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Microsoft makes good with a 23-fix Patch Tuesday


Re: Another Big Patch Day, and a Week of Start Up Repair Routines

Perhaps a better option to use would be Mint for a beginner? Either way time to jump outta that freezing cold water that MS is and jump onto the iceberg.....

Walmart offers $2 digital copies of your DVDs


Re: At last!


Again....as a previous poster has accurately stated. You cannot convert a Non-HD source into a true HD output. Up-scaling a lesser quality video is not providing the video in HD. Now if I have a DVD and there is an alternative source which the HD video is being drawn from then that is very much a different story.

Megaupload honcho sprung from slammer (for now)


Re: Re: Let me add some food for thought here...

I can...Why would big labels not be a bit afraid of a music service which is started up by a site which has (Had) the daily volume of visitors which Megaupload did. The cross promotion alone would have been enough to get the new site off to a fantastic start. Let's not forget that new artists are far morel likely to recognize the benefits of direct to consumer (or as close to it as possible) business model. What ever they can do to maintain the rights to their own music catalog is a big win. All it would take is ONE song to go crazy and BAM! They make a small fortune.


Re: Re: "new evidence"?

I would assume that the new evidence was the FBI severely underestimated the amount of legitimate business he had. Since they shut down the site there are probably a multitude of lawsuits pending. All of which I hope the NZ native forwards the legal bill to the FBI.

iPad spanks Galaxy Tab in its own backyard


@Jim Coleman

the iPAD touch keyboard is just to damn small for me to type comfortably. I have several friends of mine who are Apple crazy and they have sold off their Tablets due to that same fact.

I am also not a huge fan of being told what I can and cannot do with devices I own. If i'd like to select a different mail client then great, if not then I am left suffering with the often bland defaults. Alternatively if I wish to build or have built a custom app for my business I'd rather do it for an open platform which does not pick and chose what they feel is appropriate from a content perspective. I see it as a completely different matter if infected content is pulled (viruses, trojans etc.).

Music fans not welcome in RIAA-backed .music


Ok so let's make...

A deal. The RIAA and all of their idiot followers cna have .music domain but only if they have to let go of all other affiliated domains as well.

Now that is all settled....let's all block the .music domain....Ahh the sweet sound of silence.

Google pushes your buttons in its top strip bar - AGAIN


I couldn't agree more!

So I have no real way of cleanly searching video!?!? That was the one thing which Google had going for itself. They still indexed other sites and cleanly displayed relevant video options across the web. If this new video search is not reversed it could mean I change search engines out of spite....Also does this change not smell like a law suit? The video search is not a video search it is a youtube search thus being misrepresented.

Google Wallet falls open after casual hack



I can only think of one explanation. This oversight had to be a known issue to the Google team. This must have been a security risk sign off to get this product to market. There is far to much security focus at the chocolate Factory so this would of come up in conversation...I am certain of it. at the end of the day some Mods and fixes will make this a good product again. So I am disappointed that this was let into market in its current state.

Obama refuses to respond to MPAA bribery claim petition


Why...oh why...

Do the American people pigeon-hole themselves between two political parties. Why not shift your collective support to some of the independents. Obama is a retard. Romney is well he is breathing I really have nothing good to say about his political ability. So the only logical option for me would be to look at some of the independents...You want positive change...find a politician who will implement the peoples vision not that of corporate interests or that of the entertainment industry. I promise you you will not find that person in either Obama or Romney.

the Penguin because the techies realized long-ago that limiting yourself to what others thought you should do was the wrong approach to innovation and success.

Twitter cosies up to governments with country-level filters


ohhh Snap....

The twits begin to hate twitter....LOL

Google lets youngsters in to Google+. Officially, that is



What did you expect Google to do with its own search pages. IF Facebook made it easier and didn't force Google and others to 'Negotiate' indexing and in turn searching results on a semi-regular basis then I'd agree with the intent and tone of this article. Which is clearly that Google is 'Abusing' its search and thus screwing its competition. I tend to disagree. Path of least resistance will always win.

Ten... IPTV set-top boxes


Where and why is the Google TV not mentioned? I don't recall seeing LG either.

McDonald's punters offered sex in exchange for Chicken McNuggets



I doubt she has chicken legs eating McNuggets (among other things at McDonald's). I'd say more likely to have thunder thighs than chicken legs.

Namesco spits out phishy warning after credit card info leak



We Gonna let you know that we've been hacked and make the email look like a phishing scam...YEEEEEHAW!

A face-palm if I've ever heard one.

India threatens to block Google, Facebook and chums



the first example which was given was fake nude photos of politicians. I will not pretend to know Indian laws. I am not sure if that sort of imagery or manipulation is illegal. If it is then it is not offensive content it is ILLEGAL content and as such should be remove on that premise and that premise alone.

