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Exploding mobile phone kills Chinese man

le jono


Im pretty sure it was some sorta foreign device.

China are getting on everyones nerves these days

hoodwinking every nation with there navy


Cows can't detect earthquakes: Official

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the passion of the christ

I have a friend who runs a dairy farm and I myself do numerous tests on his livestock.

Usually I run at them with some sort of weapon, but I think they just run away because I am running at them in a threating manner

Mom stole daughter's ID to shake pom-poms

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34? disgusting

What the hell?

Reminds me of that episode of peep show, where mark steals some history education

ha brilliant

Doctor Who fans told to lay off Hamlet

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Type cast

I was under the impression Patrick Stewart would be remember more for his shakesphere work.

He does have a shiny head though

NZ judge saves girl from bloody silly name

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Something else thats stupid

I knew a girl once, whose boyfriend had changed his name to Megatron

A sad day for all.

Cannibal's legal objection hamstrings German horror film

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I don't understand. A humans rights should be taken away if they themselves has taken the life of another human.

Thats my view anyway but who cares cause I dont vote ;)

Torvalds brands Digg users 'W*nking Walruses'

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Gates Horns

I seems

That he has put alot of thought into that insult. "Wanking Walrus" brilliant, he probably thought it sounded good as a song title

Oz Anglicans embrace Darth Vader

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Gates Horns

I love this

How the sci-fi world and the religious world have come together.


Pope apologises for Apple's MobileMe sins

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Gates Horns

I just

love the picture...

Google's Street View spycar clocked in London

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Oh no

God dam you google!

You'll be the death of us all

North Carolina targets WTF licence plates

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This is stupid

Disgusting behaviour.

BT starts threatening music downloaders with internet cut-off

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Bt you have failed us for the last time

I work for BT, I know how bad they are. Their systems are old and out of date and customers details really aren't taken full care of.

Granite Jesus, blessed be thy gneiss

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Where is...

His face, he must have a face.