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Sony X-Series Walkman



With you on this one although the FF/REW functions are duplicated in the green track progress bar that runs along the bottom of the playscreen. Drag your finger right or left on it to get to the point in the recording you want, the time elapsed display also changes as to where you are in the track to let you know where you are. Its now way quicker than having to keep your finger on the button but gapless would still be nice.



"Also, we were shocked to discover we had to physically enter ‘http://’ at the beginning of a URL – it was like something out of the nineties."

Whilst agree with the majority of the review & yes the browser is a bit poor, the above statement is just not true.

There is a dedicated URL button on the keypad that activates (surprise surprise) the URL predictive text function. This then offers 'http://www.' & a whole host of other web based extensions in far fewer key strokes than tapping out the whole thing.

Predictive text will also remember new words inputted to is memory, so after a few days of use web log on names / @xxxxxx's for Twitter etc will become much quicker to input. Passwords however are not remembered by the device on any site I have come accross so far.

Browsing the mobile web is fine, as admittedly the screen really is too small for rich pages to display properly but hey - its a WALKMAN! music is its game & that cannot be faulted, it sounds fantastic & also allows for the fastest /easiest access to a large music collection that I have ever come across thanks to the touch screen.

The podcast function that will download the latest audio/video feeds from your favorite sites (RSS based) is also most useful & can even be done without hooking up to a PC. As is the ability to play iplayer downloads (the ones optimised for mobile use).

All said and done Im very happy with mine, Here's hoping that Sony will see fit to provide firmware / device updates as time goes on to address the browser issues, but out of the box it is still a very good device worthy of more than an 80% score imo sonyfanboi opinion.

Microsoft announces Zune HD

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Sound Quality

What Bad Beaver said, although this does all hinge on using headphones that arent white and cost more than 10p.

I use EX71's too fwiw, nice bass & being the ear plug type, doesn't force the person sitting next to you to listen to your tinny residue.

Apple Schmucki to sue over fake iPods


Brace yourself...

I'd wager the bundled headphones were better on the fakes.

Sony takes on iPod Touch with Walkman X

Jobs Horns

@ Last AC

Your making it too easy for me to retort but I have said all I will on this - there are obvious pros/cons to every mobile device released & we could bat this around for hours just like the Pirates v Ninjas debate. Sony being the Ninjas of course.

Your happy with your device & Im happy with mine nuff said.

Mine's still better though.

*Pulls down Ninja mask & runs off with NC turned on*



Hehe I knew that last bit would ruffle a few feathers with the AC's - who are these people?....

"And in your endless quest to be different, end up buying inferior products just for the sake of it."

I'll spin that right back at you, please substitute 'different' for 'the same as everyone else'.

Explain how my previous HD based Walkman is still working with decent battery life after 4+ years if its so inferior... how many 'updated' ipods have you been through/have sitting lame in a drawer, in that time? Inherent quality rather than obsolescence I suggest.

We all know Apple is only successful in this field thanks to the RDF marketing & the scroll wheel patent on previous models. Im not denying the success of the device, its the fact that buyers will accept less thinking they are getting more - the DRM backchat particularly gets my goat, Fairplay my a$$. Dont even get me started on the money milking machine that Apple players have become.

As for my bulge, its fine thanks but that crim will spot you with that tell tale shape in yours, (if its not already in your shirt pocket for maximum exposure) ;)

Touch Dimensions: 110×61.8×8 mm X1060 Dimensions: 96.5x 52 x 9.8 mm

I know the ladies love the width but not in my pocketable gadgets thanks......

Whilst Im here instead of working, the NC with bundled headphones beef - the phones have mic's built in so that the NC will work properly with the offending noise readings taken from exactly where they matter. These aren't your average throw away ones supplied with the white stuff. Go listen to one & you will see.

Sonyfanboi* out....

*Some one has to redress the balance.


@David Hicks

Thanks for the info re Ogg although I stand by my comment for FLAC, Ive never deeply looked into either tbh & as a previous Atrac user Im hardly one to talkbut hey, I went with what worked & sounded best for me. 256k Atrac was disc hungry but sounded tremendous.

Had more time to play with the unit now & can confirm that iplayer downloads (only tried ones optimised for mobile devices so far) will work although still locked down to the usual time constraints / licenses.

Audio podcast subscriptions also work a treat (utilises rss) & listening to one downloaded earlier goes even further to highlight the sound quality from this unit as top drawer. A huge amount of which is down to to earplug style phones but you cant get bass like this thing is kicking out now without them. Note the NC will only work with supplied headphones but I have been using a pair of EX71's for years & they are easily on par if not better.

One final point & I know it happens with the internetz but if you haven't even come within a mile of one of these devices please dont post uninformed chest puffing guff, you know who you are.

Ps, no I dont work for Sony, I just dont follow the crowd.

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Got one of these two

Im with AC1, a truly great device let down by a poor attempt at web browser although mobile sites work very well.

For file transfer it supports drag n' drop or Windows Media Player & for all these moaners re DRM & Sony software.... You're over a year out of date.

Atrac has died a death & a bit of official software is now available that strips all the DRM out of any Atrac files you have, also does a great job of converting collections to an equivalent MP3 bitrate. I dont see Apple doing that for free.....

The built in noise cancellation also works really well (just be sure to select the right setting for the ambient noise) also comes supplied with a lead that will allow you to use NC on anything with a 3.5mm audio out & battery life as with all Sony stuff is great.

After looking through the manual it does appear that firmware updates could be available to offer more features & as yet the Sony support site doesnt even have a page for it so here's hoping tweaks to the browser will become available, Opera Mini would be the cherry on the cake but maybe thats a hope too far...

Not everyone is blinded by the Apple RDF light & if you can see past the fasionista crowd telling what to buy you will be very happy with one.

One final thing - I know OGG FLAC et al sound the braap and all that but seriously, when hooked up to a decent hi-fi maybe. Its just not a suitabe format for a portable device where the whole idea of a player of this type is to take 1000's of tracks out & about. 320k MP3 will sound no different to your beloved lossless formats.

Sony prices up OLED-screened iPod Touch rival

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The NW-HD1 replacement I have been waiting for - shame its not Atrac compatible but hey. The Atrac MP3 converter that Sony made available & my 500GB drive negates that anyway.

Who cares if it beats the touch or not - its a Walkman not a fashion accessory.

Virgin warns 800 punters for file-sharing

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I have no problem with them booting the freeloading p2p'ers off their network, if that is indeed what their planning. Why should my connection speed suffer when I choose to buy physical media over free virus ridden poxy quality downloads from torrents? I liken it to digging through your neigbours stinking bin to find yesterdays paper.

Phorm is another matter entirely - suffice to say I hope they never ever consider it again. Ive no cause for complaint otherwise.

HD TV in the UK

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Most happy with mine, the upscaling works very well in 720p and imo drags out plenty enough for sports channels to look nice, it also strikes me that these people complaining of artifacts should not be surprised when viewing on anything above a 32" panel. Oh & a decent quality screen helps too. Yup thats a 32D3000 in the corner & it never dissapoints ;)

Virgin are at the final hurdle imo, more HD content would make any other delivery platform seem compromised to me - guess its lucky Im in one of their areas spose - dont forget Glasto in all its mud addled glory will be on BBC HD too.

We're getting there, all be it slowly :)