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NZ council to scrub Muff Road


Bell End

Again, you can only imagine the grief of trying to get parcels delivered here.


Belkin expunges expensive wireless HDMI gadget


What a shame

I have been watching with interest at this product for a while now as it would have made my life a lot easier when I did my multi room AV setup. Instead this seems to leave only the Gefen solution which makes those Belkin prices seem cheap when you start looking at the HDMI matrix switch on top (the solution I used)


Gefen: professional equipment at professional prices!

Chinese screw sex theme park


Giant genitalia park....

I wonder if there is a back door in?

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 with Vodafone HSDPA

Thumb Up

You can get this cheaper

The 3G card is a Dell Wireless 5530 HSPA Mini-Card

I bought one of these last week and The Reg missed the trick of buying it though the business contract. I paid £250 upfront for the device and entered a 12 month contact at £15 a month, so this is a total of £430. Not only that but the data rates are more generous than the private contracts so why bother to use them??? Check them out for yourselves.

The Ubuntu 10.4 Linux O/S is available on the Dell site should you wish to install that instead but I am not sure if that has the HSPA 3G drivers as part of it. I will try at the weekend once my external DVD turns up. The Vodafone betawine web site has beta Linux drivers on there for other Vodafone 3G cards so I am sure this one will apear soon. If not someone on the Ubuntu forums managed to get the Dell HSPA card running and was kind enough to share how to do it.

There are also a few guides out there on how to get Mac OS X running on this baby!

Judge points laser dazzler man towards prison


FYI - Police helicopter yes - police pilots no...

Just as a FYI, the pilots in the aircraft here are not police officers, nor are they paid by the police. Where I live they are employed by Bond Helicopter and are professional pilots, the same pilots who also fly the Air Ambulance to save the lives of people so show them some respect, you may need them one day.

As for the idiots here who say that police helicopters are annoying at 1 in the morning, sure they are annoying, but not as annoying as the little f****r they are chasing who just stole and burnt your car out. As for flying too low, they have very strict rules that do not allow them to below 500 of built up areas.

I am amazed people are bashing the pilots here like they have done something wrong - probably the same retards who steal the cars in the first place.


Opinion from a helicopter pilot

I happen to be a helicopter, private not commercial, and I can tell you that when you are up there you have enough to worry about, especially in the dark when you have to fly by instruments only, so the last thing you need I some chavvy scroat thinking he is funny by zapping you with his 'toy'.

I am not sure if the 'frikin lazer beams' would light the cockpit up like a glitter ball but I wouldn't want to find out. search YouTube for helicopter crashes and imagine the carnage if the heli were to come down on a populated area like Manchester.

Four months is nothing; we all know he will be out in two and his Playstation skills will be better than ever - so don't feel too sorry for him. Glad they made an example of him, my concern is this sort of press will probably on server to inspires the scum of society, rather than deters them.