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Feds shut down poker site

Steve Babb

law passed by mistake....!?

It was a rider in the Port Security Act passed through Congress/Senate to prevent overseas companies buying and running US ports.

It was added at the last minute, literally only minutes before the deadline to submit the original Bill and hence was passed before a lot of people realised what had happened.

Woman puts shout-out for hitman on Facebook

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Eley London has changed their relationship status to It's Complicated

Timothy Bynum Likes this

Eley London is now friends with Timothy Bynum

Corey Jerome White is Single

His mum Likes this

Submarine seized by pirates turns up in Vegas pawnshop

Steve Babb

Who stole it...?

Hmmm....are there any clues on who stole it in the first place......."This isn't the first time I've moved something like this," he told the Victorville Daily Press, before changing the subject..."

"...his sister works for the submarine's owner..."

Feds indict poker sites, seize domains

Steve Babb

It's not about the gambling

I'm more than happy to raise my hand and point out how utterly moronic it was to pass the bill that banned the online gambling, particularly by attaching it to a port authority security bill as a means of blackmailing the Senate to pass it into law.

But this is about money laundering, fraud and bribes, NOT online gambling per se.

They got greedy, set up dummy corporations and bribed financial officals to rubberstamp the transactions. OK, so the law should be changed to allow the online gambling, no question. But the end did not justify the means in this case.

Middle England chokes on Nice Baps

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I look forward to the opening of the Manx franchise, Man Baps


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No joke

I spoke the the developer's PR officer, April Fuller. She told me, and I quote, "she loves it".

She went to admit it's not for just any old wanker though, but this kind of "hands on experience is exactly what Web 2.0 is really about". Apparently there's also going to be a KPrice branded version which generates "encouraging, lifelike 3D images" as the screen moves.

Would be great if the hardware manufacturers could link this to a battery charging device to keep the green wankers happy.

Paris, because...well.....do I have to explain!?

Albuquerque shopper samples free man oysters

Steve Babb

mostly agree, but....

As much as I agree with your sentiments, I'm pretty certain that if the story was a man who identified the taste of semen and spat it out, the commentards would have had even more of a field day

NY hookers cross street from Craigslist to Facebook

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So....is this FB trialling a new charging system...."Pay to Poke" !?

Photo loss blogger to Flickr: You're f*cking kidding

Steve Babb

Missing the point

Surely the issue here isn't whether Flickr has/uses a suitable backup architecture for all of its content, that's a moot point. You can have all the storage you like and run it every 10 minutes if you want, but without the correct procedures and checks to manage that process it isn't worth the ink on this screen.

The most worrying fact here is that the procedures broke down seemingly so easily. That is what cloud users should be concerned with, not what primary and redundant hardware exists, but what management process exists to use it properly.

A bad workman blames his tools. A complete tool hires bad workmen.

Gates: Killing the internet is easy

Steve Babb
Black Helicopters

Old school solutions

What's wrong with simply sailing a trawler across the bay in Alexandria and ripping up the cables?

Seemed to work pretty well in the earlier "trials"

Footie fans in 'cunthorpe Utd' calendar shocker

Steve Babb


When I was working in the North West a few years back, I was hauled before my boss to ask why I hadn't posted any cost updates in the last six weeks for a water treatment project I was looking after.

After a quick check of the email system it seems the mail filter for some reason blocked all mention of the town Clitheroe. That one was a tricky job but the guys on that project were all heroes to me.

Twitpic pulls 50 Cent bum burger snap

Steve Babb

I agree

Looks very similar to a lot of pics that did the rounds a few years ago.

Apparently. Or so I heard from "a colleague"

Naked German women evade Swedish chopper

Steve Babb

re: Where's the IT angle

Fortunately they took their new iPhone 4 to test it's AGPS compass and map apps, comforted by the belief that they could ring for assistance if they got into trouble.

Unfortunately, they took their new iPhone 4........

Apple bans iPhone hackers from App Store

Steve Babb

Uneven playing field

Given that my legally unlocked iPhone works perfectly well with iTunes, so how can Apple be considered to be being consistent in applying their own policies.

If the jalibroken phones are banned from iTunes/Apple because they've been unlocked, how do Apple reason that with the ones sold in the Isle of Man where all phones are sold unlocked (the law here prevents a carrier locking a phone)?

Surely this mean that someone is claiming there is a breach of a contract in order to justify blocking their accounts.

But as you are entering into a contract with the reseller of the phone and the services, i.e. the carrier, then Apple must be acting on behalf of the carriers, not blocking it at their own whim.

In which case, why aren't people pointing the fingers at Voda, orange etc who lock any of their phones?

WTF is this country called America?

Steve Babb

United States of....?

Surely the giveaway, as ever, is in the title. It is the United States of America.

So by their own reasoning, and naming (albeit geographically incorrect, but when has geography ever been an issue in the USA); there must be an America. Otherwise how can one award the States, in their postion of unity to be OF America?

