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Mars suitable for growing asparagus

Gerard O'Neill

Why the obsession with destruction of property?

Since one stone age tribe went over the hill and wiped out their neighbour to get the territory, we've blundered on regardless of consequences. Let's stop the destruction here and now. NO MORE!

Nostradamus said that after the era called Armageddon, humanity would live among the stars and that's what we should be aiming at.

Just beyond Mars is a ring of minerals. A rough guesstimate, is around one and a half to two Earth sized planets worth.

Orbiting Jupiter is a snow ball half the size of the moon.

Using this material to construct a ring-world that encircles the Sun halfway between Earth and Mars and being five kilometers (int.) diameter, would provide enough comfortable living space for the next several hundred years, if not a lot more. We travel to other systems using this method of colonisation and the definite probability of extinction because we INVADED the wrong system is extinguished. We become the best new neighbours and are embraced.