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Greens walk out of nuclear debate

Bryn Fell

New Labour + Nuclear safety = I am scared

I would agree that it would appear nuclear power is the most sensible solution. My problem is that I do not trust New Labour to make sure that whoever is subcontracted out to manage important safety matters in these proposed nuclear reactors does their job, well, safely instead of cheaply.

In fact I trust them no further than I could throw John Prescott, which I assume would not be far.

In fact, even though I want to accuse the greens of being a bunch of whiny gits who are throwing a strop even though they got what they wanted, I suspect we are doomed.

Did I read an article about the joys of moving to Australia recently, and if so can somebody remind me where it was?

Orange strong-arming ex-customers for imagined debts

Bryn Fell

Similar thing with O2

I got overcharged around £200 by O2, which they convenienty withdrew from my bank account by direct debit. They quickly conceded their error and credited my O2 account. I wanted the money back in the bank account, as I hadn't been expecting the outgoing and was remarkably close to my overdraft limit. O2 told me to put in an indemnity claim with my bank, which I did, and I got the money back. I assumed that would be an end to the matter.

Some time later I started getting nasty letters demanding the £200, which I never owed, had taken from my bank account against my will, and had to go to the trouble of claiming back. It ended up taking several months to sort out.

I'm now back with T-mobile, who I was with for some years before O2 seduced me a shiny new phone. Their service is less than thrilling, but they have never threatened me with legal action for money I didn't owe.

Racist Reg hacks slammed for 'vitriolic hatred'

Bryn Fell

I demand D Bevan gets a life...

I am Welsh and I suspect that far more damage has been done to the reputation of my homeland by the attempts of D Bevan to portray us as completely lacking a sense of humour than by any number of jokes about sheep. I have been reading the Reg for some time, certainly long enough to know that that it treats anyone and everyone with an equal lack of respect, and to feel in no way targeted by an article which I actually enjoyed.

My advice to D Bevan is that he will achieve far more by responding to any future comments regarding sheep with a witty comeback rather than seomewhat feeble allegations of racism. It really does achieve so much more...

2012 Olympics logo debuts to whalesong

Bryn Fell


"It isn't just designed to look good embroidered onto corporate polo shirts."

But it isn't even designed to look good embroidered on a shirt. Multimedia, web 2.0, dynamically interactive, whalesong, blah, blah, blah, whatever, but something that could have been put on a shirt without people asking if it was supposed to be Macy Gray doing something obscene would have been a pretty good start...

Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 25 today

Bryn Fell


I am 32 years of age. I think I got my rubber-keyed 48k ZX-Spectrum as a Christmas present in 1983 and I loved it very much. I am getting all nostalgic now. I loved Jet Set Willy, although I recall I enjoyed discovering exciting new POKEs more than playing the game itself (did anyone ever actually complete it?)

However, I am shocked that nobody has mentioned Head Over Heels, clearly the greatest game ever. I consider World of Warcraft to be a step backwards, rather than forwards.

P2P pinball lawyers say ignorance is no defence

Bryn Fell

Without a leg to stand on.

The bit that makes me laugh is "Although your computer may not have been used to carry out the action alleged, your internet connection may have been used."

Surely if Zuxxez have conceded in a letter from their lawyers that the alleged filesharers internet connections only MAY have been used, any legal action that might take place is doomed.

However, I am concerned that if they can scare enough people into paying up this will set a very nasty precedent.