The other content mentioned was anti-religion or religious parodies. Again...if that type of content is ILLEGAL then remove it on that premise and that premise alone. Just because a group of people find that offensive is no reason to remove it, their is obviously another group who don't. So if I find that religion in general is offensive (but not illegal) should I then be allowed to have all religious content removed? (the answer is no) opinions and beliefs are just that so if the government chooses to censor content to try and push or lean the general population in a certain direction then call a duck a duck (that last comment didn't offend anyone did it?).


I agree...

Personally I think if that type of content is such a big deal then the current government should make it illegal. If that type of content is NOT illegal and the government does not want to make it so then shut up about it. The best way to fight alternative or opposite opinions is by encouraging free speech. Censorship is never the answer.

EPIC asks FTC to probe Google's search biz tweak


I am trying to understand this....

My search results will only show my circles information if I am logged into my Google account prior to entering the search phrase. If I search and I am NOT logged in, my search results will only display those results which are set to be publicly view-able....Am I missing something here? or have I misinterpreted what I have read about what Google is doing here?. If I haven't then frankly I would expect a technology company specializing in ads...err.. search to display all results relative to my search phrase period. This is the same thing Google did with Facebook and I for one hope will continue to do this in the future.

Bit-part actress slings sueball at IMDb over age gripe



She might not even have a case...2006 & 2007 were her busiest years from what I can tell. In 2008-2010 it did slow down for her but certainly wasn't horrible. She has clearly picked back up in 2011. So if her case is that she has fewer roles just simply based on her age being posted I think will be an uphill battle in court. Considering she has never really been a top tier choice for TV or film it is reasonable assumption that when money is tighter (like it is now) someone in her position would receive fewer roles.

I will give her credit for trying to find a way to boost her career though,

Microsoft celebrates the death of IE6


This might be true...

But at the end of the day the new guy/gal should have the chops to put together a long term plan. IE6 has been on a steady decline now for YEARS this story was not news to me. Planning for these types of major system changes is why a Manager is supposed to be a strategic thinker and also why they are supposed to be paid more than their employees. If the new leader of that team has failed to see the shift in Technology then I think it is time they walk the plank.

Pirate flag because it just felt right with all of this talk about Mutiny, Death and walking the plank...now if only there was a bottle of Rum.

Chrome is the most secured browser - new study


I agree...

The one disappointment for me was that Safari was not on the list. I believe the point was to show the most commonly used browsers. Safari IS on that list. I agree that if the point of the study was to showcase security then it would not of hurt the researchers if they added Opera. There are some pretty rabid Opera fans out there who insist that it is the most secure. Which is fine and great but it is one of those things where if no one tests it how can it be proven. To bad Opera didn't join in the party and have their browser tested.

Round 2...Fight?

Teacher investigated over mysluttyteacher smut site



Those same tools that whine oh...What about the children are probably the same ones who went to the site to 'Verify' its contents on their family computer. Let's hope Little Johnny & Jenny don't know how to look through browsing history.

Teacher didn't show pr0n to kids. Slap on the wrist for doing something stupid on a work machine. So how bout that football game?

Google will ignore your Wi-Fi router ... if you rename it


And why is that?

The whole concept is to make mapping data for you easier. Sure there is a ton of other data which can be extrapolated but at the end of the day does the fact that they have acquired your locational information matter at all?

Opting out is a great alternative and is one which can be automated via a name change. If you're that paranoid then append the _nomap to your SSID and go nuts. For me I'd rather have a service that functions seamlessly and remain financially free to use and have a minimal cost of usage data.

Apple expels serial hacker for publishing iPhone exploit


perhaps I was wrong...

Maybe the Jobs ignorance will live on after his death....what a shame.

Apple was OK to fire man for private Facebook comments



That is exactly the point here. He set the privacy settings to private, or at least restricted it to a small group of friends. This is at least the scenario which this article states.

Frankly speaking your mind so long as it is factual and not just a load of crap should be included as nothing more than free speech.

Anonymous threatens Mexican drug cartel


Good for them

Look at what these animals have done. (No I am not referring to anon) It has come to a point where it clearly looks like that authorities in Mexico aren't capable of policing their own country. If I was the USA (nudge nudge Obama) I'd be a little bit more concerned about what is going on down south. I hope Anon releases the detail of these guys. What they need to do is also release a data dump of their operations.

Anonymous shuts down hidden child abuse hub




you really want to take your response down that road...

1st the prosecutor will merely need to get a technical forensics team in and have the servers analyzed to prove that no data was actually modified.

2nd Just because this TOR hosting service has been compromised doesn't mean that there aren't others. Let's get real many of these TOR services have been around for AGES! If the war on child porn was really that high of a priority then we would have seen more action against these types of sites.

