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Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 eight-megapixel cameraphone

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Great phone, annoying butons

I've had a C905 for a few months and am quite happy with it. It takes great pictures in all sorts of conditions and the connectivity options are great (even if they do suck battery life!). Only issue I have so far is a couple of the buttons have lost their 'click' so need to be pressed quite hard to function - annoying when texting.

My name really is Ivan O'Toole, admits Ivan O'Toole

Paris Hilton

Job & Title

My parents accountant was A. Swindler. They mentioned asked why he didn't use his first name. It was Adam...

EA preps video game PCs

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Works for me

My PC is in need of an upgrade to play the latest all singing and dancing games but after years of building my own machines I 'd like something that will just *work*! I can always add to it at a later date - overall it looks like a great idea!

US hackette ponders jub-powered iPod


What was the story about again?

All I saw were boobies....

eBay Terror Ambulances of DEATH menace UK - top cops


For Sale

One ambulance, 1977 Ford Transit, converted to camper, recent respray (mauve), some Mot & tax,130,000 miles, 15 previous owners, beat the rush and buy now!