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T-Mobile not alone in spinning price hikes


I got my money back from O2

I have to say I have never really had any problems with O2, however...

I just rang customer services as last month I was charged almost £20 for calliing 08 numbers, which I believed to be part of my included allowance.

I simply pointed out to them that there was no mention on my contract that 'national rate numbers' where not included in my monthly allowance.

Further to that I also pointed out that if they want to change the T&C's of my contract, they should have informed me in advance about the change.

I also pointed out that the OFFCOM ruling had been interpreted in such a way as to generate extra revenue for them, rather than being in the best interests of the customers as OFFCOM had intended.

Well they have now credited the cost of those calls back to my account.

They would not however be drawn on the intepretation of the OFFCOM statment simply stating that from now on, now I was aware of the change I had to accept the fact that I will be charged for calling 08 numbers.

Thats fine! When my contract comes up for renewal (in 6 weeks) I have the option of moving to another provider that does include 08 in the allowance.

So If you have been charged on a contract predating Sept 07, ask for your money back.

Good Luck!

If they still charge extra for 08 when you contract is up for re-newall Walk away.


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