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Firefox nabs 30 million users in eight weeks


Windows 7...

...was still released with IE utterly embedded in the operating system, and a lot of the less tech savvy users, for example people that will be using Win 7 on their first PC, won't know that there are alternative browsers out there.

In my opinion, users should click their internet link for the first time and be offered a list of browsers to use as their default, loosening M$'s hold on the market. Let's face it though, this will never happen.

GTA maker coughs up $20m for 'hot coffee' sex


What a joke

People will sue over anything nowadays.

This is how the "court case" should have gone:

"Was this crappy pixelated sex scene accessible in the retail copy of the game?"


"Case closed. Get the hell out of my court"

What a farse.

Google polishes Chrome into netbook OS


If it's based on a web browser...

...will it run all the things apache does? Can i write an application in PHP and run it without hosting it on an apache server or something? or am i getting completely the wrong end of the stick?

G1 app stops drivers from texting

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What if you're the passenger? I'm with Jon, it's another nonsensical app that will fall on it's face.

Granite Jesus, blessed be thy gneiss

Paris Hilton

Blind faith or blinding faith?

"If you squint and tilt you head slightly to the right..."

Anything can look like anything if your imagination is vivid enough.

Believe whatever you want, but i reckon the people that fully believe that the second coming is right here in a lump of granite need to get out more.

I wanna know what Paris can see in that big chunk of rock... I bet she sees the penis too..

Grand Theft Auto reportedly inspires teen rampage

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I'm With Steven R...

Just tase 'em, bro. Anyone who can't distinguish between reality and video games is either 3 years old, or retarded, And blaming a video game for going out and mugging/beating people is the most ridiculous excuse ever. If anything, i turn to video games to release a little tension. UT/GTA are amazing for creating destruction in a fantasy world that you simply wouldnt do in real life.

The parents should never have given the kids access to the games, but lets face it, GTA is so big that you can't escape it. If they didnt have the game themselves, someone they know will have it.