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Asus Eee PC 1000HE netbook

Bill Andrus
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@Stuart Halliday

Ah, stuff your built-in (wired in) 3G -- I'm typing this on a 1000HE that's BT to the big I via my AT&T Tilt's wireless/dongleless/cableless tether. Next phone, next carrier, same story -- must have BT 2.x EDR so my work luggable and my Eee stay connected (whenever I run out of free access WiFi)...

Power pack is 36watt, decent AC cord and very long DC cord. Tiny plug.

Pickedup a Samsung USB-powered TruDirect for US$80 last Saturday, comes with pouch similar material to the non-slip grip Eee zipper bag. Yes, the Eee bag has an inside-out wetsuit feel to it.

Tried a TON of current Netbooks at Microcenter, none of them had a decent keyboard. Tried the HEand bought it. BIG difference, and together with the battery life, the determinator.

Cost? Caught the 5 hour daily special at ZipZoomFly for $349 with free shipping (yes, they sold out in 5 hours).

Airline passengers get (VoIP-free) broadband

Bill Andrus

B-but I'm Texting, Honest!!!

My IM (Lotus SameTime Connection) has both Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text (STT) so I can don headset and IM hands-free, which is great 'cuz it also works on my Tilt (!). Advantage over voice is that the history is kept in text form, naturally. Amazingly accurate software, actually. So here comes the VOIP Fuzz down the aisle -- "Sir, are you talking to someone over your WiFi device? Nope, texting with them." Right....


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