The fact of the matter is if the authorities are not able to build a strong enough case against a hosted site or their users they are bound by the laws and red tape of their profession. That is where a random collective like Anon is different they are not bound by those same limitations but do run the risk of prosecution if caught.

Smut oglers told to opt in to keep web filth flowing


Here's a solution

PARENT YOUR GDAMN kids. Any idiot who lets their kids wild on the net is just asking for their kids to see crap. Watch what your kids are doing and perhaps spend some quality time with them. You might find that they will end up seeing EXACTLY what they should be seeing and little to nothing of what they shouldn't be seeing.


If you let your 4 year old niece wild on the wonky web...your one hell of a retarded Uncle.


beat me to it

I couldn't agree more.

HideMyAss defends role in LulzSec hack arrest



@Aaron Em

my suggestion would be to turn on logging for a specific case when and only when a customer calls/ raises an issue. This way the customer will then need to re-create the problem (which you would want to test anyways) and if it can be re-created then you will have THAT session logged but no others. This is also an opportunity to directly inform that customer that the session which will be used for testing will be logged and then fall subject to UK law etc etc.

MPs label police IT 'not fit for purpose'


I can see it now....

Old street cop bouncing down the street with a coffee in hand: Y-----M----C----A

Drinking alcohol wards off asthma


Been saying this for years

Alcohol and other drugs should not in any way be deemed illegal or be shunned by governments in an effort to save money in the healthcare system. Instead the governments should be introducing regulations surrounding them and putting some of the revenues from those drugs/ substances back into the healthcare system.

Skype for iPhone makes stealing address books a snap


I agree yet I don't

IN Apple's world Apple is king. So when Apple rejects an app because they don't like its content then that is accepted. Now just because Skype is a respected app doesn't mean that Apple cannot remove the infected app from its store to protect its users from downloading an app which they know to be an issue. So although ultimately this is Microsoft's issue to fix Apple has done nothing to mitigate or bridge the gap.

Samsung preps anti-iPhone 5 lawsuit before it's even out



Are you for real? Apple issues a stop of sales for the Galaxy tab in AU as well as issues law suits in several other countries, all patent related. If I am not mistaken HTC and another Android manufacturer are also under the gun. Google passed along some of its newly acquired patents to 'assist' its partners in fighting Apple and they have launched counter suits. If we have taken anything from this it should be that patents are being abused.

Google offers opt-out from Wi-Fi router location database


Reading is a Good Think...

...to Bad Little Poppet didn't bother to read the comment and understand it prior to jumping on the Google is a POS train. We already know that Apple has and did use very similar information on the Apple IOS devices. This sort of thing is not new. It is not like Google is the first to introduce this to market. They are one of many who are using this (which was AC's point). For now they are the first that seem to be pretty honest about the fact that it exists and are giving you options to control portions of it. If you wanted to debate the fact that this exists at all...that is a very different discussion.

Hacker defaces Irish Catholic paper: 'Gotta love false hope'



I'm thinking it was a multi-site D6 install likely without the patches up-to-date.

Google feeds patents to HTC for assault on Apple




Most of what you've said thus far I have agreed with with the exception of this incumbent comment. You must vote with a purpose not just blindly. By merely voting against the incumbents it may not yield change. Even if it does yield change it may not yield the type of change you wanted. The only real way to initiate major change is to attempt to rally enough of the general population to shout the same message and agree on their demands. The point will come where it becomes detrimental to any of the politicians running not to listen. One can also argue that this is part of the flaw in the current government. The peoples politician is voted by a simple majority but what if a candidate which the people want does not exist and therefore the majority of the population doesn't vote...

Inside 'Operation Black Tulip': DigiNotar hack analysed


There is no passwords hacked

IF what I am reading is correct there are no passwords being hacked here. The issue is unfortunately much much worse. The hacker is able to act as a middle man and with a legit SSL cert appear can easily act as a middle man and look completely legit. Changing your password won't make a difference. It's sad that such organizations are able to pick up exactly where they left off. The only real solution I can think of is to use a tool like convergence (I think that's the name) where the cert your using will be validated against a cert organization of you choosing and not by the site itself. Even then I am not sure this would completely solve this type of attack.

Apple after Steve Jobs is still Steve Jobs' Apple


RE:re: Apple will slip someday, but it won't be because it lost its infallible leader. → #

"t can take a fair time for the impact of change in a companies leader to become apparent, especially a company doing really well as the momentum will keep them on track for a long way without any input from leader.

It is normally the decisions the Leaders make today that impact future products that will drive the company up/down and we won't know the impact "

I would normally agree. This statement would usually apply in most industries where the premise for their design does not completely change from one product to another. When you look at iPad2 or even new models within the MAC/Apple line-up I am certain that with Jobs style of product dev (small team which always included himself) he was a major voice in that design. With his type A personality and true vision (I don't even like Apple's products and I can recognize that). Eventually when the next project gets announced within Apple and Steve is not on that design team there will likely be elements which are left out or just not thought of. The biggest fail for Apple will likely be that they don't change enough in there future products from the older ones and consumers will start to call it out. I think a great example of missed vision is poorly executed transition is Microsoft.

