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Thieves lift hives as UK bee numbers drop



Disappointed to see that DEFRA's report has the filename "plan.pdf".

I would have called it "PlanB"...

Canon PowerShot SX200 IS compact camera


Wrong battery type

If this is meant to be a camera for travelling, then it should take AA batteries, easily available world-wide. As it is, if your fancy custom lithium battery dies, or the internal charging circuit, or the charger/power adaptor (which is yet another thing to lug round), then you're stuffed.

Fujifilm FinePix S100 FS digital camera



Surely the S100FS is 1Kg *with* its great big zoom lens, wheras the Nikon is 530g *without* a lens attached? It'll be the glass that contributes most of the weight.

S100FS is far too expensive though. S9600 has most of the features, but half the price - a much better value proposition.

Microsoft slashes Visual Studio prices for 2010 sign-ups

Thumb Down

How about just not ripping off UK customers?

I'd be rather more interested in a fair price in the UK to start with - current prices for Visual Studio Standard 2008 are 249.99USD on Amazon.com, and 256.48GBP (=400USD) on Amazon.co.uk.

Stuff your miserly 33%, and stop screwing us to the tune of nearly 100%.

And don't give us any crap about tax differences or translation costs either, the differential is way greater than either of those excuses can account for.

Gordo's DNA database claims branded 'ridiculous'


Why stop there?

So why not just follow this through to its logical conclusion and lock up everybody? No more crime of any kind...


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