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A grim day for browser security at hacker contest



Not to mention chrome? I also dont like the sound of sitting on bugs for 12 months just for the order of a contest... Oh well, these are man made projects

Sky hints at 3D TV launch


Red and Green specs?

Im not too sure about red and green specs, dont they use polarized glasses? they look like light tinted sunglasses. Either way i hope it does come because it means that HD wont be their premium service and so hopefully drop the high price tags and 'HD subscription' charges!!

I embrace this new technology, i embrace all new technology its a step in the right direction instead of nothing!!

Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Bluetooth stereo headphones



Wow at last, just what i was looking for! Hmmm but does it work with my iPhone?!?!

Palin didn't know Africa is a continent, McCain aides say



Its always nice to read something that makes you laugh in the morning, makes the day go faster!

Sun may or may not be about to obliterate Oracle and Microsoft


Funny author!

for a hard read this guy certainly made it enjoyable! thanks you made me laugh, and for a monday morning, trust me you did well!


Telegraph falls to the Tw*t-O-Tron



I’m printing off and framing this i am also gonna get it laminated to my desk!!!! I really thought I was alone thinking this, im 22 and as soon as I convince my girlfriend I’m on my way to Canada! I just feel bad for the rest of my family who either cant afford or are too old to move!

Thanks for training me england!