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Man wrongly detained for 50 days has ISP to thank

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resambles me to two countries

where you are not patriot if you make some questions about how llegal is the ocuppation of an oil producer country...

or the other where the surveillance camera tape gets damaged just when the prosecutor ask for it... the camera that was supposed to have the video of a brazilian guy being shot to death by the police of some english speaking northern country ...

More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill


Hey, that's not Microsoft's fault!

It's one's because one should have the latest computer with full the machine's ram capacity no matter what it costs

Australian court rings to the sound of satisfaction


at least ...

it wasn't male sounds =p

DVD Forum gives three-layer, 51GB HD DVD the thumbs up


Pointless ... unless

the actual readers could read these new disks

SanDisk goes launch-crazy


but when the others

will support it?

University boffins squeeze 500GB onto a DVD


nows only matter the cost

of the player

Metal Gear Solid 4 delayed until 2008?



maybe they are prepairing a 360 or Wii version

... if not, the PS3 is in troubles

George Lucas bitch slaps Spider-Man 3


SpiderMan is and Star Wars is not because

George Lucas said so.

Sun may never set on British Empire's pint


Save the Pint... mhh..

the drink or the meassure?

Sun's chip gurus theorize about obliterating IBM and Intel


Quite old news !!!

Sun posted this info 3 or 4 years ago !

Spanish flag flies over Gibraltar


That's not Spain's

Spain's has a small shield in the middle-left of the yellow strip