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Wireless browsers shut out of the Olympics

Gates Horns


You can watch iPlayer without paying a license fee here, but if their "judge, jury and executioner" like IP locator remotely suspects they could be missing out on selling you one of their international paid stations, you don't get access.

@Jolyon - Then how would us poor freetards get access? According to the BBC's own website, you don't need a license to receive non-live programming

@Kenny Swan - You pay your license to receive live TV while in the UK. Nothing more.

@RW - Couldn't agree more, the IOC are just looking after their own financial interests.

Evil gates, because he knows all about financial interests.

Grand Theft Auto reportedly inspires teen rampage

Jobs Halo

Grand Theft Auto

Was never mentioned

I don't know about anyone else but if I wanted to go on a mindless rampage based on GTA4 I'd nick a car and drive stupidly fast with a mate whacking whatever (or whoever) went by the passenger side window.

Jobs, cos he obviously never plays games, being a mac user