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OccupySF BOFH runs protest network on pedal power


End the FED

According to Ron Paul, the solution would be to go back to 'Sound Money' and stop the Government and Banks from enjoying their 'elastic' supply of money. Imagine how much LESS the government could/would do if they had to use 'real' money to pay for things!

Fans roast Microsoft for Silverlight demotion

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living history versus reading about it

Borland was head and shoulders above MS Visual C. MS Developers developed with it, using MS VC for the final compile, as there were hidden hooks in the MS flavor of the C compiler (withheld from Borland, of course). Do you want to mention the poaching MS did to Borland?

Office better then Corel - I assume you mean Word Perfect? Once again, API's were withheld. If you'd actually experienced history instead of just read about it, you'd know this was a Big Deal.

I agree with not blindly trusting, but I must say, past behavior must be taken into account too. Did I use Silverlight? No - as it is MS-only tech. Regardless of the tech, if it is MS-only, I avoid it.


Android phone sales up 1,309%

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About that CHOICE

I agree with you in theory, but Microsoft doesn't have a history of competing fairly. Rather, they have a history of stiffing innovation. I am not happy to see them enter this market, because they will not compete 'fairly'.

Reading some of the posts above, Orange seems to be 'heavily marketing' the WP7 phones, to the detriment of others. This is the kind of crap we can do without. That doesn't foster competition, that just overshadows the competition via blunt force.

But it said so in the manual



Here is a heaping platter of crow:


Bon appetit!

Windows 7 kills two thirds of active Vista initiatives


Time for a change

Time to change from Windows to something else...

Telcos double down on netbooks with Windows 7


Easy recipe for success

For a Telco to distinguish itself, offering a Linux netbook would bring them to the forefront.

Bing advertisers on wane, says report

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Didn't waste my time...

Didn't waste any time trying Bing - It is from Microsoft, therefore, inferior.

The day microsoft releases a product that does not suck is the day they make vacuum cleaners!


Firms still struggling with data security standard


Trying to secure a credit card

Trying to secure a credit card against fraud by mandating PCI compliance is like trying to 'fix' a democrat by mandating they only watch Fox News. The problem isn't going to be solved by mitigation.

Conceptually, the plastic credit card is not a secure item. They need to come up with a different kind of electronic payment if they want to stop the fraud. As it is, this is just putting lipstick on a pig. Or, you can wrap up this smelly fish of insecure payment technology with newspaper and call it PCI Compliance - but it still stinks!


US Bank dumps Sharepoint (to spend more time with Lotus)


Sharepoint - aka Silo Maker


"A North American bank reported more than 5,000 uncontrolled and unaudited instances of SharePoint"

Softies - Gotta love 'em! I guess these Microsoft-only companies have never heard of a Document Management System?

Transition roadable-plane/flyable-car prototype on show




Tilting car - uses technology from the carver car, coupled with auto-gyro flying ability.

SpaceShipOne firm to build DARPA's Heliplane


Carter Copter

Attended a conference at Sun-n-Fun last year. Reviewed the concepts involved for the jump-takeoff carter-copter. http://www.cartercopters.com/

This technology actually works! The are able to tip the mast forward, and slow the blades to reduce drag for high-speed flight. That, and they can control the pitch of the blades for jump takeoffs and near-vertical landings.

As Gates strides into the future, we wallow in the past

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Bill's Contributions

"Microsoft's biggest and most dangerous contribution to the software industry may be the degree to which it has lowered user expectations."

- Esther Schindler, OS/2 Magazine

Perhaps user expectations are rising, now that they see how much better computing can be using alternative software? Microsoft has been a decidedly BAD steward of this industry. To give them credit for building it is misleading. They've distorted it and have prevented it from flourishing. User's low expectations are a testimony to that.

The man in the street does not think that Windows is faulty at all. They think computers in general are faulty. The surprise when people see Linux just work is quite interesting.

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Don't be fooled for one second that the AIDS and Malaria programs are altruistic.


"Gate's demi-trillionaire status is based on a nasty little monopoly-protecting trade treaty called "TRIPS" - the Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights rules of the World Trade Organization. TRIPS gives Gates a hammerlock on computer operating systems worldwide, legally granting him a monopoly that the Robber Barons of yore could only dream of. But TRIPS, the rule which helps Gates rule, also bars African governments from buying AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis medicine at cheap market prices."

"Gates knows darn well that the "intellectual property rights" laws such as TRIPS - which keep him and Melinda richer than Saddam and the Mafia combined -- are under attack by Nelson Mandela and front-line doctors trying to get cheap drugs to the 23 million Africans sick with the AIDS virus. Gate's brilliant and self-serving solution: he's spending an itsy-bitsy part of his monopoly profits (the $6 billion spent by Gates' foundation is less than 2% of his net worth) to buy some drugs for a fraction of the dying. The bully billionaire's "philanthropic" organization is currently working paw-in-claw with the big pharmaceutical companies in support of the blockade on cheap drug shipments.

Gates' game is given away by the fact that his Foundation has invested $200 million in the very drug companies stopping the shipment of low-cost AIDS drugs to Africa."