Thus, in referring to "America", one clearly refers to the the country of which the states are united. America.

Oh and Britain (short version of Great Britain, hence GB) is the British Isles, which includes those countries not part of the UK (nor the EU). But note Eire. The UK being england, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Unlock your iPhone, miss your messages

Steve Babb

Offically unlocked iPhones

Here in the Isle of Man the iPhones are all sold unlocked. I've used mine roaming in the UK and it worked fine, was on automatic network selection though so can't guarantee it will work with all networks.

Isle of Man KKK burns cross on Facebook

Steve Babb

Ironic really...

Given that the parents of several of the lads who started it were born in the UK.

Atari promises it won't suck this time

Steve Babb

StarTrekOnline should be Elite

IMO Atari produced one of the all time best games in Elite (simple, accessible, focus on gameplay not hardware sapping graphics that I ignore after the first few sessions)

If they used that as a model, any space MMO would work for me. Single ships for solo play, larger craft that players could work together as a crew. Trading, fighting, spinning space stations that are impossible to dock in without hours of practice. What more could anyone ask for.

Mine's the one with the Fer de Lance in the pocket.

US couple sue over McNudes

Steve Babb


I agree that it is going to be very difficult to prove fault in this case without tracing who supplied the pics to a website to an employee of McD's.

But even if they win, I'm not sure how much compensation the Shermans can expect to be awarded for the public display of her Big Macs and Chicken Sandwich. They'd have to demonstrate damage directly related to this, and a quick troll of the net suggests the pictures weren't widely distributed - even torrent sites don't throw them up.

Mine's the one with the polaroids in the pocket

Revealed: Street View's UK invasion schedule

Steve Babb

I for one....

...would like to tell the google gaggle to bugger off back to the Mainland.

The Isle of Man, exempt from StreetView, last bastion of civil freedom. Ahem, and home of really low tax. But we're mainly here for the civil freedom, honest....

500,000 oppose Red Arrows Olympic ban

Steve Babb

Liven up some events

If they scheduled the fly past whilst the Javelin contest is going on it could make things a lot more interesting.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 release date named

Steve Babb

But it's...

....still not as good as the iPhone.....hang on, jebus phones are crap....no they're not...yes they are...fanboi....nokia loser.....

There, that should cover most of the comments to this story, now on with the rest.

I'm looking forward to seeing if this will be good enough to replace the P1i that's taken pretty much everything thrown at it so far. Will be interesting to see what the contract prices are like.

Mine's the one you're nicking the 6210i out of you robbing bastard..I loved that phone...I will find you one day

Killer Satnavs amok in 'Utah Polyhedron' phenomenon

Steve Babb

British Isles GPS dead zone

There's another GPS dead zone in the middle of the Irish Sea. We call it, the Isle of Man (ironic really given that it's usually men who fail to read the map properly then blame getting lost on the female in the passenger seat).

Still, to keep the themselves amused, we locals have developed a sport out of watching lost tourists go aimlessly round and round wondering why their satnav systems are telling them incessently to "Take the next turning right".

In fact, we offer special ferry prices to turn up each June and race against other lost tourists. There's a Tourist Trophy awarded each year for the quickest.

Mine's the one with three legs

Spanish doc cuffed for webcam in toilet

Steve Babb

We demand...


Mine's the one with the buttonhole camera

Tesco causes couple condom catastrophe

Steve Babb

So no bonus...

...vouchers for introducing your mates then?

Mine's the one with the foil wrapping

EU abolishes the acre

Steve Babb
IT Angle


The UK railways still measure in chains on the ground and metres in the overhead lines, although the West Coast Main Line is denoted in both miles and kilometres (it changes about half way between London and Preston).

IT angle? Try coding that into a centralised work managements system and asset database.

MoD in £1.75m rush order for SAS backpack radars

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Dead Vulture

The real money....

...lies in being able to hide from pieces of kit like this.

Subsidise the system so any tinpot dictatorship can buy one, then keep the anti-radar blankets for your own special forces troops at £120k a pop.

There goes another pesky blighter

The Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters

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Stick to your mainstream

I'm perfectly happy with my SE P1i (WiFi, Opera broswer, push mail, touch screen, 3.2 Mp camera & 3rd party apps in a package that fits neatly in the pocket).

Cost me a lot less then the mainstream "smartphones" phones which all get regularly reviewed as the "top selling" phones, plus the RIM and N95 owners I work with keep asking where I got mine from (owners because very few ever seem to actually use more than 30% of the functionality).

That and mine never gets picked up by accident from the office desk because "it looks just like my one, sorry".

Still, I always wished I could call my mates from my walkman, so good luck to the iphone.

Paris, because she likes to play with her sidekick

Premiership tackles Ukranian football streaming site

Steve Babb
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Haven from commercial regulation

Since when? It's a good article, don't spoil it with inaccurate, cheap shots

Paris, because she'd love an Isle of Man


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