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Web 0.2 archivists save Geocities from deletion


Anyone asked Yahoo?

People should just ask yahoo to make a tar.gz file and send it to internet archive, or post it on the pirate bay...

It should be kept somewhere, even though most content is junk... it's a big part of history now...

Eircom to block Pirate Bay


Industrial Revolution

Perhaps people and especially the music industry should read about the "industrial revolution". There's actually a very good article on Wikipedia about it.

Lots of miners and workers were left without jobs when steam power was invented and introduced. Lots of peasants were no longer needed when machines replaced them when time came to gather crops off the field and make ballots of hay.

Lots of textile workers lost their jobs when automated machines replaced them doing the job hundreds of times faster.

Heck, even the printing industry was revolutionized when machines were invented to do typography much faster than a normal people could have done before.

All of these industries above fought and influenced governments to make laws to protect them but in the end they all died, but people simply got other jobs and went with the new times.

Maybe it's the time for the music industry to leave their own (and profitable) business model and adapt with the new times, the revolution will happen in the end with or without them.

Hydrogen motoring too heavy for pundit



we're going to run out of petroleum, sooner or later. so we're going to have to change something.

we did not want north sea gas, it would only last a few years, so why change from town gas ? but we did because some one said lets do it.

Same can be said for mercury, once upon a time we used to use it allover the place, now if I break a mercury thermometer I have to evacuate the lab. Just because some one decided so.

-- end quote--

We're going to run out of oil in 20-50 years

So let's make electric cars and power them by electricity ... Oh wait, electricity is made by coal and oils and coals will run out in about 100-200 years and they can't be regenerated...

So what's left... well we have nuclear power but that nuclear fuel will only last for a short time, there's not enough out there... and then there's the sun which is always there above your head.

So I guess we need to use the sun better but the current solar cells use some rare metals which are not in unlimited supply so we have to research alternative ways of getting sun energy... I don't know, maybe thinking of some genetic mutations on plants to replicate somehow the photosynthesis process to our advantage?

Also probably the best bet would be to get people used to smaller cars, and make them lighter therefore easier to drive with less fuel... the only reason for cars being heavy and chunky now is for protection purposes but let's make cars drive themselves and prevent accidents this way and we'll be able to have lighter and simpler cars.

AMD Radeon HD 4850 and 4870

Thumb Up

Sapphire 4850

I actually bought a Sapphire 4850 a week ago and noticed the temperature rising quickly to 80 degrees Celsius and staying there.

The card can't actually blamed for this because it's by design: the cooler sits at 16% (~1300rpm) of its maximum speed and the maximum I saw it rising to was 27%, under high load and benchmarks.

When running benchmarks, the temperature rises to a maximum of 88 degrees. At about 85 degrees, the cooler increases speed to about 22%, at 88 rises to 27%, then as soon as the temperature goes down to 75-86 it lowers its speed acordingly.

When idle, the card sets its clocks to 500Mhz core and 750Mhz memory (from 625/993).

In an Antec Three Hundred case, I placed a 120mm Antec Tricool cooler, set at the lowest speed (1200rpm) on the side panel, which is conveniently right over the PCIe slots. With this change, the card idles at 61 degrees Celsius, so it's all good.

My main limitation now is actually the processor, a D805 at 2.66Ghz and the 2 Ghz memory at 667Mhz. In 3D Mark 2006 the card has about 5700 points, and in games it's clearly limited by the CPU (I can play at 1280x960 with highest settings and everything works fine).

North Carolina targets WTF licence plates



Just a few days ago i saw a guy on TV in my country who refused to use a leased car because the leasing company gave him the number x-xx-GAY.

It's not the leasing company's fault because the numbers are generated randomly but the twist is the office that issues plates in my country wants 200$ to change the plate. Considering average monthly income here is 350-400$, it's a lot.

The same tv broadcast showed plates like SUG (suck in english) and FAG (which in my country can mean a tree or you know what in english)...