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iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know

Neil Drinkall


I was looking forward to this, thinking we'd get the same deal as the US - i.e. a 32GB phone for the same price as the old 16GB one.

But do we get that? Do we f**k. We even have to pay MORE for the new 16GB than the old one whereas the lucky Yanks get it for far less.

Now I'm reconsidering whether I should get one or not... well done, Apple. You could've made this the most popular thing in the country if you'd bought the US pricing over here... instead you're turning away countless people.

LG announces European watchphone launch

Neil Drinkall

Knight Rider

Now we can all pretend to be Michael Knight!

British Gas security scare as payments page springs a leak

Neil Drinkall

DD not always suitable

DD is fine, but doesn't always cover your usage, leaving an outstanding amount.

Researchers, spooks favour satnav-based road pricing

Neil Drinkall


.. the concept of the Faraday Cage will become very well known.

Or why need a GPS simulator? Surely any cheap-o device that can kick out noise on the same frequencies would disrupt it sufficiently?

"Damn, my tracker is broken again..."

Hot-air powered railway to harvest energy from cars

Neil Drinkall

Why need the cars?

Surely this could be taken a step further, and it could self-perpetuate the energy, by putting the turbines alongside the rail track instead, and it could use it's OWN wind to power itself!


IBM prepared to break knuckles of low-income students

Neil Drinkall

This is NOT IBM's fault

You can't order $5m worth of stuff and then refuse to pay for it, just because you are an impoverished school.

If you don't have the money, don't order!

Next they'll be refusing to pay their book suppliers.. "but we're really poor and haven't got the money. Surely you can just give it to us for free as a gesture of goodwill."


Midlands police cuff war driving duo

Neil Drinkall

Of course it's stealing

"Unless the two punters they've nicked had sniffed and broken WEP, they weren't stealing in any definable or legal way."

Of course it's stealing - if these people had a download cap on their broadband and someone comes along and downloads gigs of movies, then they are likely to be faced with a large bill for the excess, or find their internet access cut off.

Just because their electronic front door is open doesn't give anyone the right to come in and nick stuff.