System 5 and Xenix. Currently its in Windows & Linux. In 35 years time Windows may not even exist but that is up to you at the end of the day. Technically I am OS independant, you have to pick up what you are given and make the best of it

I do feel sorry for you because it sounds like you are in a rut where you are and there is nothing more miserable than a geek in a rut. Get out and find a company that will listen to you because I am not. You will feel much happier.

With regards to the rest of your post, aside from your outfits dodgy vendor appointment, the only other point I would like to correct is the bit about Microsofts monopoly. It doesnt have a monopoly. Currently it just has a lack of real competition in certain key sectors. That statement is neither pro MS or anti Linux. Just honest common sense.

You're still a knob though.



I apologise to the group for any offence caused by my language but my attitude stands so go screw yourself. @UBFusion sorry if you do have a beard, wear a tank top or sandals and you 'love' penguins. I was exploiting a stereotype I didnt think existed.

But there is a recurring theme here.

Headline: Poor environmental/management conditions of IT Support causes (specifically) 'mission critical' Windows PC to fail.

This causes outcry that why isnt OpenSource/Linux being used because it is a role that is too important for a windows PC to be relied upon and therefore missing point entirely and going on to make same mistakes again and again.

I am not sticking up for MS or dissing Linux (I use and own a number of OS) but is it too much of a stretch of imaginations to realise that if Linux was the market leader then MS trolls would be creeping out of the woodwork to slate Linux.

Popularity breeds contempt regardless of market leader. If posters think that Linux should be market leader then get off your arse and make it so but if you dont want to do that, at least look for the root cause of the issue which is usually OS independant. As in this case.

In essence lets bury our MS/Linux differences and slag off managers which would be much more on-topic in this case.

Just getting my coat in case we have a load of managers in!


@Duncan Hothersall - And another thing!

Even if Windows never, ever exisited, are you that naive to think that it would be impossible for a 'mission critical' Linux or Solaris machine to be in that Theatre, connected to the Internet and remain unpatched. I think it would be just as likely.

Grow up. You're a knob.


@Duncan Hothersall

I don't what the app was, I don't care what the app was, It doesnt matter what the app was.

What matters is that if there was a Linux version of it that was capable of doing a better job than the one Windows one that was there, then they would be using the Linux one.

Read AC - OR Documentation System is not life threatening. Until people like you get off your arse and FLOOD the market with Linux apps that the market wants then we will always be entrenched in a Windows environment and I will always be biting my lip listening to people like you whining like an eight year old girl. Grow up and get on with it or shut the fuck up.

Paris Hilton

Oh right...here we go again.....

You just cant help yourself can you. You just dont get it!!!!!

If each and every one of you beardy-wierdy, tank-top abusing, sandal wearing, penguin loving freaks of nature wrote as many lines of code for linux apps as you do lines of abuse found here and in other comment areas and blogs then the world would be run completely by linux.

You slag off the fact that there is a windows PC in the theatre. Its not there to run OpenOffice or pick up some fucking email. The reason a windows PC is in there is because the application THEY want to run isn't available in Open Source or Linux. Why isn't it available? Because you usless fuckers are patrolling comment areas and blogs ready to troll windows failures instead of looking to improve Open Source application availability and properly compete in the market.


Paris because even she knows a single opensource app does not fulfill the requirement of an entire market sector.

Judge traps RealDVD in legal limbo


Its all illegal.....everything!

Little known fact that it is illegal to change the published format that copyright materials were originally produced and retailed in.

That is, it is still currently illegal to rip a CD to MP3 and upload to ur iPOD. What a fucking mess.



I have absolute zero sympathy for whingy whiny copyright upholding organisations who do nothing to straighten the law and educate people about what is right and wrong when Apple and Sony encourage people to break the same laws every day.

I hope they all get a serious shafting.

Its no wonder that most people that so many people rip off music from any sources as it is currently illegal to rip it form any source, even if you have bought it.

Skull & Crossbones because the law has made pirates of us all.

Spy chiefs plot £12bn IT spree for comms überdatabase


Its already started....

.....this sounds like the back-end to an out-of-band, deep packet inspection personal data harvester from hell but they dont have one. Funny to announce such a huge backend end database without having a licensed technology to collect personal information and browsing habits without our consent or knowledge.

Wait a minute though, isn't that exactly what BT is currently testing and the Government is desperately trying to convince the EU et al is not illegal even though they would have to rewrite several existing laws and a couple of EU ones to make it legal. Hmmmm, now things begin to make more sense.

There's bound to be an opt-out screen though.....isnt there?

Tux because putting our OS differences aside......we are all screwed equally.

Virgin warns 800 punters for file-sharing


BPI - Bunch of Phooking Idiots?

These guys really get on my box.

As far as I am aware, it is currently illegal under UK law to change the format of CD/Vinyl? album to mp3. That is, if you have bought a Wino CD, it is currently illegal to upload it to your iPOD.


The BPI dont seem to mind you breaking this law as it may mean that you did in fact buy the original. Yet these muppets seem to pick and choose which law they wish upheld and which ones can slide. They sit there whinging like a petulant brat that the cocaine is being stolen from their clients noses and have made zero effort to make a difference in this respect.

In their eyes ISP's are responsible for individuals who break the law on their infrastructure or who are using the ISP's 'product'. Does this mean that the Highways Agency are responsible for individuals who break the law on their infrastructure? No. Does this mean that the motor industry is responsible for individuals who joyride, ram raid shops or use their products in daring robberies? No. Does this mean that Kitchen Devils should share some of the responsiblilty for the recent spate of stabbings? No. In ALL cases it is the Police who are responsible for upholding the law and investigating breaches of it.

I applaude the ISP's who have dug in their heels and told them to f-off. If the BPI want change then they have to change the mess that currently is UK Digital Media copyright legislation yet they are entirely reluctant to do so preferring a back door approach that in the end will accomplish nothing.

Media should be licenced like software, one purchase (not buying it on vinyl and again on CD and again for digital downloads - who do you think we are, idiots?) and if you delete it, lose it or corrupt it then you just download it again for free because YOU HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT IT ONCE!!!

I will change my attitude to this when I see an 'educational correct usuage' letter going out to all of Kitchen Devils customers but until then wipe the crap out of your eyes BPI and stop whining.


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