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Ingram sore over Belgian warehouse burglary


@Ingram Wording...

So if I have this right, in Belgian law the moment I buy something that turns out to be stolen, I am guilty. And Ingram Micro wants me to buy a PC, check the serial number, find out that it is stolen, and promptly tell them so they can have the police come and arrest me.

yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeesssssss, not finding that too attractive as an option, I have to say. Presumably very few people in Belgium report having inadvertently bought something stolen, unless they actually like prison food. Maybe that's why Ingram think they have to shout at them.

Does this jacket look stolen to you???

Browncasting: Why can't Downing Street do digital?


There is also a petition urging Gordon to NOT resign

total signatures?

4 :-))

Online democracy in action!

Army officer tossed laptops into the sea


I thought...

the standard method of disposing of kit with sensitive information on it was to leave it on a train. If the trains aren't running I believe leaving it on the front seat of a car in a pub car park is also acceptable.

Oh, hang on. It says it's a personal laptop. In that case I suppose he can dispose of it how he likes, though I think there are rules about polluting the Channel that may come into play. Personally I go for the "remove HDD and apply hammer repeatedly" method of data destruction. Once it's in about 50 bits sweep them up, throw half in the bin this week and keep the other half for next week. Let's see an identity thief reassemble that lot and read the data!

...mine is the one with some bits of scrap disk drive in the pocket

Pudsey Bear refused UK passport



so to award a passport would bring the IPS into disrepute? yes, I suppose doing what you are paid to do and giving a passport to someone who has quite legally changed their name would be outrageous for a branch of the civil service. And as for there pathetic attempt to say that they are doing this for Mrs. Bear's own good ("you may have problems getting into some countries"), yes, having no passport will make it MUCH easier to get into places. Pudsey Bear is only known in the UK anyway - what is the chance of, say a US official a) having heard of Pudsey, and b) having the nerve to raise it? There is a US citizen whose given name is Lemonjello. I bet Fifi Trixibelle has no trouble at borders. Typical government twaddle.

BTW, what is the IT angle?

Go, Brown, go!



Great idea for a petition. Somewhat brave of No 10 to let it onto the site, too. But, to sign it I have to give me name, address, postcode, email address...

So let's try it and wait for the boys in blue with no shoulder IDs, using anti-terrorism laws no doubt, to come calling, put people on the DNA register, watch list for airports, etc.

Mine'll be the one with planted evidence in the pockets.

Brit nuke subs exposed on Google Earth



what exactly would be the point of attacking faslane anyway? "we've blown up some buildings that contain spares for a sub." Wow, big deal. The subs at se are the useful ones, and no-one knows where they are until the crash into a French equivalent. And I really don't think they leave nuke warheads lying around in sheds that you can see on Google Earth. 25meters down, under stell and concrete, maybe. But you'd have to hit that with a bit more than a truck-mounted mortar to make an impression.

Mine's the one with the quality newspaper in the pocket

UK kiddies cop a righteous tasering

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One problem here is that "children" means under 18. So, no distinction between a 17 years, 360 days old gang member in an inner city, pulling an Uzi on a cop who just surprised him breaking into a car, and a 10 year old who just ran up to a cop and said "bum" because his mates dared him to.

Personally I don't think "child" should apply to someone old enough to marry, drive, join the army...

Wanted: £160k-a-year Twittercrat



I think jams are what used to be called brainstorming, until the PC brigade banned that word as derogatory (never understood that, as brainstorming was supposed to be a good thing...)

Now, of course, you can jam collaboratively...

so, does it catually say in the job description "must be fluent in both accepted and rare techno-jargon"?

Google smears Chrome on 'sacred' home page

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does it matter?

3 words

Burned by Chrome - Fire put out


not actually evil...

but very very naughty! Ah well, at least that simplifies my decision on whether to use Chrome or not....


mine's the coat with the half written novel in the pock....hang on, Google nicked it!!!

Privacy watchdog hoists Google by its own petard

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@ Hoisted Gates And Dud Bills

dude, think about it! the bomber accidentally gets very hoist against the tunnel roof when the petard goes off. If the damn thing is used correctly it doesn't just lift the gates, it blows the things to bits. As a pedant you should know better! Where in the quote does it say "the gate was hoist a bit and then fell down again". Time to stop digging - the whole you've put yourself in is quite deep enough!

HMRC disc losers still getting paid



...they lost the can and are just carrying the sack of money?

mines the one with the bundle of used tenners in the pocket

Gordo's DNA database claims branded 'ridiculous'


Gordo's statistics ridiculous?? Surely not!

So after all the "no more spin" promises, now he says 114 murderers who don't even exist would have got away? How exactly does a hypothetical murderer get away? Are the victims hypothetical too? So are they really getting away with anything?

I'm going to try something like this on my next tax return.

"If I hadn't spent £5,000 on beer then the brewers would have made hypothetically £2,000 less profit and of that we esimate that the treasury would have made £800 in coprporation tax that would otherwise have walked away scot free. So I want £800 tax back please."

It might work...