Scotland Yard Four cleared - on phone-hacking


Well done...

"I seem to be confused; the title says 'Cleared', and this will no doubt be the word used by many in the media.

But as I read through it; it seems more likely that the investigation has been ended because these people have pre-emptively resigned and therefore the IPCC can take a position that it has no authority to investigate further.

It is manifestly deciding not to pursue certain lines of inquiry which may lead to real evidence against them on this basis.. And is saying the any further investigation must be done by the government inquiry (how convenient; pass "

Well said. I was going to say something very similar.

Popular Android modder takes job with Samsung Mobile


Nailed it

"He'll make Samsung's version better, I doubt any of these improvements will be sent back to Google to improve the base OS.

That's the whole problem with Android OEMs, it's all about what they can get, not what they can give back"

You've nailed it for me with that comment. The best way to continue to make Android the most relevant OS on the Market is to have all manufacturers contribute back to the baseOS whilst being given credit for their contributions. This will not only allow for a much cleaner installation as well as faster updates but it should also allow for the OS to grow better faster.

IT admin cops to crippling ex-employer's network


How does that saying go....

Oh yes...now I remember...."Cash is King.." a shame this guy didn't remember that.

Google plus Google Plus: You give us info, we sell it!


well said

Andrew Jones 2 has made a great point. The difference is basically as simple as Facebook which allowed old apps to access and extract profile data without permission vs. Google which from all accounts thus far is allowing advertisers to target ads far more easily and at a much more granular level. The difference being that your personal details never leave their intended repository with the G+ model.


I hope...

1. That I can chose to filter out Social media form those search results

2. That Google wakes up and smells the 1's & 0's. An online identity is just as good as an offline one. So long as that online identity uses the Google account who cares.

Google Wallet left on margins by ISIS tap-pay hookup


Do you have a flag....err Logo?

Why on earth would these other payment processors sign up to a service which has no hardware on the market? Something tells me this article is missing a few details.

STUDENTS EXPOSED in university IT blunder


Only a minor infraction?

And the people of the world wonder why groups like Anonymous and Lulzsec are out there. Who is the ICO to decide what is minor or not. How is this decision going to send a message to others and this University to smarten up and stop being so nonchalant with individuals information? Sure these kids might have had some of this information and more on Facebook but they at least had control over when and where they posted it. If they felt it was being abused they could subsequently remove it.

Google: Go public on Profiles or we'll delete you


Re: Said it before...say it again...

There is a wonderful presentation about Google and how it tracks you by Marlinspike I believe. One of the main topics of that presentation is that there are certain social implications of NOT participating in these common social technology driven systems. When the majority of those around you are using a service like Facebook and key social events live and grow from within Facebook such as Social Gathering Invites and communications it becomes much more than just dealing with the consequences of having your personal details potentially exposed. By not participating you run the risk of segregating yourself socially from what is arguably a very large number of people.

So it is not really a matter of stupidity it boils down to a willingness to comply rather than question for their own personal gain the fastest.

Sony shuts down site to investigate possible hack



Although I don't disagree fully with the premise of your comment that Sony's core sites have not been re-breached it doesn't change the fact that after say the 3rd or 4th site which was breached that Sony has done nothing internally to re-secure or better yet take down old marketing sites which store data in an insecure manor. Its Just freakin' common sense. Its almost like Sony's hired the kids who didn't figure out not to touch the stove burned after the first time they burned themselves.


@Steve Gill

That will never happen until the fines and fallout from data breaches exceeds the profit made from not incorporating/ investing in proper security. Its sad but its the truth. Sony will instead turn to its marketing & R&D division, release a new game or console and plaster the ads on TV networks and begin the push forward to make even more money (sorry Shareholder value) and ignore the problem. That is unless the US government, Canadian government, Japanese government and/or others decide to make an example of Sony and then proceed to change the way they treat ignorant corporations.

Gates defends Ballmer's Skype gamble



very well said.



What about GTalk, gmail and Google apps? All thee have been integrated for years and in the past year Google Voice has been added to Gtalk. So again....How can Google not compete? Now I will be realistic and say Google apps needs to catch up quickly to Ms Office to be taken seriously but the natural integration from day one with editing a document and chat and collaboration from within Google has been stellar. MS is wanting to offer a similar service to Google with their acquisition of Skype. I can also see it playing a major role in MS Lync. Now if Google was smart they'd acquire Maestro Conferencing and really start competing on web/video conferencing on a larger scale. It is a great little start-up and has some big potential.