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Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple

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How far does the protection go?

If you agree that Psystar is violating the law by running OSX on non Apple hardware, do you then agree that using a Logitech mouse, a Dell monitor, an HP printer are all uses of OSX with non-Apple hardware? Do you think Apple then has the right to perform checks of ALL your hardware and shut down it's product if it finds non-sanctioned equipment? Are you O.K. with the fact that Apple can amend it's EULA at any time and hold you to the new terms without a refund if you then decide you don't like them? Are you also O.K. with the fact that as Joe Consumer, you don't know what the EULA is until you buy the product, get it home, open the box, break the seal that says you agree to the EULA(still, without being presented with the full terms!), and begin installing?!??! At this point you can't take it back to the place where you purchased it, because they won't refund opened software. Like a previous poster said, the EULA can state whatever it wants, but there is no saying it's legally binding until it's challenged. I hope Apple loses this one, as it will set a precedent for all other consumer electronics suppliers. If Apple want's to control their product, they could act as the sole distributor and require a serial number for purchase of upgrades. Many other companies follow that model and nobody gives them press time at all.

Boffins invent 42GB DVD

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Stonger DRM using this?

You obviously wouldn't be able to duplicate this format easily, no more burnable copies, so you could stamp them out and be fairly certain the only way to run the supplied content is to crack the hardware. If the musos wanted to implement it, they could protect the digital copy and only output an analog signal.(or HDCP digital).


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