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Bootleggers jump on 'complete' Windows 7


Anyone else

Sorry I forgot to mention in my above post. Has anyone else encountered any problems? Perhaps if a few of the biggies are listed here the reg can verify then use these examples to try to get in touch with someone in Microsoft who knows what they are doing (although it seems like there is no such person on the Win 7 management team).

Apple bans iPhone app for changing version number

Jobs Horns


What a surprise. Yet another company realises (particuarly via the app store) than Apple aren't as good as they make themselves out to be. Annoyingly they make good hardware (ipods etc) but as a company they are shocking. How they get away with so many things that other companies would have been slapped for I dont know. Perhaps these in consistencies in handling things stem up to above management too for beating other companies down with things like 'you cant force media player onto people, you must make it available without that' but 'oh, its ok for you to push safari on any itunes user apple. Go ahead, make it a defaulted on tick box' and 'by all means make it so people can only use your batteries in your products and if they want it changing they have to send it back to you, rather than most other devices where users can change it themselves.'

Jezza Clarkson cops flak for 'truckers murder strumpets' gag

IT Angle

It's Clarkson!

This is petty. It's Clarkson! He permanently makes statements like this, its part of what makes him funny. Remember the 'running over a fox' incident when he was on a game show panel?

I'm glad I am not alone in this understanding also, and most public votes I have seen so far about this topic have been 80% towards statements like "It was just a joke, people should get over it".

The only solace I have is knowing that there is very little chance Clarkson will car about this, or he'll find the media attention to it funny. And good on him.

Why no c*nt and paste for the iPhone?

Jobs Horns


I'm sure we can all guess what was going through the authors head when he was told he would be writing about Steve Jobs

OMFG, what have you done?



I have to say I have a lot of respect for the staff at 'El Reg' for actually checking these boards and caring about user feedback. Many companies I have seen in the past quickly take on a stone faced approach of "this is the new way we want it, and users will just have to get used to it!".

So huge kudos for you all for caring about your users.

Google unfurls less laughable Wikipedia

Paris Hilton


Im not sure I like the sound of "Multiple pages for the same search....and that's good". If I am wanting to look something up I want 1 page which is fact-checked and (at least reasonably) accurate. Not 30 pages of different opinions to look through.

I generally like Google's things, but this just doesn't sound tempting at all.

[Paris - Because she's still stuck on the load page working out how to spell 'Gullible' as someone told her it wouldnt be there]

Third plutoid christened 'Makemake'



For anyone who might be interested 'Makemake' is pronounced MAH-kay MAH-kay. Its orbit is also much more tilted to the elliptical plane of the planets than pluto.

Dangerous mobe chargers flood UK



Standardise chargers, otherwise significantly reduce the costs of the legit ones otherwise this problem will not go away. Johnnie anybody will not pay three times more for what (effectively looks like) the same device and even if informed of the difference will still be unlikely to pay for the more expensive one. Particuarly with the credit crunch on.

NXP sues to silence Oyster researchers

Paris Hilton

Good for them...

I think the university is doing the right thing. They have said in the past they dont intend to include details of how to clone the card so that everyone else can start doing it, and this kind of provision of information and awareness to errors to the entire security community could prevent similar errors occuring in the future, as well as educating people to how to find and prevent them. If the chip maker has an insecure chip, fix it, dont sue the people that inform you its not secure. To the best of my knowledge the university hasnt been joy riding around london on a free oyster card!

Has intelligence and education become a thing to be feared by chip makers now, so much so that they feel they have to stop people learning from past experiments and research?

[Paris, because she can relate to NXP's clueless nature.]

Premiership tackles Ukranian football streaming site


Always cash related

I think the underpinning of this story reflects the nature of rip-off Britain at the moment. "Dozens of similar sites have sprung up to take advantage of the rise of broadband and <b>the expense of satellite TV subscriptions in the UK</b>". Rather than chasing around attacking people who are trying to give other people better value for money for the same broadcast just shown in a different country, international companies should look at levelling their costs to provide a fairer market around different countries. Particuarly the cost difference between the US and the UK where corporations seem to keep almost the same figure and just change the $ for a £!


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